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Rulers can try to raise an attribute that is below 8 by selecting an appropriate objective and waiting for random ambition events to fire. Without Way of Life, this takes the form of an ambition to reach 8.

With Way of Life, these events instead require having a related focus, and having the attribute be below 8 even with the focus. The "+3" focus tends to have more such events: for example, war focus has five while hunting focus has one. (Each focus also provides ways to improve its attribute that do not require the attribute to be below 8.)

Each of the event chains can only be taken once per character, and only one event chain can be active at a time.

Martial Ambition[edit | edit source]

ID Name
94000 Toy Army
94001 Other Toy Army Enthusiasts
94002 Toy Army Tournament Begins
94003 Toy Army Tournament Defeat
94004 Toy Army Tournament Victory
94005 Street Ruffians
94006 Melee Lost
94007 Melee Won
94010 Drunken Warrior
94011 The Warrior is found
94012 Warrior is asked to teach
94013 Chopsticks
94014 Boat
94015 Training Done
94016 Training with the Guard
94017 Horsemanship
94018 Alexander/Ashoka the Great
94019 Further studies in strategy
Event Chain Ambition Trigger Conditions Possible Rewards
Toy Army Improve Martial Not Incapable
Not a prisoner
Not female
+1 Martial (can stack with other outcomes)
+2 Martial, -10 Piety (requires Wroth)
+2 Martial, -15 Prestige
+2 Martial, +15 Prestige
Street Ruffians Improve Martial Not Incapable
Not a prisoner
+1 Martial, -15 Prestige
+1 Martial, -10 Piety (requires Cruel)
+1 Martial, -15 Prestige, -20 Piety (if Jain)
+1 Martial, -30 Piety (requires Cruel, if Jain)
+2 Martial, +15 Prestige
+2 Martial, +15 Prestige, -20 Piety (if Jain)
Drunken Warrior Improve Martial Not Incapable
Not a prisoner
-50 Wealth, +1 Martial, -15 Prestige (requires Wroth)
-50 Wealth, +4 Martial, +15 Prestige
-50 Wealth, +4 Martial, +15 Prestige, Remove Weak (if Weak)
Training with the Guard Improve Martial Not Incapable
Not a prisoner
+1 Martial
Horsemanship Improve Martial Not Incapable
Not a prisoner
+1 Martial
Alexander/Ashoka the Great Improve Martial Not Incapable
Not a prisoner
Does not have the strategist trait
If capital is within the empires of Rajastan, Bengal, Deccan, or Persia then the Ashoka variant flavour text is used
+1 Martial
Gain student of strategy modifier (with DLC icon Way of Life.pngWay of Life)
Gain adept of strategy modifier (with DLC icon Way of Life.pngWay of Life, if already student of strategy)
Gain strategist trait (with DLC icon Way of Life.pngWay of Life, if already adept of strategy)

Note that Alexander/Ashoka the Great can happen if DLC icon Way of Life.png Way of Life is active and the character has the war focus, even if they have a martial skill of at least 8, as long as they do not already have a lifestyle trait.

Stewardship Ambition[edit | edit source]

ID Name Note : If the DLC Way of Life is Active, these events will incur when stewardship is strictly lower than 8.
94050 The Inn Available if choosing business focus, has 100 gold (although the actual cost is lower, and can be entirely recovered with profit), cannot take garden or survey event chains afterward.
94051 The Inn's name
94052 Salt the turnips Choose 30% salt, less salt means less revenue, all the salt backfires.
94053 Entertainment Choose the bard or clergyman (only available if Christian/Muslim) for extra income, other choices will incur cost instead
94054 Clergyman
94055 Bard
94056 Eunuch
94057 Wild Ass
94058 Salt Disaster
94059 Salt Profit
94060 Opening Night Over Gain 2 stewardship, 65 gold.
94065 The Garden Available if choosing business focus, this event chain will improve stewardship by 2 and give Gardener if you don't have a lifestyle trait beware. Cannot take inn or survey afterward
94066 Gardening Done
94070 Land Survey Gain 2 stewardship
94071 Survey Complete
94072 Bookkeeping
94073 Delegation
94074 Servant Staff

Learning Ambition[edit | edit source]

ID Name
94080 The Flying Machine
94081 Studies
94082 Enlist Pilot
94083 Otis Flies
94092 al-Otis Flies (Muslim version)
94084 Meldrick Flies
94093 Ba'ah al-Drik Flies (Muslim version)
94085 Dog Flies
94086 Otis Aftermath
94094 al-Otis Aftermath (Muslim version)
94087 Meldrick Aftermath
94095 Ba'ah al-Drik Aftermath (Muslim version)
94088 Dog Aftermath
94089 Otis Second Attempt
94096 al-Otis Second Attempt (Muslim version)
94090 Meldrick Second Attempt
94097 Ba'ah al-Drik Second Attempt
94091 Aftermath
94098 Augustine
94099 Finished Reading
94100 The Shahnameh
94101 Finished Reading
94102 Hermit
94103 Arrival
94104 The Old Man Appears
94105 The Cave
94106 Leaving
94107 Roman Engineering
94108 Philosophy
94109 Astronomy

Diplomacy Ambition[edit | edit source]

ID Name
94110 The Feud
94111 The Conference (Choice 1)
94112 Appeal to reason
94113 Flatter them (Choice 2A)
94114 Find common ground (Choice 2B)
94115 Their patriotic duty
94116 Soothe tempers
94117 Threaten violence
94118 Lambast childish behavior
94119 Fight!
94120 Peace In Our Time
94125 The Mirror
94126 Practise Done
94130 The Suicide
94131 Approaching the Jumper
94132 Man Grabbed
94133 Jumping
94134 Jumping Aftermath
94135 Man Pulled Inside
94136 Talk Successful
94137 Talk Failure
94138 Town Crier
94139 Foreign Cultures
94156 Old Diplomat

Intrigue Ambition[edit | edit source]

ID Name
94140 The Necklace
94141 The Theft
94142 Cook's Wife
94143 Cook's Wife, Theft Discovered
94144 Cook's Wife Caught
94145 Cook's Wife Aftermath
94146 Cook's Wife Forgotten
94147 Cook's Wife Dead
94148 Cook's Wife Alive
94149 Servant
94150 Servant, Theft Discovered
94151 Servant Caught
94152 Servant Aftermath
94553 Servant Forgotten
94554 Servant Dead
94155 Servant Alive
94160 Gossip
94161 Gossip learned
94165 Old Spymaster
94166 Visit
94167 Agreed to teach
94168 Training complete
94169 Alchemy
94172 Improved Bodygard [sic]
94173 Old Assasin

Decadence Ambition[edit | edit source]

ID Name
94170 Berber Life
94171 Living with Berbers
94175 The Bandit Camp
94176 Sneak up on Camp
94177 The Fight
94178 Fight Aftermath
94180 The Hunt
94181 The Hunt Begins
94182 No Sign of the Beast
94183 Hunt is Abandoned
94184 Coming Home
94185 Couriers
94816 Palace Stripped of Luxuries
94187 Brothels Closed