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Game modification: Bella Gerant Alli
Bella Gerant Alli

GAGA Extrem

Released - 2.6 for CK2 1.06b


Originally one of the "big three" mods (the other 2 being CK2Plus and Project Balance) that came out quickly after release, its creator disappeared for a while and as the game was patched and the mod increasingly broken, most of the previous users of this mod went to one of the other 2 and/or other newer released mods.

However, recently GAGA came back and stated he was going to update the mod for compatibility and did so; It has been updated to 1.06b, and has not received another.


  • A completely reworked building system, including brand new building chains!
  • Lower supply limit in neutral and enemy territory. Expect to run into attrition much earlier!
  • Lower prestige and piety income - now you need to perform great deeds to become famous!
  • Reworked Crown Authority, Demesne Laws and Succession Laws. Less exploitive and more challenging!
  • Rebalanced opinion modifiers, event modifiers and traits!
  • More and new mercenaries for hire, including bloodthirsty bandit scum!
  • Mercenaries are now more costly and Holy Orders less powerful!
  • More challenging game against the AI!
  • Debt is much more serious!
  • Female characters may now become councilors!
  • New kingdoms and empires!
  • More plots and ambitions!
  • More realistic mortality for pregnant wives and children!
  • New Events!


Version 2.6[edit]

  • Now compatible with CK II 1.06b.

Version 2.5d[edit]

  • Counts and dukes that are not affected by a crown law may no long select tax and levy law levels 4 and 5.
  • Crown authority is now limited by succession laws:
  • Elective: May not enact "high" or "absolute" CA.
  • Open: May not enact "high" or "absolute" CA.
  • Gavelkind: may not enact "absolute" CA.
  • Enacting a succession law that limits CA will now lower CA to allowed maximum.
  • Fixed a bug that would not apply opinion penalties for increased CA when it was increased by more than one step at a time.
  • Increaed MTTH for several events to prevent spamming.

Version 2.5c[edit]

  • Fixed an error with building requirements.
  • Reduced attrition in land provinces to 2% (down from 2.5%) and reduced attrition in sea provinces to 2% (down from 3%) and reduced attrition from bad terrain by roughly 50%.
  • Farmland does now reduce attrition by -0.005 (new).
  • Dukes will now suffer opinion penalties for holding more than two ducal titles.

Version 2.5b[edit]

  • Holdings now have 6 slots for military buildings (up from 4).
  • Reduced average year for all tech levels by 50 years.
  • Increased BASE_NEIGHBOUR_SPREAD_BONUS to 0.2 (up from 0.1).
  • Increased coastal province tech bonus to 0.3 (up from 0.2).
  • Holy War CB now requires 100 piety.
  • Increased levy_size bonus from high tier keeps a bit.
  • Removed levy_size bonus by training grounds.
  • Removed supply limit bonus from roads (was non functional).
  • Removed local_build_cost_modifier from construction (was non functional).
  • Increased piety cost to decline the pope request for free investure.
  • Increased MTTH for province conversation events to 1200 (up from 960).

Version 2.5[edit]

  • Reduced supply limit from terrain by 1.
  • Reduced levy_reinforce_rate penalty from regencies to -0.1 (down from -0.2).
  • Increased base cost for holdings to 1000 (up from 700), but reduced HOLDING_SLOT_BUILD_COST_MOD to 0.25 (down from 0.4).
  • Increased build time for holdings to 5 years (up from 2).
  • Completely reworked the building system.
  • Added "Siege Workshop" and "Road Network" as new buildings.
  • Added some events that will make children more likely to end their childhood with stats between 3 and 7 (excluding the education trait).
  • Rebalanced basic troop distribution for all holdings:
  • Castles provide a balanced mix of troops and more light infantry and knights.
  • Cities provide more archers and pikemen, but less heavy infantry and cavalry.
  • Bishoprics provide more heavy infantry and light cavalry, but less pikemen and archers.
  • Increased MTTH for sabotage technology progress.
  • Reduced the benefits from tax laws to 7.5% per level (down from 10%).
  • Reduced min_levy from crown authority to 5% per level (down from 10%).
  • Levy laws now provide 2.5% min_levy per level (new).
  • Reduced tax benefits from farming, trade practice and church taxes to 5% per level (down from 10%), but increased supply limit to 0.25 per level (up from 0.15).
  • Fixed a bug that gave archers to small offensive benefits from bow tech.
  • Increased maintenance cost for all units except light infantry a bit.
  • Pikemen: Increased skirmish and pursuit attack to 0.5 (up from 0.2), reduced melee attack to 4 (down from 5), reduced skirmish defence to 4 (down from 5) and reduced maintenance to 5 (down from 6).
  • Light Cavalry: Increased skirmish attack and melee defence to 4 (up from 3).

Version 2.4g[edit]

  • Fixed an issue that caused crashes from time to time.
  • Reduced monthly piety bonus from "chaste" to 0.25 (down from 0.5).

