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Crusader Kings II has 161 different achievements, all using the Steam achievements mechanics. Achievements have no in-game effects; the achievement just pops up in-game, and is then added to the player's Steam profile. It is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement by going to the game's global achievements at Steam.

The difficulty of each achievement varies; some achievements are very easy (e.g. Marrying another character), while some are more difficult (e.g. Reconquering all historical Roman territories). The below list groups the various achievements by a difficulty level as assessed by the wiki editors (uncategorized - UC - achievements haven't been assessed yet).

Achievements can only be gained in single-player Ironman games. You cannot unlock achievements if you used the Ruler Designer to start a campaign. They can be earned while playing older versions of the game as long as said achievements were present in that version. Playing game in offline mode (saving game in offline even once) permanently disables achievements for this savegame. Certain game rules will also disable achievements for the savegame; usually, such rules make the game easier.

It is not possible to gain achievements if the checksum has been changed - either by tampering with game files, or by running the game using mods that affect gameplay mechanics (graphical mods do not affect checksum), or a corrupted installation (the Ironman mode icon will change to reflect this).

List of achievementsEdit

The "Notes" column lists helpful short tips/strategies.

The   column denotes achievements which can't be completed without the use of DLC mechanics (currently 111 out of 161). Multiple expansion icons mean either can be used. The   Random World or the   Shattered World buttons mean that they are mandatory to fulfill the achievement (currently 5 out of 161). For achievements without the icons, the buttons must not be selected.

The Starting conditions column may denote the requirements needed for the player character before the achievement requirements are fulfilled.

The Religion column denotes achievements which can't be completed without the specified religion. (currently 43 out of 161). Multiple religion icons mean either can be used.

The "Ver" column indicates in which version a certain achievement was added. Achievements cannot be earned prior to the version they were added in.

The "DI" column is for difficulty as assessed by wiki editors. VE = Very Easy (Can be achieved through normal play or can be achieved in minutes), E = Easy (Can be achieved easily although might take some time), M = Medium (Can be achieved by most players although some aspects will be difficult), H = Hard (Can be achieved in a full campaign or requires difficult to trigger events), VH = Very Hard (Difficult to achieve and often requires an ahistorical playstyle), I = Insane (Almost unachievable due to the large amount of work and difficult requirements), UC = Uncategorized.

Achievement Starting conditions Requirements Religion Notes   Ver DI
All Three Popes
Play a game where there are two simultaneous antipopes
  There are 2 people with a   claim on   the Papacy Start in the High Middle Ages bookmark as an independent ruler. Wait for someone to create an antipope, then create your own. 2.0 VE
A Pope of My Own
Set up an antipope
  Does not have a vassal with a
  claim on   the Papacy
  Created a vassal with a   claim on   the Papacy   Have 500 prestige to spare and a Bishop who likes you more than the Pope. Go to "Religion" tab and select "Make Antipope" button. Requires the Free Investiture law. Despite also having a papacy and antipope mechanics, this achievement cannot be attained as a Fraticelli character. 2.0 VE
Follow Me
Successfully intervene in a youth's development to force one of your own traits onto them.
  has the   Conclave DLC enabled

  Child's   educator is the player

  Child's traits changed via event Educate a child whose childhood traits can be steered to match your own traits. For example, if you are Ambitious  , educate a Haughty   child.   2.5 VE
Full House
Sire five children
  Make 5 children Likely to happen with any character who marries young. Muslims and other religions/government types which allow concubinage can take extra wives or concubines to reach this faster. You have to actually sire the children; pre-generated children from the history files do not count. 2.0 VE
Build a Hospital.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   Built a level 1   Hospital Hospitals are built in the extended province window, like Trade Posts and Forts. Don't pick a nomad. Pick a Christian or Muslim ruler and borrow from the Jews to expedite this.   2.6 VE
Keeping it in the Family
Sire a child that has the Inbred trait
  Breed a child with the   Inbred Trait 1066, Countess Urraca of Zamora can immediately marry her cousin, King Antso IV of Navarra. Or play a Zoroastrian. 2.0 VE
Create a mercenary band and have them bring in money for you.
  has the   Conclave DLC enabled

  Created a Mercenary Company

  AI hired the Mercenary Company Send your courtier to establish a mercenary band and wait for someone to hire them. Costs 50  .   2.5 VE
Mr. Doge-Elect
As a Patrician, win an election and become Doge
  Win a Patrician Election Invest in the election fund until you have the most Respect for any candidate and then wait for the Doge to die or have him killed.   2.0 VE
No Solicitors
Go into Seclusion.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   Selected the   Go into seclusion decision. Don't start as a tribe or as nomads. Restart until your character has the paranoid trait, then shut your gates. Alternatively, wait for an epidemic to hit your county, and then close the gates.   2.6 VE
One is not Amused
As a ruler have a council that is not content.
  has the   Conclave DLC enabled   Council is   not content Upset your council by acting against their vote. Or, wait for a succession   2.5 VE
Paragon of Virtue
Fulfill the Paragon of Virtue ambition
  Gain 2000   piety while   Become Paragon of Virtue Ambition is selected. "The Alexiad" bookmark. Set the ambition, win the crusade. 2.0 VE
Pay to Win
Win a war using Mercenaries.
  has the   Conclave DLC enabled   Owns Mercenaries

    enforce demands during a war.

Win a war, while you have hired Mercenaries.   2.5 VE
Go on a Christian Pilgrimage
  Completed the   Go on Pilgrimage Decision         Decision available in the Intrigue Interface (requires Theology focus selected if Way of Life is enabled).   2.0 VE
Royal Blood
Achieve a score of 10,000
  Does not have a   score of 10,000   Has a   score of 10,000 2.0 VE
Snipped off to China
Send a Eunuch to the Chinese Emperor.
  Sent a eunuch to the Chinese Emperor Very easy to achieve. The character you send doesn't have to have the Eunuch trait  . The actual procedure for characters without it is done in China.   2.8 VE
The Marriage Game
Marry another character
  Is not   married   Is   married Click the "Arrange Marriage" rings next to your portrait on your character's screen. Marry somebody. 2.0 VE
To Mecca!
Go on a Hajj to Mecca
  Completed the   Go on Hajj to Mecca Decision     On the Intrigue Interface, click "Go on Hajj to Mecca" when prerequisites are fulfilled.   2.0 VE
Turbulent Priest
Assassinate a vassal bishop that likes the Pope better than you
  is   Catholic   A priest:   2.0 VE
Typhoid Mary
Contract three symptoms.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   have 3 symptoms   2.6 VE
Until Death Do Us Part
Have your spouse assassinated
  Player has killed their spouse. Marry a low-intrigue foreigner. To speed this up, select "Intrigue" as your focus (if you have Way of Life) and imprison them first. 2.0 VE
We're In Business
Successfully establish a trade route
  Establish a trade route via   business focus events. Requires Business focus  . More likely to succeed if the opinion is high at the end of the event chain.   2.3 VE
You Owe Me
Have someone owe you a Favor
  has the   Conclave DLC enabled   have a character owe a   favor to the player You can simply buy a Favor for   Gold. Courtiers are cheapest.   2.5 VE
A Curious Trinket
Send an invaluable artifact (Quality: 4 or 5) to the Emperor of China.
  Have a Level 4 or 5   Artifact   Sent an artifact to the Chinese Emperor The Byzantine Emperor can send the Crown of Thorns right away in 1066.   2.8 E
Always Bet On Duke
Work your way up from Count to Duke with a single character
  Primary title is a   County   Primary title became a   Duchy
  • At the 769 start, select the count of Tregor (in Brittany), borrow from the Jews and create your title.
  • Alternative: Select any count or countess, whose liege is an independent duke or duchess. Start any faction, state your demand and go to war.
2.0 E
Aptly Named
Die from the Black Death.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled     died while having the   Plague Don't go into seclusion when the Black Death arrives so you can catch the disease. The Plague gives your character -7 health which will most likely kill him or her. If you have the Way of Life DLC try switching out of focuses that increase your character's health to increase the probability of dying.   2.6 E
Baptism of Rus’
As an East Slavic Pagan King or Emperor with your capital in the Eastern Europe region, successfully ask the ruler of Byzantium for a mass conversion.
  Follow the HF Baptism events when character is:
  • in the East Slavic culture group
  • Owns a title higher than a   Duchy
  • Capital is in Eastern Europe
  • Baptism Sponsor owns the   Byzantine Empire
            Start in 867 with the Duchy of Potolsk, select the Ambition 'Become King of Ruthenia' and on day 1 attack the Duchy of Turov with the subjugation CB. Once you have won the war, you have to gather the gold needed to create the kingdom of Ruthenia and pass the tribal reformation up to "medium"; then, request mass conversion to the leader of the Byzantine empire   3.0 E
Beyond the Indus
As a ruler of non-Indian culture, conquer a King or Emperor title in India
  has the   Rajas of India DLC enabled

  is not part of the Indo-Aryan or Dravidian Culture Group
  owns the   Empire of:

This achievement does not check by region: the title must be in de jure Rajastan, Deccan Empire, Bengal Empire, or Empire of India. If you start as a ruler who already fulfills the requirements you will be blocked from receiving the achievement. Starting as the Ghaznavid Sultanate in 1066, one can easily obtain this achievement by simply forming the Kingdom of Punjab. All requirements are met except for actually creating the kingdom.   2.1 E
Black Widow
As a woman, have three different husbands killed
  Is Female

