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Councillor titles[edit | edit source]

job_titles and job_actions icons

Councillor titles are defined in common\job_titles.

Flag Type Description Example


is_voter bool Whether the councillor appears in the council.
attribute attribute This attribute is added to the ruler's for governance purposes.
dignity float
opinion_effect int
%character modifiers% modifiers
monthly_salary = 0.1
monthly_prestige = 0.75
lift_fow bool
lift_neighbor_fow bool
allow block Conditions for the character to hold the title
dismiss_trigger block
gain_effect block Fires when the title is granted
lose_effect block Fires when a title is lost through most causes
retire_effect block Fires when a title is lost due to the character stepping down
death_effect block Fires when a title is lost due to the character dying
action job_action

Adding extra councillor[edit | edit source]

Adding a 6th job_title is possible, but requires some interface modding in order to make some vertical space.

Warning: the new councillor job title entry (ex: job_custom) cannot be used dynamically as a scope inside scripting or localization like for vanilla jobs.

Councillor actions[edit | edit source]

Councillor actions are defined in common\job_actions.

Flag Type Description Example
attribute attribute All modifiers (like local_build_time_modifier) are multiplied by the attribute of the character. attribute = diplomacy
attribute_cap int attribute_cap = 25
offmap bool Whether the action requires the selection of a province or not. offmap = yes
trigger Province scope trigger to determine if the action is meaningful in a province (the player character is FROM, the councillor is in 'new_character')
events Events that can trigger off this action. This info is only used by the GUI.
%province modifiers% modifiers Province modifiers applied by the action local_tax_modifier = 0.025
liege_modifier modifier Static modifier applied to the councillor liege liege_modifier = organize_army_liege_mod

Adding extra job_actions[edit | edit source]

Council positions[edit | edit source]

See About the council voting on targeted_decision and [Guide] Council Votes on Diplo-Actions.

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