Version 2.4f[edit]

  • Reduced health penalty for the_dungeon to -1 (down from -2) and reduced health penalty for the_oubliette to -2 (down from -3).
  • Having less than 20 realm DIP, MAR, INT or STW may now result in negative events akin to exceeded demesne limit.
  • Reworked many event trigger requirements and MTTH modifiers to increase variety of random events and event chain outcomes (remember the hedge knights?).
  • Some events will no longer auto-apply traits and use a certain percentage chance instead.
  • Job event MTTH is now influenced skill level up to 25 (up from 20).
  • Doubled the basic MTTH for "Tech Progress Sabotaged" job event.
  • Increased the prestige cost for pressing a fabricated claim a fair bit.
  • Increased MTTH for conversion events by the lord bishop and made the effect of church authority more linear.
  • Made some minor changes to court events.
  • Changing a succession law as a king or emperor now requires at least medium CA.
  • Vassals can no longer change their succession laws when their liege has high or absolute CA (plots do still work, though).
  • Dwarf: Added -10 vassal_opinion, but reduced sex_appeal_opinion to -20 (down from -30).
  • Fair: Reduced sex_appeal_opinion to 20 (down from 30).
  • Hunchback: Increased vassal_opinion to -10 (down from -5), but reduced sex_appeal_opinion to -20 (down from -30).

Version 2.4e[edit]

  • Increased ASSASSINATION_COST_RANK_MULT to 100 (up from 50).
  • Reduced SHORT_REIGN_YEARS_END to 5 (down from 6) and increased LONG_REIGN_YEARS_START to 20 (up from 15).
  • Increased DOW_ON_ALLY_PRESTIGE_COST to 100 (up from 50).
  • Reduced USURP_TITLE_PRESTIGE_MULT to 0.1 (down from 0.25).
  • Increased ATTACKER_CALL_DECLINE_COST to 50 (up from 25).
  • Increased BREAK_TRUCE_PRESTIGE_COST to 200 (up from 100).
  • Increased MARRIAGE_TIER_DIFF_PRESTIGE_MULT to 25 (up from 20).
  • Increased KING_AS_VASSAL_PRESTIGE to 0.2 (up from 0.15).
  • Reduced RAISED_TROOPS_VASSAL_OPINION_DAYS to 60 (down from 73).
  • Reduced MORALE_COLLAPSE_THRESHOLD to 0.2 (down from 0.25).
  • Reduced NUMBER_OF_RETREAT_DAYS to 3 (down from 5).
  • Reduced MIN_COMBAT_DAYS to 5 (down from 10).
  • Increased BATTLE_PRESTIGE_MULTIPLIER to 5 (up from 1).
  • Reduced BATTLE_PIETY_MULTIPLIER to 0.5 (down from 1).
  • Reduced MAX_LEVY_RAISE_OPINION_THRESHOLD to 75 (up from 100).
  • Reduced FRIENDLY_TERRITORY_LEVY_RETURN_PERCENT to 0.9 (down from 1.0).
  • Increased HOLDING_SLOT_BUILD_COST_MOD to 0.4 (up from 0.2).
  • Train Troops: Reduced levy_reinforce_rate bonus from train troops mission to 0.025 (down from 0.05).
  • Reduced the amount of archers from castle milita buildings a bit, but increased the number of light infantry in return.
  • Reduced the number of heavy infantry from barracks a bit, but added a small amount of light infantry in return.
  • Reduced the number of light cavalry from stables, but added some more knights in return.
  • Increased build time of wall quality buildings.
  • Halved the fort bonus for wall buildings and removed tax bonus.
  • Reduced the overall tax bonus from improvements.
  • Reduced levy percentage bonus from high tier buildings a bit.
  • Castle barracks now provide less pikemen.
  • Removed the chance to get wounded, maimed or killed when winning a battle.
  • Sow Discontent: Now has a chance to trigger an event that increases the revolt risk in target province (new).
  • Study Technology: Now has a chance to trigger an event that reduces tech growth in target province (new).
  • True Cognatic: Added a +10 female dynastic opinion bonus and added a -0.15 monthly_character_prestige penalty (new).
  • Celibate: Reduced piety gain to 0.5 (down from 1.0).
  • Excommunicated: Added -0.5 monthly prestige and piety penalty (new).

Version 2.4d[edit]

  • Reduced prestige gain from DIP score to 0.01 (down from 0.02).
  • Increased ducal title creation cost to 500 (up from 250).
  • Using an employment decision will cause them to disappear until the cooldown has expiered.
  • Added two "emergency" decisions that allow lowering of tax and levy laws while law cooldown is still in effect.
  • Encouraged by the recent success of mayors all over the kingdom, bishops and nobles will now also ask for lower church or vassal taxes from time to time.
  • Gavelkind Succession: Increased eldest son opinion penalty to -30 (up from -10), but added +0.15 monthly prestige and piety (new) and *Increased GAVELKIND_MAX_SIZE_BONUS to 0.33 (up from 0.25).
  • Agnatic Succession: Added +0.15 monthly prestige and piety bonus (new).
  • Reduced monthly prestige and piety gain from traits.