  Is at least 16 years old

  Have 3   spouses who are: 2.0 E
Bless my Reign down in Africa
As a King or Emperor, have one of your domain [sic] Counties under the influence of a successful Rain Dance.
  Owns a   Kingdom or an   Empire

  any demesne province has the modifier: Africa_rain_dance_successful

Occasionally an event pops up in African counties that allows you to perform a rain dance. You will get a success pop up if this works, and if you are or become a King or Emperor while the success is active the achievement will activate. There is no culture requirement and the kingdom or empire title need not be in Africa.   3.0 E
By the Gods
Gain the Theologian trait
  Get the   Theologian Trait via the   Theology focus events. Requires Theology focus   for a long time. It's best to start on a young character and keep the focus for a long time.   2.3 E
Amass more than 15,000 in prestige
  Does not have 15,000   Prestige   Have 15,000   Prestige Doable as any large empire. Creating Jerusalem gives 5K lump prestige. Alternative: As a Norse ruler, unite an empire (Scandinavia or Britannia should be easy) and run amok across Europe and Asia—conquer and raid from the sea. 2.0 E
Child of the Dragon
Request an Imperial Marriage from China.
  Asked for an Imperial marriage from the Emperor of China Start as Konstantinos X of the Byzantine Empire in 1066. Immediately send the Crown of Thorns to China, then request an Imperial Marriage. You're married, so pick someone else in your court. Also earns the A Curious Trinket achievement.   2.8 E
Fulfill the goal of a Crusade
  Win a Crusade, Jihad, or Great Holy War on the attacker's side                   "The Alexiad" bookmark. A crusade for Thrace is quickly called. 2.0 E
Dragon Blood
Achieve a score of 50,000
  Does not have a   score of 50,000   Has a   score of 50,000 2.0 E
Dream Home
As a Patrician dynasty, build every upgrade for your Family Palace
  Does not have a fully upgraded Family Palace   Have a fully upgraded Family Palace
  • Mansion Level 4 Grand Palace
  • Barracks Level 3 Armory
  • Bowyer Level 3 Cossbow Workshop
  • Cellar Level 3 Dungeon Complex
  • Garden Level 3 Hedge Maze
  • Shipyard Level 3 Naval Arsenal
  • Shrine Level 3 Grand Library
  • Stable Level 3 Horse Breeder
  • Warehouse Level 3 Administrative Office
  • Vault Level 3 Hidden Chamber
Genoa and Venice in the Rise of the Hansa bookmark (1241) only require one more upgrade.   2.0 E
Dwarf Fortress
Have seven courtiers with the Dwarf trait
  have 7 courtiers with the   Dwarf Trait Wait 50–100 years into the game for lots of courtiers to appear. Enter "dwarf" as a search term in the Character Finder. Marry, tutor, bribe and invite, or simply imprison eligible characters. 2.0 E
Exalted Among Men
Fulfill the Become Exalted ambition
  Gain 5000   prestige while   Become Exalted among Men Ambition is selected. 1066 bookmark. Play as the Holy Roman Emperor and set the ambition. Creating titles generates 200-400 prestige and there is a large number of uncreated duchies and kingdoms. Just wait for money and then create the titles and hand them out randomly. If you kill your wife and remarry you can get 300 prestige. Can be done in under 10 years. 2.0 E
From Servant to Saint
Have a character you used to play be proclaimed a saint and have their Saintly Bloodline running in your veins.
  Has a saintly   bloodline whose founder was a played character.         Note that playing as a child of a saint is not necessary. The achievement is obtained when you manage to have your character proclaimed saint and then play as someone with his bloodline, no matter how many characters you played in between.   3.0 E
Bring it On
Win 7 duels with one character
  Win 7   duels. Easiest in a warrior lodge. The important modifier for dueling is the personal combat skill.   2.3 E
From the Ashes
Starting in a Shattered World, rule an Empire.
  is   Shattered World   owns an   Empire title Start as a nomadic ruler in Shattered world.     3.0 E
I can see its Stripes
Kill a tiger by your own hand
  Selected the   Hold Tiger Hunt Decision then find and kill a tiger via event chain Has about a 25% chance of triggering each time you use the Tiger Hunt decision as an Indian.   2.1 E
I'm Sorry, Desiderata
Divorce a Lombard Princess as a Christian
    Divorce someone who is: The future divorcée must have Lombard culture and her father must be a king or emperor. As Charlemagne, marry one of the King of Lombardy's unmarried daughters on Day 1. Attempt divorce as soon as you reach 50 Piety. Or, follow Charlemagne's event chain for marrying and then divorcing a Lombard princess. Without the Charlemagne DLC, this may be easiest coupled with Iron Crown, as Lombard culture is nearly extinct in 1066. Does not actually require being a Christian. 2.2 E
It's Better to be the Emperor
Work your way up from Count to Emperor with a single character
  Primary title is a   County   Primary title became an   Empire In  769, Al-Mahdi of Hamadan is a son of Caliph Al-Mansur and usually inherits the empire. 2.0 E
It's Good to be the King
Work your way up from Count to King with a single character
  Primary title is a   County   Primary title became a   Kingdom Start as the Count of Nájera in 1066, attempt (and fail) to imprison a vassal, and surrender. You will abdicate and end up playing the King of Navarra. 2.0 E
L'Eglise, c'est Moi!
As an Emperor, grab the crown out of the Pope's hands and crown yourself.
  Coronate self via the HF Coronation Events     Presented as an option after choosing to be crowned by the pope and spending extravagently. Ruler needs to be 16+, an emperor, and either a lunatic, possessed, ambitious with imperial administration, or a member of the satanists. Note that ambitious with imperial administration appears to be bugged and does not present the self-coronation option.   3.0 E
Lord of the Flies
Start a Random World as a 0 year old Count, with the maximum character age set to 0, become King or Emperor within 16 years.
  is   Random World

  is not age 1   is not higher tier than a   Count   has Alternate Start setting:

  • Age Span is between 0 and 0
  Title is a   Kingdom or an   Empire

  total years played is not 16

Try creating the Kingdom of the Lanka or the Sápmi since these kingdoms only have 5 counties in them. Simply start as a child count who already controls all of the land in a small kingdom or most of it. To increase your odds of getting a good start to generate, set the number of duchies, kingdoms, and empires to zero. Also set the number of holding per character to its maximum value. As a child it is not possible to select the become king ambition, so the kingdom creation cost discount is not available. So to keep the cost of conquering or usurping manageable, start the game at the latest starting date so all your holdings are highly developed so they generate more money and piety.     3.0 E
Love is a Battlefield
Find love after a duel.
  Get the Love is a battlefield Character Flag in the duel events.   3.0 E
Merchant Prince
Amass more than 20,000 in wealth
  Does not have 20,000   Gold   Have 20,000   Gold Probably simplest as a Muslim emperor or a merchant. Achievable in less than 20 years as Venice in 1337. Also easy as Norse; with enough troops (particularly retinues) and enough vassal fleets, just go raiding until you fill your coffers. Can easily also give the Viking Raider achievement. With Horse Lords   or Jade Dragon   expansions holding Silk Road Trade posts will fill your coffers rapidly. 2.0 E
Not so Great
Starting in a Shattered World, defeat a Great Conqueror in a war.
  is   Shattered World   Won a defensive or offensive war against a Great Conqueror Start in 769, set holding types to nomadic & tribal, max ruler age 16 (so the target doesn't die), max great conquerors, disable consolidation CB, shatter into counties. Choose a nomad and blob until you have at least 75% of the troops of the nearest great conqueror (find them under bloodlines in the ledger or search "sword" in the character finder). Use your Subjugation CB.     3.0 E
Off with their heads!
Execute 10 or more prisoners in a single action.
  Have 10 or more   prisoners   Selected the mass   Execute button on the Intrigue window Requires the prisoner management feature of Monks and Mystics.   2.7 E
On English Neck a Norman Yoke
Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as William the Bastard, become the King of England
  Start date is 1066.9.15 High Middle Ages (1066)

