Bastard events

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This page lists event IDs and event links for the event list: Bastard events

ID Name
76000 Irresistible young wench
76005 Unwed daughter
76006 Spymaster advice you
76007 Spymaster is trusted to deal with liege's daughter's bastard child
76008 Spymaster let child and daughter live
76009 Spymaster let daughter and bastard child live
76010 Get rid of a bastard?
76015 Recognise bastard son as a legitimate heir?
76020 Bastard son ask to be included in the succession
76021 Father is asked to legitimise bastard
76022 Father answers son
76025 I have a bastard child
76026 Daughter asks for help with bastard child
76027 Father to bastard is angry
76028 Grandfather is angry
76030 A dream is born and a sword sharpened
76035 I am teased about my inferior status
76040 I'm a bastard, what does that mean?
76041 Guardian is asked what being bastard means