Version 2.4[edit]

  • The pope now has additional expenses that will reduce his own tax income.
  • Reduced dynasty prestige gain a fair bit.
  • Reduced base assassination cost to 100 (down from 200).
  • Increased tax bonus during peace to +25% (up from +10%).
  • Reduced the bonus for town and temple smithy to +1% (down from +2%).
  • Increased tech bonus from university tier II to 0.2 (up from 0.1).
  • Extended the opinion effects of crown authority to temples and cities (to prevent ye old republic and prince-bishopric exploits).
  • Tweaked free investure opinion bonus and made the pope RAGE even more. Want to be excommunicated? Go for it!
  • Added "Balanced Investure" as a new in between level for investure laws: The pope will still appoint bishopric successors, however the church will try to limit his influence.
  • Added "Crown Investure" that grants control over the bishops to the crown, but upsets the pope.
  • Investure laws can now only be changed by one step at a time.
  • Crown Investure and Free Investure now require religious flexibility tech and a certain crown authority level.
  • Reworked all levy and tax laws and added a new level to both groups. All vassal tiers now have equal levy size, tax and opinion effects.
  • Tax and levy laws can now only be increaed by up to two steps at a time.
  • Reduced BASE_TECH_GROWTH_CHANCE to 0.01 (down from 0.012) and reduced BASE_NEIGHBOUR_SPREAD_BONUS to 0.1 (down from 0.15).
  • Increased BASE_DEMESNE_SPREAD_BONUS to 0.5 (up from 0.25).
  • Gave coastal provinces a 0.2 research bonus (new).
  • Military fortifications: Increased fort level gain to 0.5 per level (up from 0.25).
  • Noble, Popular and Religious Custom techs now provide a bonus to research for military, economic and culture techs.
  • Reduced the additional stat bonus from high tier education traits to 1 (down from 2).
  • Increased same_opinion effect of lifestyle traits to +30 (up from +10).
  • Added a small fertility bonus to gluttonous.
  • Added a small health penalty for diligent characters and added a small health bonus to slothful ones.
  • Reduced DIP bonus for kind to 1 (down from 2).
  • Reduced MAR bonus from wroth to 2 (down from 3).
  • Proud: Added +1 INT bonus (new).
  • Humble: Added +1 DIP bonus (new).
  • Deceitful: Reduced INT bonus to 1 (down from 2).
  • Honest: Reduced DIP bonus to 1 (down from 2).
  • Zealous: Added -1 LRN penalty (new).

Version 2.3d[edit]

  • Reduced base tax of cities to 10 (down from 12).
  • Added a tax penalty for dukes
  • Added opinion penalties to king tier.
  • Reduced opinion penalties for emperor tier a bit.
  • Turned war and peace static effects into triggered modifiers (so players will actually notice them).
  • Extended AI behaviour effects from traits.
  • Non-Muslims will now suffer greater penalties from open succession law.
  • Some buildings now require higher tech levels.
  • Most buildings now reduce tax income a bit.
  • Reduced the fort level bonus on walls, but increased the fort level bonus for fortification quality a bit.
  • Increased the cost of all tier 2 troop buildings to 200 (up from 120).
  • Reduced the tech bonus of universities and church schools.
  • Reduced the effect of smithy to 2% per level (down from 2.5%) and increased cost for tier II and III a bit.

Version 2.3c[edit]

  • Fixed an error with triggered modifiers.

Version 2.3b[edit]

  • Did some additional balancing to fix issues with the most recent patch.

Version 2.3[edit]

  • BGA is now compatible with patch 1.05g.
  • Rebalanced some traits, effects and events.

Version 2.2d[edit]

  • Holy War for adjected duchies now requires 100 piety and will cost 50 piety on success.
  • Crusader: now grants "same_religion_opinion" instead of "general_opinion" bonus.
  • Ill: Reduced "health" penalty to -2 (down from -3).

Version 2.2c[edit]

  • BGA is now compatible with patch 1.04.

Version 2.2b[edit]

  • Syphilitic: Reduced "sex_appeal_opinion" penalty to -15 (down from -30).
  • Open succession is no longer default succession for Christian titles.
  • Open succession: Removed "child_opinion" bonus.
  • Fixed the icon for "offensive_war".
  • Added a "regency" triggered modifier for minor rulers that bestows significant penalties during the regency.

