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The starting era selection screen

Bookmarks are defined in the /common/bookmarks/ folder.


Bookmarks can be appended/partly overwritten by including parts of the same bookmark in another file (name, desc, date, era and picture).[1]

Name Type Description Example
name key Localization key for the bookmark name. Vanilla convention is %bookmark%_ERA. name = "BM_CHARLEMAGNE_ERA"
desc key Localization key for the bookmark description. Vanilla convention is %bookmark%_ERA_INFO. desc = "BM_CHARLEMAGNE_ERA_INFO"
date date Bookmark date date = 769.1.1
era bool Will be shown on era screen. No more than 5 bookmarks can be highlighted, and will be picked chronologically. Note that if none is found it will use the first bookmark. era = yes
picture gfx The picture to use on era screen. picture = GFX_pick_era_image_1
custom_start bool The default bookmark to activate when choosing "Custom Start". At least one bookmark must be custom_start = yes, otherwise the game will CTD. custom_start = yes

Selectable characters[edit]

A bookmark can contain any number of characters, but the first 6 characters are highlighted for era bookmarks. As of patch 2.5 the character history is no longer processed in the era selection screen, selectable characters need to be explicitly defined, by duplicating part of their character history.

Selected characters can be appended by including parts of the same bookmark in another file, containing the new characters. However to remove or overwrite characters, the original file must be overwritten.

Name Type Description Example
id character Character id. For non-era bookmarks, this is the only required info, as the rest will be deducted from the game files. id = 6392 # Charlemagne
age int Character age at the time of the bookmark age = 26
name key Character name. Vanilla convention is ERA_CHAR_NAME_%characterID%. name = ERA_CHAR_NAME_6392
title title Primary title of the character, as defined via title history. title = k_france
title_name key Localized (cultural) name of the title title_name = WEST_FRANCIA
coa_dynasty bool Replace the primary title by the dynasty coat of arms. This is for cultures that use dynasty_title_names = yes. coa_dynasty = yes
dlc dlc Whether the character requires a DLC to be playable (because its religion or government is DLC-locked). dlc = "The Sword of Islam"
character clause
Name Description Example
dna See portrait modding dna = bcedirmbfcy
properties See portrait modding properties = aj00bc00000
religion religion="catholic"
culture culture="old_frankish"
government government = feudal_government
dynasty dynasty=25061
character = {
	dna = bcedirmbfcy
	properties = aj00bc00000
	government = feudal_government