  Is playing William the Bastard of Normandie

  William the Bastard owns the
  Kingdom of   England
Normandy walkthrough 2.0 E
Over Your Dead Body
As a Tribal ruler, gain a title you have a claim on by duelling the holder.
  is   Tribal   Win a claim duel One possibility is to play as the Duke of Fortriu (Moray) in 769 - he has a strong claim on the Kingdom of Scotland and can challenge his liege to a duel for it on day 1. Be sure to take the war focus first to increase your personal combat skill.   3.0 E
Pax Mongolica
Build 3 fully upgraded silk road trade posts.
  have 3 demesne provinces with   Trade Posts that are level 3 Requires all three trade posts to be in your demesne. Building and upgrading them all yourself is not actually necessary. The revamp in patch 2.8 only requires you to have level 3 Major Silk Road City in the 3 trade posts; Tughluq in 1337 holds many eligible counties.     2.4 E
Persistent Survivor
Play a game all the way through from 867 to 1453
  Start date is 867.1.1 Viking Age (867)   Date is 1452.12.30 Cannot be combined with Seven Centuries.   2.0 E
Rise of Civilization
In a Shattered World with ‘Holding Types’ set to ‘Tribal’ or ‘Tribal & Nomadic’, adopt Feudalism or Republicanism.
  Alternate Start is on

  alternate start settings: Holding types are   Tribal or   Nomadic

  Selected the   Adopt Feudalism Decision or the   Adopt Republicanism Decision Start as Venice because you do not need to conquer anything for being able to create the duke title (which is required to adopt Republicanism). This could be done easily within the first century, just borrow some money from the Jews using the decision tab and start building the market line. Do not forget to change the law too!     3.0 E
Russkaya Pravda
As a Russian, hold the Empire of Russia.
  Has the culture of Russian

  owns the   Empire of   Rus

  • "High Middle Ages" bookmark as the Duke of Rostov has all the necessary territory. For faster piety, attack Bjarmia Day 0, call your allies and raise your personal levies before distributing your holdings. Also, restart until you have some piety boosting traits, and marry your children for the gold rather than prestige. It is also possible to simply grant a county to a vassal bishop and then grant them independence (doing this 3 times should give you enough piety).
  • Alternatively, start in "Old Gods" as Rurik of Holmgaard, expand and subjugate naturally and then when ready to form the Kingdom use the RoI 'convert to local culture' decision to become Russian.
  • It is also possible to start as a tribal Slavic pagan (Ilmenian, Volhynian, or Severian) in "Charlemagne" or "Old Gods" and form the kingdom first, then convert to a religion that allows you to flip cultures (Christianity is easiest but a reformed pagan faith will also work). Rodislav Slovensky, High Chief of Novgorod in 769, is ideally positioned for this.
  • Note that while the game's title names have changed, the achievement text has not. Because of this the player is required to hold the empire of Rus, while the achievement text incorrectly says the empire of Russia.
2.0 E
Amass more than 10,000 in piety
  Does not have 10,000   Piety   Have 10,000   Piety     Start as a late-game republic and spam donations to holy orders 2.0 E
Seven Centuries
Play a game all the way through from 769 to 1453
  Start date is 769.1.1 Early Middle Ages (769)   Date is 1452.12.30 The game tends to run slower the more holdings there are in your realm (and the more large realms there are generally), so when combining this achievement (or Persistent Survivor) with grand conquest, it may be best to grant independence to many vassals in the late game.

Alternatively, you can play as a nomad with HL (Khazaria would be the fastest) and burn the world, so there are fewer and fewer courts (so fewer and fewer characters to slow the game down). With this method you will likely spend a busy 200-300 first years and then you can just set the game at max speed and wait for the end. If you have The Reaper's Due, setting both the Black Death and Minor Epidemics to "Deadly" and "More" respectively will make severe cuts in the number of characters alive, improving performance.

  2.2 E
Build an Observatory
  Selected the   Build an Observatory Decision and follow the  event chain. Requires Scholarship focus  . Take the decision in the Intrigue menu.   2.3 E
Play a game all the way through from 1066 to 1453
  Start date is 1066.9.15 High Middle Ages (1066)   Date is 1452.12.30 Must begin with the High Middle Ages bookmark. 2.0 E
Under the Power of the Eternal Heaven
As a member of the Ashina clan, solidify your divinity by ruling as Religious Head of the Reformed Tengri religion.
  Is playing the   dynasty of Ashina   Reformed the   Tengri Religion

  owns the   The Sky-Temple

  The Ashina clan is landed in  769 as Khagan Bagatur of Khazaria, and in  867 as High Chief Zachariah of Crimea; note that Zachariah is Jewish. During the Tengri reformation, you must choose the Temporal leadership style.   3.0 E
Venetian Guile
Win a Crusade targeting Byzantium.
  Win a crusade
  • The target is someone who owns the   Byzantine Empire
   The Fourth Crusade events only trigger after the first crusade and if the Byzantine Emperor has unlanded dynasty members older than 12 who are not heirs to any title. During a crusade preparation, there is a chance for the target to switch to Thrace. A good time to start is just before the real-world Fourth Crusade (1202) - the Angelos have a few possible candidates.   3.0 E
What Could Have Been
Start a Random World with all possible settings set to ‘Random’ and play for 200 years.
  is   Random World   total years played is 200     3.0 E
An Honest Mistake
From Seclusion, kick someone out who did not have the plague.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   Kicked out someone while at seclusion via event if they don't have the   Plague They can have a disease, just not the Black Death.   2.6 M
As the Anti-Christ/spawn of Satan, become Grandmaster of the Satanists.
  Is a member of the Lucifer's Own

  Has Character Flag demon_child_non_pagan or demon_child

  Is Grandmaster of the Lucifer's Own            As a demon child, be Grandmaster of Lucifer's Own which is exclusive to the Christian, Muslim, Mazdan, Jewish or Zunist religion groups. It will not fire if the child is a grandmaster of the other demon worshipers of other religions. A special event "Demon Child" from SoA can happen once in one gametime (MTTH = 500 years), which will turn one of your child under age 3 into a demon child. When the demon child turns 16, he will automatically become Grandmaster of Lucifer's Own and have unbelievable attributes. One method to unlock this achievement is to make sure the demon child is your heir, then retire your current character before the child turns 16. Inheriting as a character who has already done this will *not* unlock the achievement. Though it is possible to leave the society, rejoin, and become Grandmaster again.     2.7 M
Bloody Line
As a religion worshipping Bloodthirsty Gods, sacrifice enough people to found a Bloodline.
  Worship a reformed religion with Bloodthirsty Gods

  Found a   bloodline by sacrificing

          Easiest by taking Seabound or Sons of Ragnarok as the second doctrine when reforming a religion, as raids allow you to capture large amounts of prisoners of infidel religions you can then sacrifice.   3.0 M
Bön Appétit!
Eat a character of the Bön religion.
    Eat a person with the   Bön religion via event or Execution Try starting as a Bön ruler in a secure position, such as the ruler of Ü-Tsang in 867, and go into seclusion ( ) as soon as possible. Eventually, you will run out of food and have the option to eat a courtier. 2.8 M
Successfully seduce 10 people by targeted seduction with one character
    Seduce 10 people Requires Seduction focus  .   2.3 M
Close Call
From Seclusion, kick someone out who had the plague.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   Kicked out someone while at seclusion via event if they have the   Plague They must have the Black Death, not just any disease.   2.6 M
Crusader King
Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark, hold the Kingdom of Jerusalem
  Start date is 1066.9.15 High Middle Ages (1066)   owns the   Kingdom of   Jerusalem         Creating the Kingdom of Jerusalem requires Christian religion, but the achievement itself has no religious requirements. A non-Christian can inherit or usurp the title if it exists.

Easiest as HRE or Byzantium. Can also start as Fatimids and then have heir taught by a Christian.

2.0 M
Dark Lord
Become Grandmaster of any devil-worshiper society.
  Is a member of the Demon Worshippers   Is Grandmaster of the Society Be Grandmaster of the Cult of Kali Purusha, the Plaguebringers, the Cold Ones, The Fellowship of Hel, or Lucifer's Own. Inheriting as a character who has already done this will *not* unlock the achievement.   2.7 M
Decadent Warrior
As a Muslim, crush a Decadence revolt
  Enforce a demand defending in a   Decadence Invasion     Must not be a merchant republic or nomadic. Fatimids in 1066 have high decadence. Stockpile money to hire mercenaries so that you can beat the revolt.   2.0 M
Defender of the Holy Sepulchre
Starting as Eustache de Boulogne (the Count of Boulogne in France) in 1066, choose to play as your beneficiary after they are made King or Queen in Jerusalem after a Crusade.
  is playing Eustache de Boulogne of Boulogne   Switched to Crusade Benefactor

  Completely controls the   County of Jerusalem
  Has a title higher than a   Duchy

  Hire the best chancellor you can get and fabricate claims on the other counts in Flanders. Then fabricate or plot for the duchy title. There is also a castle barony in Boulogne you can revoke. Use your marshal to replenish levies faster after conquest. Save up money and around a hundred days before the crusade starts borrow money from the Jews, hire a mercenary band and sail for Jerusalem. With around 6-8000 troops you can easily attack smaller Muslim armies, which gives more contribution points than only sieges.

