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Searching for Abbasid characters with religious sympathy traits

Dialog find character.png The Character finder is a powerful tool. It can be opened by clicking a button at the bottom right of the screen, or by pressing the period key (.). Be aware that using this tool will reduce the game's challenge, immersion, and possibly fun.

Free text search[edit]

By typing into the box at the top, you can narrow the search by:

  • Given names
  • Dynasty names
  • Names of claimed titles
  • Names of artifacts
  • Traits
    • Displayed trait names up to the first space
    • Internal trait names after any underscore
      • For example, "leader" matches many leadership traits, including Unyielding Unyielding leader.png because its internal name is unyielding_leader.
    • Search for multiple traits: "genius strong" to jumpstart your eugenics program

Other fields[edit]

Field Values Notes
Gender Men, Women, Both
In prison Yes, No, Any
Married Yes, No, Any Betrothed characters are considered married
Ruler Yes, No, Any
Diplo Range Yes, No, Any
Join Court Yes, No, Any
Religion Mine, My group, Not mine, Not my group, Any, Has secret religion Right-click another character and select "Explore Character Opinions" Relations.png to make "My Religion" refer to their religion, etc
Culture Mine, My group, Not mine, Not my group, Any
Adult Yes, No, Any
Great House Yes, No, Mine, Any Dynasty holds or held at least a count-level title (?)



Mods can add traits in order to improve the character finder. The following mods add purely informational traits:

The mods below are Ironman-compatible, and available via Steam workshop:

  • Character Finder Addon - adds color indicators to the Character Portraits, showing different statistics at a glance, such as claims, bloodlines, wealth, artifacts in posession
  • All Artifacts At Once - allows to search for all characters with any artifacts, without specifying each artifact name separately
Personal attributes