Version 2.2[edit]

  • Warrior cult: Removed heavy infantry, reduced archers to 100 (down from 120), increased light infantry to 400 (up from 360) and is now only *Available for the AI.
  • Reduced overall prestige gain for all casus belli results.
  • Bid_for_independence: May now call vassals and allies into the war.
  • Excommunicated_ruler: May now call vassals into the war.
  • You may now hire marshals, spymasters and chancellors via decisions. (Original idea by: Wiz)
  • Employing a priest does no longer require piety, but raised "scaled_wealth" cost to 0.2 (up fron 0.1).
  • You must now wait 180 days between hiring characters.
  • Poet: Added a +5 "sex_appeal_opinion" bonus (new).
  • Stressed: Added -1 "learning" penalty (new).
  • Lunatic: Added -2 penalty on all skills (new).
  • Possessed: Added -2 penalty on all skills (new).
  • Maimed: Reduced "sex_appeal_opinion" to -10 (down from -15).
  • Incapable: Increased stat reduction to -10 (up from -6).
  • Plague traits will now bestow a skill penalty (new).
  • Bastard: Increased "monthly_character_prestige" penalty to -0.1 (up from -0.05).
  • Offensive_war: Will no longer trigger for "crusade" and "religious_assistance" wars.

Version 2.1c[edit]

  • Fixed an error for empire decisions that made them require 500 gold instead of 500 piety.
  • Event 80100 (Spawn rebels in isolated provinces) will now bestow a two year "recent revolt" modifier on the target province. During this time, it may not trigger again.
  • "Sow dissent" event chain should now notify the liege of the chancellor.
  • Shy: Added +1 learning (new).
  • Honest: Reduced "intrigue" penalty to -1 (down from -2) and reduced diplomacy bonus to 2 (down from 3).
  • Gluttonous: Reduced "sex_appeal_opinion" to -10 (down from -15).

Version 2.1b[edit]

  • Fixed an error with wrong religion assignment for Shiite characters.

Version 2.1[edit]

  • Integrated the "Rise of Empires" mod by Adohleas.
  • Creating an empire now requires: 4 kingdom titles, 3000 gold, 500 piety and 1000 prestige.
  • Removed all previously added de-jure empires.
  • The pope will now bestow a character modifier on characters that recently had their excommunication lifted. This should provide some protection from quick re-excommunication.
  • Legitimizing a bastard will now give him the "grateful" modifier for 10 years and will no longer affect other legitimate bastards with an opinion penalty.
  • Reduced "DEMESNE_MAX_SIZE_STEWARDSHIP_MULT" to 0.1 (down from 0.25).
  • Increased the prestige penalty for unlanded sons to 0 / 0.1 / 0.25 / 0.5 / 1.0 (up from 0 / 0.05 / 0.1 / 0.15 / 0.2).
  • Increased unit upkeep cost by 1-2 points each.
  • ASK_FOR_EXCOMMUNICATION_INTERACTION now requires 50 gold (new).
  • Increased MTTH for 80100 (Spawn rebels in isolated provinces) a bit.
  • Added several "on_battle_won" events that may increase leader martial education, martial skill level or allow tier I education characters to switch to a martial education.
  • A won battle has now a small chance to trigger the "wounded", "maimed" or "killed" event for the winner.
  • Winning or losing a battle may now trigger the "incapable" event.
  • Promised_a_title: Reduced "monthly_character_prestige" to 0.1 (down from 0.5).
  • Promised_a_marriage: Reduced "monthly_character_piety" to 0.1 (down from 0.5).
  • Fixed a problem with foreign languages. For real this time.
  • The Volga river now reaches the Caspian Sea (Kudos to Alorand).
  • Traits are now more important regarding plotting choises. Overall plots should be a bit less common.
  • "Free prisoner" plot on landed characters is now only allowed if the imprisoned character belongs to the realm.
  • Spouses should now be less likely to murder their husbands unless they REALLY hate them.
  • Open: Added -10 "vassal_opinion" penalty (new).
  • Defenderbonus_mountain: Horse archers do no longer benefit from mountains. Added a 0.25 attack bonus for light infantry (new).
  • Defenderbonus_hills: Added a 0.2 combat bonus for light infantry (new).
  • Amphibious_landing: Now bestows -0.3 defence and -0.2 attack on the attacking army.

Version 2.0b[edit]

Added some missing building activations to the tech file. Fixed an error with building setup caused by the new "play everyone" religion system. Fixed a problem with warrior cult building after religion setup. Ca_town_1: Reduced "tax_income" to 1 (down from 1.5). Tweaked open succession law a bit. Fixed a problem that would cause <NO_TEXT> errors with non-English game language settings. Pregnant: Reduced health penalty to -1 (down from -2).