Success simultaneously awards "Crusader King" (hold the kingdom of Jerusalem). Afterwards conquer the middle eastern region to get "Deus Vult" (hold the Empire of the Outremer)

3.0 M
Divine Blood
Achieve a score of 100,000
  Does not have a   score of 100,000   Has a   score of 100,000 Fairly easy as a Norse realm—getting > 100,000 from 867 to 1100 is fairly easy if you conquer and raid a lot. 2.0 M
Family Bliss
Have 6 close family members as friends
  6   close relatives are     friends Requires six close relatives as friends. Use the Carousing focus   and party without aiming for gamer or flings. If a character has an outlined blood drop in their portrait, he is a close relative (other characters might count as well). You can only carouse with people in the same realm, so avoid marrying close relatives in ways that have them leave the realm.   2.3 M
Family First
As a character with a religion that practice Divine Marriages, have one of your siblings, parents and children as spouses/consorts at the same time.
  Any consort or spouse is a parent of the current character

  Any consort or spouse is a sibling of the current character
  Any consort or spouse is a child of the current character

             Concubines count as well as spouses.   3.0 M
Great Indian Sultanate
Rule the Empire of Rajastan and convert all its provinces to Islam
  has the   Rajas of India DLC enabled

  owns either the   Empire of   Rajasthan or   India

    Only requires the provinces of de jure Rajastan outside your realm to be Muslim. The easiest way to fulfill this is simply to completely control Rajastan, so this achievement may be easily combined with Samrat Chakravartin, or Saint Thomas's Dream. You must hold Rajastan and be Muslim yourself. The quickest way is Tughluq in 1337: just four counties to claim with de jure CBs. If you become Samrat Chakravartin, and Rajastan no longer exists, the achievement is still possible: but the scope is the Empire of India instead.   2.1 M
Hard Ruler
Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as Harald of Norway, become the King of England
  Start date is 15.9.1066 High Middle Ages (1066)

  Is playing Harald Hårdråde of Norway

  Harald Hårdråde owns the
  Kingdom of   England
Norway walkthrough 2.0 M
Found a Bloodline as a particularly cunning, ruthless and skilled Duelist.
  Founded a duelist   bloodline Random chance each time you gain duel experience, if you have the Duelist   lifestyle and sufficient duel experience. Requires 50 duel experience, 20 ruthless duel experience, and one of: 10 sneaky duel experience or 80 duel experience. You must not already have a duelist bloodline (from an ancestor). The chance is increased if you do not have any bloodlines.   3.0 M
History is in my Blood
Have 5 Historical Bloodlines on your character.
  Own 5 Historical   Bloodlines In order to inherit a bloodline from outside the family, for a majority of them, the marriage must be matrilineal. Marry a daughter matrilineally into a bloodline. Their child will inherit the father's blood while being part of your dynasty. Then, have their daughter marry matrilineally to your heir if he is male. Their child will have the outside bloodline while still being part of your dynasty.

To reduce inbreeding, start with a historic bloodline. Marry a first set of two different bloodlines matrilineally then do it with another set of two bloodlines. Then, marry the two sets together matrilineally. Then, marry a female dynasty member to the resulting son matrilineally. Then marry their daughter to your heir.
In the 769 start date, there are three bloodlines very close to each other in Great Britain and Ireland: the Blood of Niall 'of the Nine Hostages', Vortigern and Caradog. The Carolingian Blood is closeby in mainland Europe. The Merovingian blood may become extinct early.

  3.0 M
I am the Law
As a vassal use a favor to change a law.
  has the   Conclave DLC enabled

  is not independent

  Liege owes   favor to the player

  Changed realm law using the   favor

  2.5 M
I Do Not Play Chess
Have 100 kills in your Kill List.
  Have 100 characters in the kill list Play a pagan in a warrior lodge and fight a lot of battles/raid alot. When you capture prisoners, you can automatically execute them, or leave them to die in the dungeons if you somehow don't want to execute them.   3.0 M
Iron Crown
Hold any Emperor or King title as a Lombard after 1300
  is Lombard

  owns either a   Kingdom or an   Empire
  is the year 1300

In 769 the king of Lombardy is already a king tier Lombard character. Simply survive for 531 years. Do not accept Carloman's wife if she tries to flee to your kingdom, because this will give Karl a strong claim on Lombardy.

If you don't want to wait the last Lombard ruler available is the Count of Capua from 1092 through 1097. He is dwarfed by more powerful neighbors, so forming a kingdom will not be easy. This start becomes much easier with the Holy Fury DLC enabled. Starting as the count of Capua, in 1092, pick the Theology focus and stockpile enough piety to hire the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitallier as soon as they are formed. (Do not worry about going into debt whilst waiting for the crusade to be called, as they do not abandon you as mercenaries do if your treasury goes negative.) Regardless of whatever the crusade target is, march there with the holy orders immediately and instantly siege down provinces for contribution and warscore. When the crusade is won, you or your beneficiary should receive the Kingdom title, and then you will have a strong position to play as until the year 1300.

2.2 M
I Shed Blood of Saxon Men
As a Christian non-Saxon, completely conquer Saxony in a game starting in 769
  Start date is 769.1.1 Early Middle Ages (769)

  is         Christian   is not Saxon

  Completely controls the   Counties of:
  • Luneburg
  • Braunschweig
  • Verden
  • Altmark
  • Magdeburg
  • Bremen
  • Celle
  • Osnabruck
  • Oldenburg
  • Minden
  • Munster
  • Gottingen
        This is most easily attainable by waiting for the Saxon invasion event as Charlemagne. The requirement is for any culture besides Saxon: Anglo-Saxon culture will still net you the achievement if you want to get both this and "Saxons Everywhere, Unite!".   2.2 M
Jihad Sultan
As a Muslim King or higher, become Grandmaster of the Assassins.
  Is a member of the Assassins

 is a   King or an   Emperor

  Is Grandmaster of the Society   This achievement is pretty self explanatory. Can also be done when secretly muslim.     2.7 M
Lech, Czech, and Rus
Unite the Kingdoms of the three brothers, Lech, Czech and Rus, into one Slavic Union.
  Selected the   Form the Slavic Union Decision 3.0 M
Let's go out into the Field
Defeat a sibling in a war using the rival casus belli.
  win a war against a sibling with a   Rivalry Casus Belli When your sibling is your rival, and an independent ruler, declare war using this CB, and win. Also possible to achieve as a defender. Fastest as Charlemagne or Carloman in 769. If playing as Charlemagne, don't send your mother to him or you'll have to win before he dies. 2.4 M
Let's Play
Gain the Hedonist trait through carousing
  Get the   Hedonist Trait via the   Carousing focus events. Requires Carousing focus  . After your third party, choose the option that mentions carousing.   2.3 M
Successfully slander 20 people with one character
    Slander 20 people Requires Intrigue focus  . Spy on the lowest intrigue characters in your realm with the aid of the character finder, for a greater chance of success. Any kind of event which spreads rumors, uncovers plots, or uncovers dirt in some way will count. Use the option to stop spying on characters who haven't given any results for a while.   2.3 M
New Ways for Old Gods
Reform one of the Pagan religions
  Reformed a Pagan Religion            Probably easiest as Sviþjod or Ostlandet in the 867 start, or as Genghis Khan in the 1220 start.   2.0 M
Not a Tribe
Play as a Tribal Ruler and Reform to Feudalism
  Selected the   Adopt Feudalism Decision See Adopting Feudalism. Start as the chief of Ångermanland in Northern Sweden in the Late Middle Ages bookmark, borrow from the Jews (requires Son of Abraham DLC), start building the last level of the hillfort, and reform. You can do all of this without unpausing. 2.2 M
Pagan Fury
As a ruler with any Pagan religion, win a Christian Crusade targeting you.
  is any   Pagan Religion

  Win a crusade as the defender

            Northern Crusade doesn't count.

Start as Hülegü of the Ilkhanate in 1260, immediatly usurp the kingdom of Armenia and declare war on Egypt pressing the claim of the emir of Edessa. Use your 90k event troops to win the war before the crusade for Jerusalem starts. On victory you should become the target of the crusade if it is still in preparation phase. Your levies + China tributary troops + event troops + allied Hordes should allow you to win without too much problem. Don't underestimate the amount of troops the crusaders can send though.

3.0 M
Res Publica
Play as a Tribal Ruler and Reform to Merchant Republic
  Selected the   Adopt Republicanism Decision See Founding a Merchant Republic. Start as the High Chief of Mann (coastal and ducal) and upgrade your Market Village to the max.   2.2 M
Run With the Wolf
Play as a character with Wolf's Blood.
  does not have character modifier Wolf Blood or Wolf Child   have character modifier Wolf Blood or Wolf Child from Wolf events Have a culture from the Altaic group other than Khitan, and wait for wolf-related events to occur. Eldest children of players have a 5% chance of being born with Wolf's Blood (you find out within a year), and a further chance of gaining it between ages 5 and 10. Childless rulers have a passive chance of adopting one. So you have to keep your heirs childless until they inherit. When you have one, just make sure the wolf-like child inherits. Wait until you can adopt a wolf child via event. Do not marry and wait for your adopted son to inherit.   2.4 M
Scarrrrrred for Life
Become One-Eyed, One-Legged and One-Handed.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   have the traits: As a Tengri, Slavic, Suomenusko, West African, or Baltic (Romuvan) character use the ancestor worship intrigue decision, and choose to sacrifice a part of your body. The sacrifice will be a hand, a leg, or an eye. After performing this action three times, you will gain the achievement. As performing the sacrifice also gives Severely Injured  , it is beneficial to do this with a young, healthy ruler (such as the High Chief of Prussia in 1066) and select the Hunting focus   for the health boosts, which includes the base +1 and the +1 from the hunting dog. It's not required to get all 3 traits on your current character: the achievement can also be unlocked by having your character switched to one that already has all 3 traits. Also, consider performing a sacrifice after you somehiow managed to get Severely Injured   along with one of the three required traits, as Severely Injured   does not stack.   2.6 M
Sword to Ploughshare
Settle a steppe mercenary with more than 20 martial in your lands.
Requires settling a mercenary, not just any adventurer. Does not actually require him to have over 20 martial.

