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Better Looking Characters

Game modification: Better Looking Characters
Better Looking Characters

Shaytana - being updated by richvh

Released - 8d for CK2 1.06b/8d12 for CK2 1.09 by richvh


BLC is a mod by Shaytana, also author of Lux Invicta, and is included standard in CK2Plus. It adds new bits of everything and uses a lot of the base assets in creative ways including some of the Mongol DLC to redefine the way portraits are generated. In addition its creator has added multiple culture-specific hats, armor, helmets and general clothing.

After Shaytana's unexpected hiatus, richvh has taken over for both Lux Invicta and Better Looking Characters, keeping them updated for each version of CK2 released.



  • Gives individualized dna to most playable 1066 characters from Iceland to Georgia! (except mostly some nobles in HRE/France area).
  • Better eye/hair color distribution throughout Europe. Northern blondes ahoy!
  • Beards for Byzantines vs cleanshaven Normans, Saxon moustaches etc...
  • Better looking random characters generated according to cultural rules.
  • Historical characters made to resemble their real selves where information is available.
  • Adds more realistic looking graphical cultures.
  • Adds regional/cultural clothes sets.
  • Implements a tiered martial system for characters in command.
  • Implements a 20 frames system.
  • Integrated Little Portrait Mod by Peuri.
  • Integrated parts of Enhanced Portraits Mod courtesy of Trovador and thrashing mad.
  • Using parts of Crackdtoothgrin's Graphical Goodies P.S. He is awesome!
  • A BIG THANK YOU to Trashed who ported the dna from 8C to make it compatible with the new patch!


Version 8d11 by richvhEdit

  • Updated for Russian face pack.

Version 8d10 by richvhEdit

  • Fixed problem with cultural Saxon women with other graphical_culture disappearing.

Version 8d9 by richvhEdit

  • Fixed problem with ethnic Nahua characters appearing as Western ethnicity.

Version 8d8 by richvhEdit

  • Fixed a glitch with martial headgear.

Version 8d7 by richvhEdit

  • Updated to 1.08, character history files updated as well thanks to mate0815.

Version 8d6 by richvhEdit

  • Fixed encoding glitches in several history/character files.

Version 8d5 by richvhEdit

  • Fixed a glitch with Levantine culture middle-aged females.

Version 8d4 by richvhEdit

  • Fixed a bug with Egyptian culture males.

Version 8d3 by richvhEdit

  • Andalusians now have Western skin and Muslim clothes.

Version 8d2 by richvhEdit

  • Updated for CK2 1.07.
  • Requires Mongol and African portrait packs, adds differentiation between West and East African portraits. (West Africans get the DLC clothes, headgear and facepaint, East Africans get the old BLC clothes and headgear).

Version 8dEdit

  • Adapted for 1.06b -minor fixes, added a lamelar armor template, dna to a Paradox dev.

Version 8c-liteEdit

  • Cut dna skins out - andalusian skin instead of all my other "darker" mediterranean/Muslim skins.

Version 8cEdit

  • Made some more cuts, use of layers from other cultures /might notice some minor imperfections.

Version 8bEdit

  • Further memory trim downs

Version 8aEdit

  • More memory trim downs.

Version 8Edit

  • Memory load triming rework - new attempt at solving memory load issue.
  • Renounced the loading of many layers.
  • Added a new royal outfit and a new landed noble outfit for the Christian cultures -WIP!!!
  • Catholic bishops now use their religious headgear when going to war.
  • Switched Muslim cultures using western female skin to Byzantine female skin.
  • Some tweaks to layers - such as correcting minor mismatches with clothes behind layer.
  • Bohemian gfx now uses Catalan clothes and German headgear.
  • Various other changes/fixes /thanks to Federalist Girl for Tyrian purple recolor of ERE royal cloak.

Version 7Edit

  • Reworked the mod and its file system.
  • Implemented a 20 frames system for layers instead of 27.
  • Implemented a new Egyptian gfx culture, differentiated sets for Egyptians, Levantines and Turks.
  • Tweaks to Muslim clothing in general.
  • Implemented a Bohemian graphical culture to solve some issues.
  • Switched Egyptians to Levantine skin.
  • Changed Nordic to ugric gfx.
  • Various other changes.

Version 6DEdit

  • Implemented new clothes/headgear for cumangfx -the set is mostly using/based on CrackdToothGrin's cuman work + Muslim stuff.
  • Implemented a modified version of CrackdToothGrin's Cuman female clothes/headgear +some Muslim stuff.
  • Vesion 6D NO DLC -a compromise version - should work without Mongol DLC - added a file to it for minimal instructions to make future versions that do not require Mongol DLC (following those instructions to the letter might result in future changes to Altaics/Alans not displaying in your game but they would at least display properly using the current files).
  • No DLC version uses Andalusian skin for Altaics, Levantine skin for Turks, and Muslim females.

Version 6CEdit

  • Version posted because of 100% lack of issues on my computer, hopefully will work for some people having issues.
  • Implemented WIP!!! Alan and Andalusian clothes and some other tweaks (such as added a new Catalan royal outfit).

