Childhood personality traits

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This page lists event IDs and event links for the event list: Childhood personality traits

ID Name
1500 Gain Gluttony
1501 Guardian Discourages Gluttony
1510 Temperate Child
1511 Discourage Temperance
1520 Greedy Child
1521 Discourage Greed
1530 Charitable Child
1531 Discourage Charity
1540 Slothful Child
1541 Discouraged
1550 Diligent Child
1551 Discouraged
1560 Envious Child
1561 Discouraged
1570 Kind Child
1571 Discouraged
1580 Wroth Child
1581 Discouraged
1590 Patient Child
1591 Discouraged
1600 Proud Child
1601 Discouraged
1610 Humble Child
1611 Discouraged
1620 Deceitful Child
1621 Discouraged
1630 Zealous
1631 Discouraged
1632 Zealous - Muslim
1640 Honest Child
1641 Discouraged
1650 Craven
1651 Discouraged
1660 Brave Child
1661 Discouraged
1670 Shy Child
1671 Discouraged
1680 Gregarious Child
1681 Discouraged
1690 Ambitious Child
1691 Discouraged
1700 Content Child
1701 Discouraged
1710 Arbitrary Child
1711 Discouraged
1720 Just Child
1721 Discouraged
1730 Cynical Child
1731 Discouraged
1732 Cynical Child - Muslim
1733 Discouraged
1965 Gain Cruel
1966 Guardian Discourages cruelty
1980 Male Homosexual
1985 Remove Male Homosexual
1986 Remove Homosexual - Muslim
1990 Female Homosexual
1995 Remove Female Homosexual
30013 Nobody believes me!- removed, no text and no events that triggers this
30014 Spouse is kicked out and the heir takes over - removed, no text and no events triggers this
1900 Child is slow to learn to talk
1901 Daddy, where do children come from?
1902 Child is afraid of the dark
1903 Child is often involved in fights with other toddlers
1904 Your child always wants more toys
1905 Dad, where is Mom?
1906 Child has trouble making friends
1907 Child wants to play with friends instead of studying
1908 Where do heathens come from?
1909 Child is often playing very daring games with other children
1910 Daddy, does God exist?
1911 Why do people die?
1912 Will I rule one day?
1913 Child has developed a habit for wild parties
1914 If we're Catholic and our enemies are Catholic, why are we fighting?
1915 Why is the Church so rich when the peasants are starving and poor?
1916 Why did you let off that peasant accused of poaching?
1917 These peasants we have are all mine to command like little slaves, right?
1918 If a tree falls in the woods and there's nobody to hear it, does it make a noise?
1919 Since we all die anyway, why be so hassled about life?
1920 How can I best serve God?
1921 Female child is playing with swords instead of sewing
1922 Child is ridiculed for cowardness
1923 Child is sneaking through the dungeons, and comes up with a bloody knife it found
1924 Child hides away to read books
1925 Ugly child, fair courtier
1926 Fair Child
1927 Child shows a tendency to count money whenever possible
1928 Child shows interest in visitors to the court
1929 Child constantly plays with swords and practices fighting with older men
1930 First kiss
1931 Boy is spending all his time in the kitchen, risk becoming gluttonous and craven
1932 Too curious a child: Guardian finds him/her in the highest tower
1933 Child is ill
1934 Homosexual child
1935 Child is good at talking to people, and have no problem getting friends
1991 Child does not have a guardian