To settle a mercenary they must be your friend. There is an event chain for a hired mercenary to become your friend. It fires for you, not the mercenary leader, so hiring multiple mercenaries does not make it fire faster. It won't fire unless the ruler who sent the mercenary away (generally his father) is still alive, and the mercenary is residing in your capital, which happens when he is removed from leading troops. Once he is your friend, dismiss him and then use the "Settle Adventurer" diplo-action on him. In the 769 start as Charlemagne/Karl, wait for Roland to join your court and wait until the event fires for you to become friends. Once you are friends, have him assemble a mercenary company (50 gold) by right-clicking his portrait, and then you can settle him straight away by right-clicking his portrait and awarding him one of your counties (not through "Grant Landed Title", you need to choose the "Settle Mercenary" option).

2.4 M
The Frisian Coast is Long
Be King of Frisia and hold the Atlantic coast from Léon in Brittany to Jylland
  owns the   Kingdom of   Frisia

  Completely control all coastal counties from Léon to Skagen, namely:

  • Léon
  • Tregor
  • Penthievre
  • Rennes
  • Avranches
  • Caen
  • Evreux
  • Arques
  • Eu
  • Ponthieu
  • Boulogne
  • Guines
  • Yperen
  • Brugge
  • Gent
  • Zeeland
  • Breda
  • Holland
  • Westfriesland
  • Sticht
  • Gelre
  • Overijssel
  • Friesland
  • Ostfriesland
  • Bremen
  • Dithmarschen
  • Slesvig
  • Varde
  • Skagen
You do not need to have Frisian culture to get this achievement, thus it is possible in any start date.

Probably the easiest as Charlemagne, who already starts with all counties necessary save Penthièvre, French Léon (both of which will swear fealty to you if you create the Empire of Francia), Oldenburg, Bremen, Holstein (all three of which will be conquered in the invasion of Saxony, railroaded for Charles), Slesvig, Varde, and Skagen (which are obtainable in two holy wars).

2.2 M
The Yes Men
Have all members of your council be Loyalists.
  has the   Conclave DLC enabled   If primary title is: The "Greatest of Khans" has a huge boost to loyalism in his council. So play the historical Temujin after 1206, or else take the decision as another nomad ruler. Hire and fire non-loyalist councilors until you get the whole set. Look for characters with high opinion of you, who are content, and/or are close relatives, with low relative size and strength (or simply courtiers). Trusting characters and same-dynasty characters have a smaller boost. Your council must be empowered and full (i.e. 5 members as a count/duke, 6 as a king, 7 as an emperor).   2.5 M
Trade Empire
Your Republic maintains trade posts in 80 provinces
  Does not have a total of 80 Trade Posts   Have a total of 80 Trade Posts You cannot unlock this by starting with 80 trade posts or more, like in the 1337 Venice start. You have to first have less than 80 trade posts, and then have 80 or more. Genoa in May 1273 has 79 trade posts, building a trade post in Abkhazia costs about 250 gold which can be obtained with a loan from Jewish merchants.   2.0 M
United the Kingdoms
Hold the kingdoms of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  Owns the   Kingdoms:
  • Edward III Plantagenet (Hundred Years' War bookmark) is the King of England, Wales and possesses enough land to become the King of Ireland. You will then need some more provinces to create the empire - as the game begins, send your chancellor to create claims on a couple of Scottish counties, then declare war against the whole of Ireland at once (you will easily take them on with your 20k troops) after you are king of Ireland. To gain piety and gold, you may borrow and expel the Jewry, and join the Crusade that the Pope will certainly call for.
  • In 769 Start: The Kingdom of Pictland can easily unite everything. Firstly because he is the only kingdom in the Island and secondly because the rest are Warring States. Beat the unevitable revolt of Urguist Circinn then beat Mann,Islands and Northumbria . When you have finished expand in Ireland and Wales then vassalize the petty kingdoms of England.
2.0 M
Viking Raider
As a Viking, return home with 1,000 worth of loot
  Is North Germanic Culture Group

  Is   Germanic or   Reformed Germanic   Have 1000   loot

   You must have Norse (Germanic) religion and North Germanic culture group, but you do not need the Viking   trait. The loot must be returned all at once, so you'll need a fleet of at least 100 ships. Open the economy map view, identify green zones, send your raiders there.   2.0 M
Viking Ummah
Have a capital province with Norse culture and Muslim religion
  Capital Province is: Playing as a tribal Muslim, educate a heir with Norse culture. After the heir takes over, use the Steward action Settle Tribe to slowly convert any province you control to your culture. Alternatively, capture a Muslim woman as a raiding Norse Viking and convert to her religion before using your Court Imam to convert your capital province.     2.2 M
Zero to Hero
Found a Legendary Bloodline while part of a Warrior Lodge.
  Found a Legendary   Bloodline via the HF Warrior Lodge legends events or by dying             Works best for a young character with high personal combat score. Join a warrior lodge and go through the ranks until you become a hero and then start a legend. Complete the legend and form a new bloodline. You will very likely be injured several times during the legend quest which consists of increasingly difficult duels. The Bon warrior lodge, The Sentinels of Light, has a special ability that allows you to heal injuries instantly at the cost of renown.   3.0 M
And Stay Out!
Throw the Aztec invaders back into the sea
  Event Second Landing of the Aztecs has fired   Character who owns the   Aztec Empire:
  • has no regiments
  • is not landed
Triggered when Aztecs lose all territory and all event armies. Make sure all Aztec armies are destroyed before imposing victory that removes their last territory. Does not actually need player involvement.   2.0 H
Black Pope
Have a priest you corrupted (as a Satanist) become Pope.
 A priest:
  • Has Character Flag corrupted_by_player
  the character owns   the Papacy You must corrupt the target first, then he must become Pope, by any means. It's possible to corrupt a bishop, make him an antipope, and then press the antipope's claim.     2.7 H
By Jupiter!
Reform the Hellenic faith.
  Reformed the Hellenic Religion   Easiest as the Byzantine Empire in 867 or 769 start dates. Fabricate claims on both Rome and Alexandria (You have the other three holy sites already). Once you control all five holy sites you just need to convert to Hellenism and press reform providing you have 750 piety. There are two easy ways to convert to Hellenism. There is one province in Greece that is still Hellenistic, simply change capital and convert via the decisions tab. Or you can set your focus to scholarship and a "Delve into the Classics" decision becomes available, which leads to conversion.   3.0 H
Deus Vult
Create the Empire of the Outremer.
  Selected the   Form an Empire of the Outremer Decision    To know what you need to hold, use "Find title or region" (bottom of minimap) and type "Near East".

This can be done fairly easily as the Abbasids in 769 - you control almost all required territory and can obtain the rest (a couple duchies in Southern Arabia/Yemen and a few provinces in Syria) via diplomatic vassalization and a few wars against small opponents. To convert to Catholicism, either marry a Catholic and secretly convert or revoke the county of Jerusalem and secretly convert via the holy site there (each requires 250 piety and you will have to give away the Sunni Caliphate title first). Once you have the required 5000 prestige, publicly adopt Catholicism and create the empire through the Intrigue menu.

3.0 H
Play as three consecutive generations of empresses
  Game Rule for Gender Equality must not be set to all   Is Female

  owns an   Empire
  Their Mother owns an   Empire
  Their Grandmother owns an   Empire

You, your mother, and your maternal grandmother must all be empresses (alive or dead). It is okay if you play other characters in between, or even if one of the ancestors was a member of another dynasty ruling a different empire. The game rule for Gender Equality must not be set to "All".

Use absolute cognatic elective succession and ensure your daughter is your heir. As a Muslim realm, you'll be able to give land to daughters after getting absolute cognatic succession. Easy to achieve as Byzantines, since Roma Imperial government considers all offsprings of the Emperor to be valid candidates without taking gender into account.
Can also be done as a reformed pagan using the Enatic Clans doctrine, allowing only women to rule. Africa sounds ideal as it is kind of safe from Crusades or Jihads in a remote area. In 867 the bloodline Blood of Bayajidda and Magajiva enables holders to enact enatic-cognatic succession without any religious or cultural restrictions.