Version 6BEdit

  • Implemented Persian, Catalan, and Croatian gfx cultures (so BLC can become easily compatible with cultural cities mod).
  • Added WIP differentiated Berber clothes and headgear.
  • Changed Frankish tabards colors somewhat.
  • Added a culturegfxtags.txt file in BLC folder so modders can easily see what culture uses what gfx culture.

Version 6Edit

  • Implemented WIP differentiated martial gear per culture group.
  • Implemented a new tiered in command martial system (I believe the original idea for an in_command system was seen in the Suited for War mod).
  • Implemented a 27 frames system for the 6 clothing and headgear layers per gfx culture, hope those files can help other modders in the future to easily add stuff in a working 27 system for all cultures.
  • Reworked some things.
  • Version 6a fixes an issue with Africans, and one with Franks.

Version 5cEdit

  • Added a new female skin for Byzantine gfx culture.
  • Added a clothes set for Byzantine women(no more decolletage, 100% Orthodox approved, well except for all the gold).
  • Reworked hair colors -better hair color distribution for generated characters.
  • Gave Turks more hair colors and eye colors .

Version 5bEdit

  • Added Norse, Saxon, Celtic and Gaelic graphical cultures -split them from Nordic- nordicgfx is now used for European pagans.
  • Added WIP differentiated clothes for them.
  • Implemented a new tanned skin set for Italian males.
  • Implemented some clothes/changes elsewhere. Slavs got some new stuff.

Version 5aEdit

  • Added a new Iberian tanned skin, that Mediterranean sun effect needed representing.

Version 5Edit

  • Implemented 4 new gfx cultures: Norman, Frankish, Eastern Slavic and Western Slavic.
  • Added 4 alpha WIP differentiated clothing sets for them to make the landed characters look different.
  • Now using some parts of Crackdtoothgrin's excellent goodies!

Version 4dEdit

  • Added German, Iberian, Italian and Occitan differentiated clothes set, implemented respective gfx cultures.
  • The new sets are a WIP first pass, they focus on replacing landed characters clothes so the map doesn't look like attack of the fashion clones.

Version 4bEdit

  • Added Christian priestly clothes and headger to Muslim cultures' sets.
  • An Arab/Turkish etc. Pope/Orthodox bishop etc. will now wear the proper religious clothing - no more naked priests!

Version 4aEdit

  • Added a clothes set for Northern Europe. uses nordicgfx tag - currently used for Scandinavia, Celts, Saxons, European pagans.

Version 4Edit

  • Added a new Mediterranean sunburnt skin - currently used for the Byzantine culture group.
  • Fixed an issue with a placeholder related to dna/culture clothes uncoupling.

Version 3dEdit

  • Added 2 new skins for Muslim males - used for my Levantine, Maghrebi, Andalusian, and Persian characters.

Version 3cEdit

  • Uncoupled clothes from dna. A character with Swedish dna should now wear Arab clothes if his culture is Arabic (retaining Swedish looks).
  • Fixed dna/culture clothing miscouplings -the new feature should work for all cultures correctly.

Version 3bEdit

  • Added a new Byzantine clothes set.

Version 3aEdit

  • Ported dna to the latest paradox history files.
  • Some minor tweaks to said dna.

Version 3Edit

  • 2 new graphical cultures added for Levantine and Maghreb. (they do not require Mongol DLC).
  • Dna added for Maghrebi.
  • Dna added for Levantines.
  • Further tweaks.

Version 2aculturesBEdit

  • New graphical culture for Andalusians and Persians, less Arabic looking (does not require Mongol DLC to display correctly).
  • Dna added for Andalusians.
  • Dna added for some Persians.
  • Tweaks to portrait_properties.gfx.

Version 2aculturesAEdit

  • Inspired by Peuri's work I added a custom Alan culture.
  • Alan culture is using elements from various graphical culture sets. Consider it a test of potential future customizations.

Version 2aEdit

  • Implemented new rules for better looking random characters based on culture.
  • Random generated characters should now look better than ever.
  • Reworked portrait_properties.gfx.

Version 1fEdit

  • Integrated parts of Enhanced Portraits Mod.
  • Orthodox bishop headgear has arrived (thanks again Trovador and thrashing mad).
  • Re-added portrait_properties.gfx.
  • Added dna to Alans.

Version 1eEdit

  • Added dna for Norse pagans.
  • Added dna for the rest of Northern European pagans.
  • Added dna for Baltic pagans.
  • Added some dna for Cumans and Pechenegs.
  • Added and tweaked some dna elsewhere most notably HRE/France.

Version 1dEdit

  • Added dna for Norman landed characters for the 1066 William the Conqueror start.
  • Some dna tweaks.
  • Temporarily removed portrait_properties.gfx file until I find a solution for the automatic randomization of cleanshaven characters due to beard generation parameters, the mod should work perfectly without it.
  • Corrected an issue making Duke Vahram I of Mesopotamia unplayable.