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This page lists event IDs and event links for the event list: Charlemagne Story Events

ID Name
CM.1000 Charlemagne rivalry with brother
CM.1001 Carloman rivalry with brother
CM.1002 Notify Carloman of Charlemagne's death, give him titles
CM.1003 Notify Charlemagne of Carloman's death, give him titles
CM.1010 Marriage to Desideria
CM.1011 Divorce from Desideria
CM.1020 Charlemagne dies and Bertrada approaches Carloman for reconciliation
CM.1021 Carloman receives her and gives his response
CM.1022 Bertrada sends letter to Carloman asking him to stop petulantly interfering with his older brother's plan
CM.1023 [untitled]
CM.1024 [untitled]
CM.1025 Bertrada talks to Charlemagne, expressing her support
CM.1026 [untitled]
CM.1027 [untitled]
CM.1040 [untitled]
CM.1050 Roland arrives at court
CM.1051 Roland is a good friend
CM.1052 [untitled]
CM.1053 Roland is very brave on campaign
CM.1054 Roland dies heroically in winning battle
CM.1055 [untitled]
CM.1056 Roland dies heroically in losing battle
CM.1057 [untitled]
CM.1068 Carloman dies
CM.1069 Charlemagne dies
CM.1070 Ogier arrives
CM.1075 Wife
CM.1076 Foreign ruler receives Carloman's wife and children
CM.1077 Refuge - notify Charlemagne
CM.1078 No refuge - notify Charlemagne and receive wife and children
CM.1079 Dead Carloman's refugee wife surrenders to Charlemagne
CM.1080 Charlemagne receives Carloman's surrendered wife and children
CM.1100 Saxon wars begin
CM.1101 Destruction of Irminsul (**on_siege_over_winner**)
CM.1102 Notify all Norse and Christian players of destruction of Irminsul
CM.1104 Blood court of Verden
CM.1105 Emergence of Widukind
CM.1106 Widukind
CM.1108 Baptism of Widukind
CM.1120 Bertrada suggests course of action - only hinting at murder
CM.1121 Bertrada comes to see Carloman
CM.1122 Bertrada offers Carloman poisoned wine
CM.1123 Carloman feels sick (poisoned)
CM.1124 [untitled]
CM.1130 Vassal switches sides between Charlemagne/Carloman
CM.1131 [untitled]
CM.1132 [untitled]
CM.1150 Your mother starts to meddle in your affairs (hidden)
CM.1160 Mother dislikes your spouse
CM.1170 Mother dislikes your councillor
CM.1171 [untitled]
CM.1172 [untitled]
CM.1180 Mother insists on being regent
CM.1181 [untitled]
CM.1182 [untitled]
CM.1190 Mother seduces your spouse
CM.1191 [untitled]
CM.1192 [untitled]
CM.1400 Umayyad vassal calls upon Charlemagne to support rebellion in exchange for vassalization
CM.1401 Umayyad vassal - ask Charlemagne for support
CM.1402 Frankish receives embassy
CM.1403 Vassal receives negative answer from Franks
CM.1404 Vassal receives positive answer from Franks
CM.1405 Vassal declares independence war
CM.1406 Frankish King decides whether to honor promise or not
CM.1407 Peace is concluded with established independence
CM.1408 Fulfill promise to Frankish king?
CM.1409 Frankish King is notified of betrayal
CM.1410 Umayyad vassal is notified of Frankish betrayal
CM.1500 Coronation of Charlemagne
CM.1501 Trigger coronation event from on_create_title