Version 2.0[edit]

  • You may now play characters from any religion! (Original idea by: Six Gun South)
  • Religion setup will take a week or two to finalize. Don't do anything stupid during that time. You have been warned.
  • Reduced effect of smithy to 2.5% on all levels.
  • Ca_town_3 now requires TECH_CASTLE_CONSTRUCTION = 2, reduced tax bonus to 2.0 (down from 2.5).
  • Ca_town 4 now requires TECH_CASTLE_CONSTRUCTION = 3, reduced tax bonus to 3.0 (down from 3.5).
  • Increased tech requirement for city ports and temple villages a bit.
  • Reduced "tech_growth_modifier" bonus from city universities to 0.1/0.2/0.3 (down from 0.2/0.3/0.3).
  • Added ca_town_6 (Epic Castle City) building.
  • Added three additional school building upgrades to temple.
  • Reworked "Remote Holy War" Casus Belli: Now requires 500 prestige AND crusader trait AND 500 piety, and will reduced piety by 250. No crusader requirement against pagans.
  • Reduced prestige from baronis to 0.01 (down from 0.02).
  • Reduced prestige gain from counties to 0.03 (down from 0.05).
  • Reduced prestige gain from held (but not vassalized) duchies to 0.05 (down from 0.1).
  • Reduced piety gain for granting counties to 50 (down from 100) and for granting duchies to 150 (down from 200), increased amount for kingdoms to 1000 (up from 400) and reduced the amount for empires to 5000 (down from 6400).
  • Increased "DUKE_REVOKE_PRESTIGE_COST" to 200 (up from 100).
  • Increased "PIKEMEN_MAINTENANCE" to 4 (up from 3).
  • Increased "LIGHT_CAVALRY_MAINTENANCE" to 5 (up from 4).
  • Increased "KNIGHTS_MAINTENANCE" to 8 (up from 5).
  • Increased "HORSE_ARCHERS_MAINTENANCE" to 5 (up from 3).
  • Increased "ARCHERS_MAINTENANCE" to 3 (up from 2).
  • Reduced "CRUSADE_CREATION_MONTH_DELAY" to 120 (down from 240).
  • Reduced the likelhood to become homosexual or syphillic during tournaments.
  • Reduced "Royal Marriage Aid Duty" money from marriage to 0.33 yearly income (down from 0.5), but added fixed 10 gold bonus and added a piety bonus for rejecting duty.
  • Voice_of_jesus: Increased "monthly_character_piety" bonus to 1.0 (up from 0.25).
  • Voice_of_satan: Increased "monthly_character_piety" penalty to -1.0 (up from -0.25).
  • Troops_likes_marshal: Increased "land_morale" to 0.25 (up from 0.1).
  • Troops_increases: Increased "levy_size" to 0.25 (up from 0.1).
  • Steward_taxincome: Increased "tax_income" to 1 (up from 0.1).
  • Clergy_extra_tithe: Reduced "local_revolt_risk" to 0.03 (down from 0.05).
  • Turkish succession is now available as "Open" succession to everyone. Expect changes regarding that after some testing.
  • Reduced "child_opinion" bonus from open succession to 10 (down from 30) and increased "oldest_child_opinion" penalty to -30 (up from -10).
  • Tweaked trigger chance for some nicknames a bit.
  • Fixed two missing "}" within the "free prisoner" plot. Nasty little buggers.
  • Plotting for elective succession for the HRE is now allowed regardless of crown authority.
  • Reduced base number of knights for castles to 3 (down from 5) and reduced base number for cities and temples to 1 (down from 2).
  • Increased castle base tax income to 6 (up from 4).
  • Proud: Reduced "monthly_character_prestige" to 0.25 (down from 0.5).
  • Humble: Reduced "monthly_character_piety" to 0.25 (down from 0.5).

Version 1.9c[edit]

  • Fixed an error with "distant holy war" Casus Belli.
  • Reduced the chance for siege events even further.

Version 1.9b[edit]

  • Fixed some minor localisation issues.

Version 1.9[edit]