2.0 H
Eternity Denied
Kill a character with the Immortal trait.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   An   Immortal character is   murdered or   executed by player Must become immortal first. Then there are four different ways. You can imprison vassals until they revolt, and surrender, thus abdicating to your heir. Plot to kill your immortal predecessor. The second way is to kill the mystic by whom you achieved immortality (the mystic will also gain the immortal trait if you are successful in the immortality event chain). Thirdly, one can develop the lunatic trait (easy through scholarship focus and following the Necronomicon event chain when building an observatory). When a lunatic you have the chance of obtaining Glitterhoof, and then an event appear where you have the option of sharing your blood with your horse. This makes Glitterhoof immortal, whom you can then imprison and execute without lessening public opinion. The fourth, most unlikely option is to wait for the immortal rival event chain to randomly occur, then kill your rival.   2.6 H
Got Land
Start as the holder of Gotland and form the empire of Scandinavia.
  Own the   County of Gotland  Created the   Empire of   Scandinavia From 1097-1161 and from 1285-1337 the holder of Gotland is also the king of Sweden. In 1337, he is also king of Norway, needing only 7 more counties to create the empire, and having CBs on 4 right away. 2.7 H
Great Hunter
Kill your prey in the Epic Hunt
  Trigger the   Actually finds and kills animal event Requires Hunting focus  . Investigate the rumors of the legendary animal, and set out on the hunt (NOT the Grand Hunt event found on the Intrigue menu). Has about a 1% (1/91) chance of succeeding.   2.3 H
Heathenous Ways
Starting as Erik the Heathen in 1066, rule the Kingdom of Sweden with the reformed Germanic Faith.
  is playing Erik the Heathen af Munsö of Uppland   Has reformed the   Religion

  owns the   Kingdom of   Sweden

  3.0 H
Holy and Roman
Found the Holy Roman Empire in a game starting in 769
  Start date is 769.1.1 Early Middle Ages (769)   Selected the   Form the Holy Roman Empire Decision As Karl, wait for an event to marry a Lombard princess. When the events occur, divorce her, and send your mother to Carloman. When Carloman dies, you will gain a strong claim on the realm where the princess will flee towards a short time after the divorce. This realm will likely be Lombardy, but not always. (If all this hasn't happened by 772, the events have probably been derailed by someone's death.) The war for Lombardy ought to be easy. After doing this, you should have fulfilled all prerequisites, save perhaps the +25 opinion of the Pope. (If necessary, just grant him some land.) The Empire must be formed via the decision.   2.2 H
Holy Smoke
Sacrifice another religion's head as a Norse or Aztec pagan
  As a   Germanic:   As a   Germanic:

  As a   Aztec:

   Starting as the Byzantine Emperor in 867, educate your heir with a Varangian Germanic pagan (but not in your court). Arrest the Ecumenical Patriarch and sacrifice him after succession. Alternatively, as a minor Norse power, swear fealty to the Pope and use Intrigue focus   to imprison him.     2.0 H
I Got Better
Recover from the Black Death.
  have the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled

  Have the   Plague

  Recovered from the   Plague with waiting or with the Court Physician Trivial as someone who has the Immortal trait: Immortal characters still get diseases, but they can't die from them - just beware your Court Physician, because he doesn't know this.

Can also be achieved via risky treatment, costing your character a limb or earning them a lunatic trait. Note, that getting cured by any source other than physician or disease timer running out does not give the achievement.

  2.6 H
Kali Maaa
Sacrifice a King or Emperor tier character to Kali
  Selected the   Hold Kali Puja Feast Decision after   imprisoning a   king or an   emperor   Character must not have Kind   trait.
Start as Muhammad Tughluq in 1337, move your capital to one of the Hindu provinces, wait for 1000 Prestige in order to convert to local religion (Hindu), then simply imprison one of your several vassal kings. Secret conversion to Hinduism and then openly worshipping the faith is also a solution. Alternatively, play a character under a king and use Intrigue focus   to imprison the king. Release all other prisoners except the king. Select Kali as your patron deity via decision. Next select Hold Kali Puja Feast via decision, then choose "Let's do something extra this year..." during event chain.
  2.1 H
Legacy of Rome
Restore the Roman Empire
  Selected the   Restore Roman Empire Decision            Legacy of Rome walkthrough. The conquests can be done as a nomad, but the nomad must settle down and become feudal in order to get the achievement.   2.0 H
Little Brother Rules!
Become Emperor of Francia as Carloman, brother of Charlemagne
  Is playing Carloman of Middle Francia   Is playing Carloman of Middle Francia

  owns the   Empire of   Francia

As Carloman, with enough vassal support and mercenaries, you can take your brother's lands in a single war, giving you enough land to found Francia. Alternatively, you can take the war focus and immediately duel your brother, who is railroaded into becoming your rival. However, note that Karl's personal combat skill may be better than yours.   2.2 H
Looking East and West
Be Emperor of both Persia and Rajastan
  has the   Rajas of India DLC enabled

  owns the     Persian Empire
  owns either the   Empire of   Rajasthan or   India

The Seljuks in 1066 have 15,000 men. Stockpile money for mercenaries and use the Invasion CB into Rajastan. Still possible after becoming Samrat Chakravartin: just hold both the Persian Empire and the Empire of India.   2.1 H
Medieval Schlieffen
Be simultaneously at war with the Aztecs and the Mongols
  is not Mongol

  is at war against someone with Mongol culture
  is at war against someone with Nahuatl culture

You must be the primary aggressor or primary defender in both wars, not an ally. You cannot yourself be Mongol culture. One war must be against anyone of Nahua culture, and the other war must be against anyone of Mongol culture.   2.2 H
My Very Own Subcontinent
Become Samrat Chakravartin
  Selected the   Become Samrat Chakravartin Decision Completely control all kingdoms in the Empire of Rajastan, Deccan Empire, and Bengal Empire. Select the decision "Become Samrat Chakravartin". Requires Indian religion, feudal government, and a primary title inside India. The conquests can be done as a nomad, but the nomad must settle down and become feudal in order to get the achievement.   2.1 H
Nobody's Business but the Turks
Conquer Constantinople as a Turkic steppe horde.
  is Turkish

  Has Government type   Nomadic
  Owns the   Provinces of Constantinople

Must control the county of Constantinople while having Turkish culture and Nomadic government.

While it is not necessary to start as a Turkish character, note that having a different culture disqualifies a character if the clan succession law is "nomadic succession"; following a reformed pagan religion with the Agnatic Clans or Enactic Clans will allow characters of different cultures to inherit. The Yabguids in 769 is a reasonable start.

  2.4 H
One Arrow Alone can be Easily Broken but Many Arrows are Indestructible
As a steppe horde, have a population of 150 000.
  Has Government type   Nomadic

  Have a   Population of 150,000

Population and Manpower Guide for Newly Nomadic Players   2.4 H
As an Orthodox Christian, hold Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem
  is   Orthodox

  Owns the   Provinces of:

  • Rome
  • Constantinople
  • Alexandria
  • Antioch
  • Jerusalem
  Easiest as Byzantium in 867. 2.0 H
Prester John
As a Catholic, have a border with Miaphysite Abyssinia
  is   Catholic

  any realm province is neighboring a province whose owner is:

  Does not require starting as a Catholic. Expand until you're close enough to interact with the southernmost Miaphysite rulers (the simplest way is to win the First Crusade or start as the Kingdom of Jerusalem while it is held by a Catholic) then fabricate a claim.

The Tulunids in 867 start very close to Abyssinia. Become guardian to both your sons, then have them educated by a Catholic (but not in your court). In the meantime, holy war your way down to Abyssinia. If neither of your sons becomes Catholic by adulthood, restart. If only your younger (non-heir) son becomes Catholic, make him the heir by granting him more titles than the existing heir. Take rulership focus for an easy way to get the depressed trait, then commit suicide to abdicate to your Catholic son. Alternatively, start as a Miaphysite neighbor of Abyssinia, and convert to Catholicism by marrying a Catholic and converting secretly by spending 250 Piety. Alternative, alternative take: 1081 start as powerful Catholic nation, maybe HRE, and win the early Crusade for Egypt. Select to resume as the relative you put in charge of Egypt (make sure Catholic). Next simply Holy war the tiny weak Jewish state next to Abyssinia and take control of it, making sure to do this well before the Islam nations can try to retake Egypt from you.

2.0 H
Prodigious Five
Have at least one child with each of the five level four education traits.
  have the   Conclave DLC enabled   Has 5 children with one of each education traits: Use Seduction focus to have lots of children, or start with Svend II of Denmark in 1066. Select different childhood focus for each child and then education focus according to child's childhood traits. It is preferable to choose an unmarried young ruler with fertility bonus, for example, Kamarupa 1066. Once married, groom a heir ambition increases fertility. Bastards do count for this achievement.   2.5 H
Protector of the Holy Places
Have Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina within your Realm
  Owns the   Provinces of:
  • Rome
  • Jerusalem
  • Mecca
  • Medina
Abbasids in 867 have claims on Mecca or may be able to vassalize its holder. Subjugate Tunisia to get in range to declare war for Rome. Alternatively, start as the HRE in 1066, create the Kingdom of Italy to have a de jure claim on Rome, earn Jerusalem in the First Crusade, then win a Holy War for Medina. This is also easily achievable when restoring the Roman Empire. The Abbasid Empire from the 769 start data controls Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem so fabricating a claim and going to war over Rome can get you this achievement as well. 2.0 H
Saxons Everywhere, Unite!
As an Anglo-Saxon or Saxon ruler, be king of both Saxony and England
  is Anglo-Saxon or Saxon   owns the   Kingdom of   England and   Saxony Requires starting the game as Anglo-Saxon or Saxon, but does not require remaining such. Since the Kingdom of Saxony only exists in 769 and the Catholics surrounding Saxony are very strong, it may be easier to start this as an Anglo-Saxon and create the Kingdom of England and then work into Saxony. Note that creation of the Kingdom of Saxony title requires Saxon culture (not Anglo-Saxon). It is a good idea to turn off the Charlemagne events in the game rules so the Karl (or Carloman if Karl is dead) doesn't get a strong claim on Saxony. Alternatively, as Saxony, subjugate Denmark and convert to Norse culture for the ships. Once the Germanic coastal CB becomes available, conquering England is easy.   2.2 H
The Conqueror
Starting as a Norse character, rule the Kingdom of England (or the Empire of Britannia) as an English cultured character of a Christian religion.
  is Norse   is English

  is         Christian
  Primary title is the   Kingdom of   England or the   Empire of   Britannia

        BEFORE you begin, set the Culture Conversion game rule to "Faster Melting Pots." First, rule French/Occitan/Breton provinces before 1150 to become Norman, then rule Anglo-Saxon provinces in the de jure Kingdom of England (NOT Wessex) after 1100 to become English. Note that you may not get an alert for the English culture event, so keep checking the eligible provinces when the time comes. Note also that the culture events can happen in any province in your entire kingdom, not just the ones you own.

