Bankruptcy events

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This page lists event IDs and event links for the event list: Bankruptcy events

ID Name
38000 Ruler is in the red. Go to the moneylenders.
38001 Follow-up to favorable loan terms
38002 Follow-up to unfavorable loan terms
38010 Ruler in red, lean on vassals
38011 Request
38014 Refusal to pay
38015 Payment accepted
38016 Payment accepted, for favor
38020 Ruler is in the red. Seize Church Properties
38021 If a building is specified, then that one is exempt
38022 We have been judged in the eyes of God
38050 On-Action: Mercs go on a rampage
38051 On-Action: Mercs leave in disgust
38052 On-Action: Mercs switch side FROM you
38053 On-Action: Mercs switch side TO you
38054 On-Action: Holy Order leaves your service
38060 Offer to buy a title from indebted liege
38061 Liege receives offer to sell land
38062 Liege receives offer to sell land for favor