  • Reduced "levy_reinforce_rate" for castles to 0.25 (down from 1.0).
  • Removed "levy_reinforce_rate" from temple.
  • Added "Distant Holy War" Casus Belli that allows to attack heathens, but requires at least 500 prestige (250 prestige with "crusader" trait) and 150 piety, and will cost 150 piety on success. (Original design by Maestro Ugo)
  • A successful invasion via the "Invasion" Casus Belli now lowers the crown authority in conquered kingdoms or empires by one step.
  • Reduced "CALL_ALLY_INTERACTION_THRESHOLD_FOR_NO" to -25 (down from 0).
  • Increased "HEAVY_INFANTRY_MAINTENANCE" to 3 (up from 2).
  • Increased "PIKEMEN_MAINTENANCE" to 3 (up from 2) and increased "PIKEMEN_PHASE_MELEE_DEFENSE" to 10 (up from 8).
  • Increased "LIGHT_CAVALRY_MAINTENANCE" to 4 (up from 2) and increased "LIGHT_CAVALRY_PHASE_SKIRMISH_ATTACK" to 3 (up from 2).
  • Increased "KNIGHTS_MAINTENANCE" to 5 (up from 4).
  • Increased "ARCHERS_MAINTENANCE" to 2 (up from 1) and increased "ARCHERS_PHASE_SKIRMISH_DEFENSE" to 5 (up from 3).
  • Increased "HORSE_ARCHERS_MAINTENANCE" to 3 (up from 2).
  • Reduced "GALLEYS_MAINTENANCE" to 200 (down from 300).
  • Complete overhaul for mercenaries! Mercenaries are now more costly to hire, but less costly to keep. Cost-per-soldier now decreases with greater max size of the company. Rebalanced used unit types and numbers.
  • Increased "MERCENARY_HIRE_COST_FACTOR" to 0.2 (up from 0.1) and reduced "MERCENARY_MAINTENANCE_FACTOR" to 1.25 (down from 3).
  • Added "d_aksum", "d_gondar", "d_kuwait", "d_golden_swords" and "d_odins_chosen" as additional mercenaries.
  • Added "d_heretic_christian_england", "d_heretic_christian_france", "d_heretic_christian_hre", "d_heretic_christian_italy", "d_heretic_orthodox_russia", "d_heretic_orthodox_byzantium", "d_heretic_sunni_iberia", "d_heretic_sunni_arabia", "d_heretic_shiite_egypt" and "d_heretic_shiite_persia" as special heretic mercenaries.
  • Added 28 small sized "bandit_scum" mercenaries throughout the world.
  • Fixed an error that prevented characters from hiring the "d_rus_company".
  • Removed galleys from "d_victual_brothers".
  • Reduced "MERCENARY_HIRE_DISTANCE_THRESHOLD" to 350 (down from 450).
  • Byzantium does now start with "low" crown authority and "small" feudal levy law.
  • The HRE does now start with "small" feudal levy law.
  • France does now start with "small" feudal levy law.
  • Ugly: Reduced "fertility" penalty to -0.05 (down from -0.1).
  • Waging an offensive war will now bestow a -10 general opinion penalty.

Version 1.8c[edit]

  • Hotfix for script errors in guardian_events.txt that would trigger empty events and halt the game.

Version 1.8b[edit]

  • Warrior cult is now only available in pagan provinces with a pagan ruler.
  • Reduced truce duration for "tribal_invasion" CB to 1825 (down from 3650).
  • Reduced the cost for feasts, fairs and hunts and the AI will not enact these decisions unless it has at least 250 gold.
  • Rebalanced most childhood trait events.
  • Increased MTTH for guardian influence on culture and religion events to 240 (up from 120) and tweaked MTTH modifiers a bit (human player guardians will still have old MTTH).
  • Reduced MTTH for "Great Inventor" and "Heretic Lord Spiritual" to 800 (down from 1000).
  • Reversed MTTH modifiers for "Heretic Lord Spiritual" - will now be less likely with higher skill levels and more likely with lower skill levels.
  • Military Secrets Revealed!: Event for marshal has now less restrictive requirements.
  • Good Master Builder: Does now bestow a 10 year modifier on the province (instead of an infinite modifier on the steward).
  • Sabotage: Changed opinion requirement from -25 to 0. Will now apply a province modifier (instead of a characer modifier).
  • Death of a loved wife: Reduced opinion requirement to 25 (down from 50).
  • Funeral Procession: Increased character modifier duration to 1825 (up from 180) and increaed opinion modifier duration to 5 years (up from 2).
  • Mummers: Removed "month" trigger requirement.
  • Reduced the MTTH for winning tournament events to 2 months (down from 8) and tweaked MTTH modifiers a bit.
  • Master_builder: Reduced "local_build_time_modifier" to -0.25 (down from -0.3) and added a -0.15 "local_build_cost_modifier".
  • Sabotaged_building: Reduced "local_build_time_modifier" to 0.25 (down from 0.3) and added a 0.15 "local_build_cost_modifier".
  • Action_assist_arrest: Reduced "local_revolt_risk" modifier to -0.005 (down from -0.01).
  • Moved "supply_limit" bonus from tactics to tax techs.
  • Impaler: Added +1 martial.
  • Duelist: Added +1 martial.
  • Hunter: Added +1 diplomacy.
  • Poet: Added +1 learning.
  • Falconer: Added +1 intrigue.

Version 1.8[edit]