Those who wish to skip pagan or tribal gameplay can start as the Duke of Holland in 867. Haesteinn of Nantes in 867 is another good start, as he can easily take all of Brittany and then prepare an invasion of Western Francia without too much difficulty. If conquering England early, be sure not to eradicate Anglo-Saxon culture before 1100.

  2.8 H
There Can Be Only One
Become immortal.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   gain the  Immortal trait via the immortality events The eternal life event chain has a MTTH of 250 years, but this is lowered by old age, disease, or poor health to a minimum of 50 years. The supernatural events game rule must be left on.   2.6 H
The Good Old Days
Have the kingdom of Frisia as your primary title and have the duchies of Flanders and Brabant be dejure part of it.
 Primary Title is the   Kingdom of   Frisia

  the   Duchies of Flanders and Brabant is De Jure part of the Kingdom of   Frisia

Try Charlemagne. Switch your kingdoms to elective, create Frisia, and destroy West Francia and Middle Francia. You must control the duchies for 100 years while having the kingdom of Frisia as primary title. 2.7 H
The Outside Bet
Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as Svend II of Denmark, become the King of England
  Start date is 1066.9.15 High Middle Ages (1066)

  Is playing King Svend II of Denmark

 Svend II owns the
  Kingdom of   England
Denmark walkthrough 2.0 H
Unwelcome Visitors
As an assassin, assassinate a Crusader King in the Holy land.
  Is a member of the Assassins   Has   murdered someone who:   Must be a member of the Assassins. The target must be a king-tier Christian who either is located in the Middle East region, controls a title in the Middle East region, or is fighting in a crusade or jihad targeting a kingdom in the Middle East region. You can kill the target in any way that marks you as the killer, e.g., capturing and executing. Plotting to kill becomes easier after ranking up once, as you can invite other Assassins to your plot. If your capital is in Middle East, any prisoner will be considered as "in Middle East" on execution, which means that executing any imprisoned Christian King will give this achievement.     2.7 H
Empire of the Sun
Rule as Emperor with the Reformed Zun Faith
  owns an   Empire

  is   Reformed Zunist

  Can be cheesed as the Abbasids: conquer the Zunists and their holy sites, move your capital to Zunist territory, and convert. Stockpile enough piety to immediately reform the religion after converting. You will need to give away or destroy the Caliph title for the decision to convert to show up.     2.2 VH
Go West Young Mongol
As a steppe horde, have an independent tributary King or Emperor in the British Isles
  Has Government type   Nomadic

  Any Independent ruler:

Vassalize holdings on the Baltic or the Black Sea to gain ships. The Nomadic Invasion CB has a very long range, use it to gain a foothold in Great Britain and/or Ireland. The tributary ruler's primary title must be in the Britannia region. Your government must be nomadic, but it is not necessary to be based in the Steppes or have Mongol culture.   2.4 VH
Kingdom of David
As a Jew, create the Kingdom of Israel
  Selected the   Create Israel Decision   Khazaria 867 start; be sure to settle feudal in Jerusalem to avoid using the slow conversion to Judaism (or simply pillage all holdings in Jerusalem). Any other horde in 867 can use Khazar missionaries or concubines to convert.

Start as the Tulunids, move your capital to Semien and use your holy war piety to convert to Judaism. Also works with the Abbasids in 769, though it is necessary to give away the Caliph title in order to convert. (Then grant the new caliph independence and holy war the land back.)

  2.0 VH
Legacy of the Indo-Norse
Start as a Norse Character, hold a Kingdom in India as your primary title. Your capital must also be located in India and converted to Norse.
  is Norse   is Norse

 Primary title is a   Kingdom in India
 Capital is a Norse in India

Requires both starting and finishing as Norse culture. Norse religion is not required. The primary title kingdom must be in the India region. If you acquire any empire titles, you will need to lose them to be able to set a kingdom as primary title. The main mechanism here, assuming you're not forming an intercontinental empire, is to use the coastal conquest CB available to Norse characters.

Hæsteinn of Nantes (Brittany) walkthrough

  2.7 VH
As a Norse character, become King of Mongolia.
  is Norse

 Owns the   Kingdom of   Mongolia

Norse culture is required, not Norse religion. Does not require starting as Norse. If going from west to east, it is easier with Horse Lords disabled, as the steppes is then entirely tribal. Convert to Islam (or Reforme the Germanic faith) to get access to Holy Wars. The 867 Sudreyjar realm starts in Western Europe, and can cumulate this achievement with Never Start a Land War in Asia. 2.4 VH
Not So Bad
Survive the End Times.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   survived the end of days events. The End of Days event chains can trigger when the Black Death is present in your realm.   2.6 VH
Papal Mache
Have elephants trample the Pope/Caliph.
  has the   The Reaper's Due DLC enabled   One of the following characters has been executed by elephants: This execution method is available for anyone with a capital in the India, Persia, Middle East, or East Africa regions. Execution methods are random, but when the target is a religious head, elephants are especially likely. Valid targets are the Pope, the Fraticelli Pope, the Sunni Caliph, the Shia Caliph, the Ibadi Caliph, and the Kharijite Caliph. The Miaphysite Pope and Monophysite Pope do not count, nor do anti-popes. An extremely easy way to accomplish this is by selecting Seljuk in 1066 in the High Middle Ages bookmark, imprisoning the Sunni Caliph and executing. With Ghilman and initial available troops, rebellion is futile and guarantees easy imprisonment.   2.6 VH
Peace in Our Time
Enforce peace for 6 or more vassals.
  has the   Conclave DLC enabled   Enforced Realm Peace for 6 vassals. Require actually ending at least 6 ongoing vassal wars. They can be revolts, faction or otherwise, as long as the two primary participants are both your direct vassals (whether temporarily because of the war, or not). Encourage vassal wars by transferring non-de jure counts, granting other duchies to counts under their de-jure duke, landing people with claims, pressing claims, etc.   2.5 VH
Red Sea Resort
Convert Mecca to Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism
  has the   Rajas of India DLC enabled

  Is   Hindu,   Buddhist, or   Jain     Mecca must be within the realm and is the same Indian Religion as the player

      Can be done quickly by settling feudal in the county of Mecca as an Indian religion nomadic horde, if you have  . As a nomad, completely destroying all holdings in Mecca will also change the county's religion.   2.1 VH
Saint Thomas's Dream
Rule an Indian Kingdom or Empire as a Christian and convert all its provinces
  has the   Rajas of India DLC enabled

  owns either a   Kingdom or an   Empire that is within the region of India

        Only requires the provinces of a held kingdom or empire outside your realm to be Christian. The kingdom or empire must be in the India region. The easiest way to fulfill this is to completely control any Indian kingdom as a Christian. (Use the "De jure Kingdoms" map mode to find small kingdoms.) As any large southern Indian realm, conquer Mahodayapuram, secretly convert to Nestorian, and personally adopt the faith.   2.1 VH
Sakya Trizin
Starting as the Count of Sakya in 1066, rule as an independent Buddhist King or Emperor and control all Buddhist Holy Sites.
  Is playing Count Khon Sherab Tsultrim of Sakya   Primary title is a   Kingdom or an   Empire

 is independent   is  
  owns the   Counties of:

  • Bamian
  • Varanasi
  • Gaya
  • Devagiri
  • Lumbini
  Try to marry/seduce your neighbor Tibet Queen (historical route by checking history in 1337). She won't accept a marriage at first though.   2.8 VH
Shadow Prince
Sit on the council and have every other council member as well as the ruler owing you a favor.
  has the   Conclave DLC enabled   is not independent

  is a Councillor
  Liege owes   favor to the player
  If Liege's primary title is:

If a councilor will not let you buy a favor, try raising his opinion of you or perhaps changing your position. Your liege, the most expensive one, is more likely to accept when he is low on cash and at war. Buy favors from other powerful vassals and any heirs involved (which is cheapest), and try to get them on the council by killing or waiting out the intransigent ones. As a Companion (Level 2) member of the Assassins, the Intimidate Ruler option becomes available. Try a start with a relatively young ruler with a lot of land to tax, such as the Duke of Aquitaine in 1066. Or, start as an independent king and swear fealty to the HRE or ERE, but beware opinion maluses for different culture and religion. Requires Empowered Council law to enable Advisor minor title for Kingdom and Empire and they owe you favors as well as the five normal positions.   2.5 VH
As the Roman Empire, reclaim the old imperial borders
  Completely control all Duchies of Historical Roman Empire            SPQR walkthrough. You must have a Christian or Hellenic religion. The conquests can be done as a nomad, but the nomad must settle down and become feudal in order to get the achievement. The achievement only requires the Roman Borders event which may be triggered with owning either the Byzantine Empire or the Roman Empire.   2.0 VH
Steppe by Steppe
As a steppe horde, conquer the whole steppe region.
  Has Government type   Nomadic

