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Game modification: Crackdtoothgrin's Graphical Goodies
Crackdtoothgrin's Graphical Goodies



Crackdtoothgrin's Graphical Goodies is an umbrella mod covering graphical aspects of the game, most notably custom portrait sets.

Releases under this mod have their own names, the only released versions so far being the Steppe Faces mod and Better Klobuk.

Steppe Faces Mod[edit]

The Steppe Faces mod addresses the inaccuracy of the vanilla portrait options for the Cumans, Pechenegs, and Seljuk Turks, by introducing a custom portrait set to replace the assignment of vanilla Muslim graphics. The mod is currently in version 1.4, which is CKII 2.01 compatible, and compatible with all currently released expansions and DLC.


Numerous historical works were accessed, including contemporary images, funerary inscriptions, architectural remnants, etc. Additionally, specialists in medieval Slavic/Turkic fashion history were also consulted.


  • Custom facial, hair, beard, and clothing sets for both male and female Cumans, Pechenegs, and Seljuk Turks.
  • Appropriate tamga-based Coats of Arms for both the Cumans and Pechenegs.
  • Modularity, with only minor changes needed to integrate with other mods.

Better Klobuk[edit]

The Better Klobuk mod addresses the poorly-made Vanilla religious headgear by replacing the Orthdox mitre with a Klobuk. It also removes the "Halloween" costume for the pagans, and replaces it with a plain black hood. The mod is in version 1.1.


User suggestions led me to make the change. Technically, Orthodox clergy did not use liturgical headgear until the 16th century, but a Klobuk is still a better non-liturgical head covering than what the Orthodox characters had in Vanilla.


  • Replaces the Orthodox mitre with a Klobuk
  • Replaces pagan hood with a plain black one (No skull)