  • Special buildings now require province culture and/or religion (instead of owner culture and/or religion).
  • Smithy: Tier 1-3 now affect all units, changed effect to +2.5% / +2.5% / +5%.
  • Increased cost for town and bishopric walls to 50/100/150/200/300 (up from 50/50/100/100/150).
  • Increased cost for university T3 to 1000 (up from 800).
  • Increased cost for school to 250/500 (up from 120/120) and doubled build time to 1095 (up from 547).
  • Reduced heavy CAV for squire lists to 20/30/30/30 (down from 30/35/40/45).
  • Offer vassalisation: Now requires 25 prestige.
  • Reworked prestige from titles: Held titles now grant the same amount as vassalized titles.
  • Reduced prestige from titles to 0.02 / 0.05 / 0.1 / 0.15 / 0.2 for baronies / counties / duchies / kingdoms / empires.
  • Reduced "EMPEROR_CREATION_PRESTIGE" to 500 (down from 600).
  • Create "CREATE_ANTIPOPE_PRESTIGE_COST" to 1000 gold (up from 500).
  • Reduced revolt risk "restricted_peasant_access" and "peasants_scorned" to 0.03 (down from 0.05), reduced revolt risk from "heretic_stronghold", "high_taxes", "incompetent_rule" to 0.05 (down from 0.1) and reduced revolt risk of "religious_tension" and "force_converting" to 0.1 (down from 0.2).
  • War_knowledge: Increased "tech_growth_modifier_military" to 0.25 (up from 0.05).
  • Different_religion: Reduced "different_religion" penalty to 0.05 (down from 0.08).
  • County_heresy: Reduced "different_religion" penalty to 0.04 (down from 0.08).
  • Reduced castle base heavy infantry down to 75 (down from 100).
  • Reduced city base light infantry to 125 (down from 150).
  • Reduced temple base light infantry to 125 (down from 150).
  • Unit weapon and armor techs now grant a few extra troops per level.
  • TECH_SIEGE_EQUIPMENT: Added 0.05 levy_size per level (new).
  • TECH_CASTLES: Added 0.25 fort_level and 0.05 garrison_size per level.
  • TECH_TACTICS: Added 0.25 supply_limit and 0.05 levy_reinforce_rate.
  • TECH_CULTURE_FLEX: Added -0.002 local_revolt_risk per level.
  • RELIGION_FLEX: Added -0.002 local_revolt_risk per level.

Version 1.7[edit]

  • Increased the cost of castle fortifications a bit.
  • Increased truce duration for "tribal_invasion" CB to 3650 (up from 365).
  • Reduced "flank_retreat_odds" and "flank_pursue_odds" to 20 (down from 25).
  • Reduced base skill level for MTTH for councilor events to 6 (down from 10).
  • Sow dissent will now only target vassals of rank count or higher.
  • Spymaster with "discover plots" mission may now discover "free prisoner" plots.
  • Reduced "COASTAL_SUPPLY_BONUS" to 0.2 (down from 0.25).
  • The new siege event should now only notifiy the correct liege.
  • Reduced cost for cultural advancement event from lord spiritual to 0.33 (down from 0.5).
  • Added Empire of Persia.
  • Epires now need at least high crown authority to issue max tax laws.
  • Empires now need at least medium crown authority to issue high tax and levy laws.
  • Kindoms now need at least medium crown authority to issue max laws.
  • Kindoms now need at least low crown authority to issue high tax and levy laws.
  • The AI is now much less likely to choose the amass wealth, paragon of virtue and become exalted ambitions unless it has at least a basic *amount of money, piety or prestige.
  • AI is less likely to start a "Free Prisoner" plot if a plot for that character is already in motion.
  • "Kill Character" plots now show character title and first name of the target (instead of full name).
  • Opinion_defending_vs_infidel: Reduced bonus to +15 (down from +30).
  • Ill: Increased health penalty to -3 (up from -2).
  • Pregnant: Increased health penalty to -2 (up from -1).
  • Removed "child_mortality" since it would only apply to landed children.
  • Added -0.25 global tax penalty to "Burden Of a Crown" modifier for emperors.
  • Added "Weight Of a Crown" modifier that bestows a -0.125 global tax penalty on kings.
  • "Female Councilor" penalty can now be mitigated by cultural flexibility tech level 3+.
  • "Female Marshal" penalty can now be mitigated by cultural flexibility tech level 5.
  • "Female Court Chaplain" penalty can now be mitigated by religious flexibility tech level 5.

Version 1.6[edit]