  Completely controls the Steppe Region

Have Nomadic government and control the Steppes region. To check the territory, you actually need to press the Find Title or Region button in the lower right corner, under the map and type Steppe region. If you think you should have gotten the achievement check again carefully every single barony/county for independent ones (Religious Orders etc.).   2.4 VH
The Black Bishop
Fund an immoral bishop and get him elected Pope
  A   Theocratic vassal must have:
  • the trait   Wicked Priest
  • Has a liege that has the modifier = opinion_supported_pope from the character (liege spent money on the College of Cardinals window)
  the   Theocratic vassal became   Pope via succession.    You must contribute to the election fund, and the bishop must remain your vassal until he is made Pope. See Papal succession#Strategies or follow Elvaril's walkthrough.   2.0 VH
The British Raj
Rule the Empire of Britannia as a Hindu, Buddhist or Jain character
  Has an       Indian Religion.   Is   Hindu,   Buddhist, or   Jain

  has the   Rajas of India DLC enabled   owns the   Empire of   Britannia

      Start as a Germanic character, use prepared invasion and county conquest CB to work your way to the Emperor of Britannia. Send troops to raid in India until you have captured a female Hindu, Buddhist or Jain prisoner. Take concubine and convert by decision when you're ready. Alternatively, play as a nomadic horde with HL and use missionaries or concubines to convert.   2.1 VH
The Caliphate Strikes Back
Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark as the Abbasid Caliph, become independent and hold an empire title
  Start date is 15.9.1066 High Middle Ages (1066)

  Is playing Caliph Al-Qa'im

  is independent

  owns an   Empire

Expand in Fatimid territory if they falter. The Seljuks have a tendency to fall apart once Alp Arslan dies.   2.0 VH
The One Who Brings Benefit
As a Zoroastrian, become the prophesied Saoshyant
  Selected the   Become Saoshyant Decision   Zoroastrian strategy

Alternatively, if you have  Rajas of India, you can do this even faster by starting as Seljuk in 1081, revoking a Zoroastrian county, and decision-converting (only if patch version is before the further expansion of the Persian Empire is introduced.)

  2.0 VH
White Hun
Starting as the last remnant of the White Huns (the Count of Mohadavasaka in 769) restore the borders of the Hephthalite Empire.
  Is playing Count Thakur Toramana of Mohadavaska   Primary title is a   Kingdom or an   Empire

 is independent
 Completely Control the   Kingdoms of:

   2.8 VH
Who Needs Vasco da Gama?
Own all the silk route ports in india as a European merchant republic.
  has the   Horse Lords DLC enabled

  Is a Patrician
  Capital is in Europe or Asia Minor

  Completely controls the   Provinces of:
  • Debul
  • Navasarika
  • Mahoyadapuram
  • Vijayawada
  • Candradvipa
  • Goa
  • Cholamandalam
  • Kataka
  • Samatata
Your capital must be in the Europe or Asia Minor regions. Before patch 2.8, there are five coastal Silk road provinces in India, visible on the trade routes map: Debul, Navasarika, Mahoyadapuram, Vijayawada, and Candradvipa. You don't need to have trade posts built on the provinces for the achievement to fire. The revamp in patch 2.8 adds more counties: Goa, Cholamandalam, Kataka, and Samatata.     2.4 VH
Wise Guy
Gain the Legendary Wisdom modifier
  Get the Legendary Wisdom modifier via the   Rulership focus events. Requires Administrator   lifestyle and 12 stewardship, (has an yearly pulse). Pick up the lifestyle with success in Rulership focus  . Alternatively, the Bey of Daylam in 1066 starts with the lifestyle trait, which may make it slightly easier to get the achievement. Once Administrator   has been acquired, the focus is no longer necessary and does not increase the chance of receiving the Legendary Wisdom random event.   2.3 VH
Starting and staying as a Han Chinese character, be an independent King or Emperor and rule all of North Africa (the Maghreb region).
  is Han  is Han

  Control all of North Africa
  Primary title is a   Kingdom or an   Empire
 is independent

Must completely control the North Africa region. (There is no Maghreb region.) Requires Han culture at start and at end, but not in between. Han duke of Jiuquan in 867 is a good choice. He can break out of tributary immediately (civil war in China) and Tibet Empire is fragmented. Taoist religion cannot declare holy war, so becoming Sunni through marriage and later Shia, by joining the Assassins allows faster conquest. All playable Han rulers are either Taoist or Buddhist, and RoI DLC unlocks both, so the JD DLC is not required.    2.8 I
A Servant No More
As Mu’nis al-Muzaffar of Galilee in 867, become an Emperor and have at least 100 realm size.
  Is playing Emir Mu’nis of Galilee   Is playing Emir Mu’nis of Galilee

 is independent
  Primary title is an   Empire
   Realm Size is 100

Mu'nis is a eunuch, so this must be done in his lifetime. Easiest as the Emperor of Abyssinia.

A quick strategy is to expand into East Africa since it is fragmented, try to first fabricate a claim on Trinkitat (in Blemmyia). Pick Theology focus   for more Piety. Seek opportunity to invade Egypt when you have enough gold (preferably more than 2500) for hiring mercenaries. Finally, get independent and create the title.

Even if you remove the eunuch trait, this achievement must be earned within Mu'Nis's lifetime.

   2.8 I
Khan of Khans
Conquer continental Western Europe as the Mongol Empire, starting in "Age of the Mongols" bookmark
  Start date is 1220.2.1 Age of the Mongols (1220)

  Is playing Khagan Temüjin of the Mongol Empire

  owns the   Mongol Empire

  Completely Controls the   Empires of:

Requires that all the counties and baronies be within your realm, within the empires of Rus, Tartaria, Wendish Empire, Carpathia, HRE, Italia, Byzantium, Francia, and Hispania. If you believe you should get the achievement, but you haven't, check the ledger for the Independent States. If there are any realms there other than yours, check them to see if they picked up a random barony and you have a county claim casus belli on them.   2.0 I
"Never start a Land War in Asia"
Start in Western Europe and completely conquer the region of Mongolia.
  Primary title is in Western Europe   Completely controls the Eastern Steppe Region (Mongolia) Requires starting as a character with primary title in the Western Europe region, and controlling the Eastern Steppes region.

You need to build at least 2 levels of structures in a county's holdings to lock your hold on Nomad counties. Tribal works best, as they can field a large army even in the empty steppe. Easier with Horse Lords disabled, as the steppe is then entirely tribal.

Sudreyjar in 867 is a solid choice: tribal, access to the Coastal County conquest for a fast bridgehead in the Baltics, and part of the Great Heathen Army. Create Ship Builders in your holdings and use the downtime to become King of Scotland, as a Kingdom title will stave off the worst from Gavelkind. Should you lose your capital, make a beeline for the civilized areas near the Taklamakan Desert.

2.4 I
Smash the Patriarchy
As female Messalian/Bogomilist/Cathar Ruler own all 5 baronies which make up the Orthodox Pentarchies and have a female temple holder control them.
 Is Female

 Is   Messalian,  Bogomilist, or   Cathar
  The owner of the   Baronies of:

  • Alexandria (Alexandria)
  • Jerusalem (Jerusalem)
  • Antiocheia (Antioch)
  • Hagia Sophia (Constantinople)
  • Roma (Rome)
  • Is Female
  • Is a vassal of the player or is the player.
      Hold the counties of Rome, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Constantinople directly, and leave wrong-religion bishops in the temple holdings, until you have all five and meet the other conditions. Then, revoke the temples. Lower the moral authority of the three Christian religions to help heresies to appear, or adopt the Christian religion and ask your Court Chaplain to research technology. Easiest as part of a regular Byzantine game, as the Emperor's daughters are always valid candidates for succession. 2.7 I
Ten Thrones
Have your dynasty rule 10 independent Feudal/Iqta/Monastic Feudal Kingdoms or Empires with at least 25 realm size each. You must be one of them.
  Primary title is a   Kingdom or an   Empire

 is independent
   Realm Size is 25
 Is   Feudal
  9 other   Dynasty members:

Use the Your Dynasty page of the Ledger and sort by realm size.

Abbasids in 769 have a lot of dynastic members and could create a lot of kingdoms. You can become Christian in order to create Jerusalem and grant your kinsmen independence.

2.8 I
What Schism?
Convert both Rome and Constantinople to the same (Indian) religion
  has the   Rajas of India DLC enabled

  Is   Hindu,   Buddhist, or   Jain     Rome and Constantinople must be within the realm and is the same Indian Religion as the player

      With Horse Lords, conquer the county of Rome and the county of Constantinople as an Indian religion nomadic horde, releasing all other non-nomadic land, and then settling feudal in one of the provinces. As long as population is over 1000 times the number of baronies in the other province, it will convert to your culture and religion. As a nomad, completely destroying all holdings in the two counties will also change the counties' religion.   2.1 I
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