Byzantine events

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This page lists event IDs and event links for the event list: Byzantine Events


ID Name
LoR.800 Introduce Eunuch?
LoR.801 Martial Eunuch
LoR.802 Diplomatic Eunuch
LoR.803 Steward Eunuch
LoR.804 Spymaster Eunuch
LoR.805 Learning Eunuch

Prisoner Events[edit]

ID Name
LoR.830 Jailer Blind
LoR.831 Prisoner Blind
LoR.832 Jailer Castrate
LoR.833 Prisoner Castrate
LoR.834 Jailer Castrates Boy

Varangian Hippodrome Riots[edit]

ID Name
LoR.840 Hippodrome Riots
LoR.841 Varangian Guard unleashed
LoR.842 City Guard handles it

The Varangian and the Princess[edit]

ID Name
LoR.844 character_event [untitled]
LoR.845 AI event for Daughter
Lor.846 Your Daughter Approaches

Drunken Varangians[edit]

ID Name
LoR.850 AI Mayor Event
LoR.851 Drunken Varagians

Greek Fire Event Series[edit]

ID Name
LoR.860 Explosion
LoR.861 Aftermath
LoR.862 Pirate Fleet
LoR.863 Naval Battle Won (Daugher)
LoR.864 Naval Battle Won (Wife)
LoR.865 Naval Battle Lost
LoR.866 Spies Succeed (Daughter)
LoR.867 Spies Succeed (Wife)
LoR.868 Spies Lose
LoR.869 The Letter (has daughter)
LoR.870 The Letter (has wife)
LoR.871 The Letter (no daughter or wife)
LoR.872 The Deal (Backstabbing with Daughter)
LoR.873 The Deal (with Daughter)
LoR.874 The Deal (Backstabbing with Wife)
LoR.875 The Deal (With wife)
LoR.876 The Deal (Backstabbing with Money)
LoR.877 The Deal (with Money)
LoR.878 Conclusion (Ambush success with daughter)
LoR.879 Conclusion (Ambush success without daughter)
LoR.880 Conclusion (Ambush fails)
LoR.881 Conclusion (no Ambush)

The Eunuch Merchant[edit]

ID Name
LoR.885 Merchant Arrives
LoR.886 Spends the Night
LoR.887 Gift 1
LoR.888 Gift 2
LoR.889 Gift 3
LoR.890 Gift 4


ID Name
LoR.900 AI Challenges
LoR.901 Player is Challenged
LoR.902 Player Wins
LoR.903 Player Loses
LoR.904 Player Goes Bananas