  • Increased "LIGHT_INFANTRY_PHASE_SKIRMISH_ATTACK" to 3 (up from 2).
  • Increased "ARCHERS_MORALE" to 2 (up from 1).
  • Reduced ideal tech dates to 1050/1150/1250/1350/1450 (down from 1066/1163/1259/1356/1453).
  • Reduced "ATTACKER_ASSULT_DAMAGE_FACTOR" to 7 (down from 15) and "DEFENDER_ASSULT_DAMAGE_FACTOR" to 0.3 (down from 0.6).
  • Increased "FLANKING_DAMAGE_BONUS" to 0.2 (up from 0.1).
  • Legitimize_bastard: Increased opinion penalty duration on children to 60 months (up from 12).
  • Reduced chance for yearly, bi-yearly and five-year pulse events a bit.
  • "Free Prisoner" plot can now be discovered and leaked.
  • Doubled the chance for "toddler" events.
  • All bastards may now ask their father for legitimization.
  • Added an additional legitimization request event that may be triggered by the associated ambition.
  • Reduced the trigger requirements for "Irresistable young wench" and the "Unwed daughter" event chain.
  • True Cognatic Succession: Is now only valid for a basque king of Navarra before legalism 3.
  • Becoming a priest will now cancel the "get married" ambition.
  • Liege bonus for fulfilling a marriage wish now lasts for 5 years (up from 2).
  • Added a "Become Legitimized" ambition for bastards.
  • Increased minimum age for education ambitions to 5, but increased AI factor chance to 200 (up from 100).
  • Pretenders are now a bit more likely to plot.
  • Reduced "ambitious" opinion penalty to -40 and added -10 "same_opinion" penalty.
  • Reduced base attrition to 3% (down from 5%).
  • Reduced overall attrition from terrain a bit.
  • Reduced supply bonus from plains, steppes and farmland a bit.
  • Reduced "ENEMY_SETTLEMENT_SUPPLY_BONUS" to -0.1 (down from -0.15).
  • Reduced "NEARBY_SETTLEMENT_SINGLE_SUPPLY_BONUS" to 0.2 (down from 0.25).
  • Reduced overall "max_attrition" a bit.
  • Pregnant: Added -1 health penalty to simulate maternal mortality.
  • Genius: Increased bonus to +4 (up from +2).
  • Quick: Increased bonus to +2 (up from +1).
  • Slow: Increased penalty to -2 (up from -1).
  • Imbecile: Increased penalty to -4 (up from -2).
  • Fair: Increased DIP bonus to +3 (up from +2) and added a +0.1 fertility bonus (new).
  • Ugly: Increased DIP penalty to -3 (up from -2) and added a -0.1 fertility penalty (new).
  • Cruel: Added +1 martial (new).
  • Added a "child_mortality" modifier for children below the age of 5.

Version 1.5[edit]

  • Councilors will now lose the "fired from council" opinion penalty when reassigned to the council. (Original idea by: "The_Chancellor")
  • Empires now require higher legalism tech to increase crown authority (1 for "low", 2 for "medium", etc.).
  • Empires can only increase or decrease crown authority by one step (again).
  • Increased kingdom creation cost to 1000 gold (up from 500).
  • Increased empire creation cost to 3000 gold (up from 1000).
  • Increased king title revocation cost to 500 (up from 200).
  • Imprisonment does no longer require piety.
  • Reduced demesne size bonus from gavelkind to 0.25 (down from 0.3).
  • Made escaping from house arrest a bit less likely for most characters and added a smoother skill level progression for the MTTH modifiers.
  • Reworked MTTH for the "Ask For A Better Accomodation" event: High tier characters have lower MTTH, while low tier characters have higher MTTH.
  • Agreeing to release a prisoner now costs a bit less prestige and grants some piety.
  • Added an event chain that gives a small chance to escape from the dungeon.
  • Failed assassination attempts now increase the target's intrigue skill for 3 years.
  • Added Empire of Russia.
  • Added a "Free From Prison" plot that allows to free land lords, family or dynasty members within the realm.
  • Plotting for feudal elective succession is now also allowed with low crown authority, and made AI more likely to plot for it on the lowest CA *level.
  • Fixed a minor typo within the "kill spouse" plot.
  • Added an "Escape The Prison" and "Survive Illness" ambition.
  • Characters with theological education will now be less likely to receive the "get married" ambition.

Version 1.4b[edit]

  • Fixed an error that caused an unfinished event to pop up after a successful siege.

Version 1.4[edit]

  • Religious assistance: Reduced penalties for white peace.
  • Replaced trait requirement for female marshals and court chaplains with a skill 20+ requirement.
  • Can now only request indulgence once per year, but added a small church opinion bonus modifier.
  • Reduced supply limit even further.
  • Reduced prestige gain from held and vassalized titles a bit.
  • Reduced the prestige penalty for unlanded sons a bit.
  • War: Reduced levy_reinforce_rate to -0.5 (down from -0.2).
  • Assassinations do no longer require piety.
  • Dukes, kings and emperors are now more likely to be captured after a lost battle.
  • Councilor events now have a smooth MTTH progression from skill level 1 to 20.
  • Siege events: Should now trigger less often, reworked skill level modifiers for a smoother progression and increased overall effect of most events.
  • Added a siege event that allows unhappy vassals to betray their liege during a siege. Hehehehehe...
  • Fixed some minor typos in event files.
  • Increased the likehood to become wounded or maimed after a lost battle.
  • Empires can no longer enact max levy laws unless they have high or absolute crown authority.
  • The HRE is no longer allowed to enact true cognatic succession while it is under elective succession law.
  • Duchy of Flandern is now de-jure part of the kingdom of Netherlands.
  • Reduced minimum age for education ambitions to 4 (down from 6).
  • Kill spouse: Does now bestow a negative event modifier and can only be used every 5 years.
  • Emperors do now receive a -10 opinion penalty.

Version 1.3b[edit]

  • Made the mod compatible with patch 1.03b.
  • Holy War CB is now only applied to neighboring duchies, and kingdoms or empires need at least low CA to use it.
  • Kingdom of Austria is no longer de-jure part of kingdom of Bavaria.
  • Kingdom of Bavaria is no longer de-jure part of kingdom of Germany.
  • Fixed an error with the "lost capital" modifier.