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Battle events

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This page lists event IDs and event links for the event list: Battle Events

Battle Events[edit]

ID Name
242 On-action combat event: Killed in action
243 On-action combat event: Wounded in action
244 On-action combat event: Maimed in action
245 On-action combat event: Serious head injury in action
246 On-action combat event: Character skill improves
247 On-action combat event: Flat improvement to martial skill
248 On-action combat event: Tech Increase in Capital
249 Opponent is informed that enemy commander has been killed
253 Opponent is informed that enemy commander has been killed
270 On-action combat event: Becoming Brave
271 On-action combat event: Becoming Craven
272 On-action combat event: Becoming Wroth
273 On-action combat event: Becoming Patient
260 On-action battle_won: Heroism shown.
261 On-action battle_won: Soldier Distinguishes himself.
262 Heroism Shown 1
263 Heroism Shown 2
264 Heroism Shown 3
265 Heroism Shown 4
266 Heroism Shown 5
267 Heroism Shown 6
250 On-action battle_lost: Imprisoned by the enemy
251 Leading attacker dies, will never trigger from code
252 Leading defender dies, will never trigger from code
255 Marshal: Unnecessary violence
256 Liege: Marshal used unnecessary violence

Combat Trait Events[edit]

ID Name
96500 Event 1
96501 Event 2
96502 Event 3
96503 Event 4