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"Jade Dragon" DLC banner.

The is the CK2 component of the multi-wiki contest run from here.


Contest avatar

Users can enter the contest by contributing to the wiki during that time span. Various actions give raffle tickets; the more tickets one amassed, the more likely one is to win. Fixed prizes are also given out to the top three contributors by number of tickets.

The three users with the most tickets will each get a discount voucher for the Paradox Web Store. This can be used for any combination of digital goods (limited to at most one copy of each individual product) in a single transaction, but cannot be applied to physical goods:

  • 1st place gets a 90% off voucher - Won by Ghastrakun (516 tickets)
  • 2nd place gets a 75% off voucher - Won by Voy (444 tickets)
  • 3rd place gets a 50% off voucher - Won by AkatsukiEmpire (157 tickets)

They will also receive a special forum avatar and icon (Wiki contest icon.png). These are unique to major wiki contributors.

Further winners will be selected using a random number generator. The prizes will be drawn in the order listed below. An entrant's chance of winning is proportional to the number of tickets they've obtained. The top three contributors by number of tickets are also entered in the raffle.

A total of 24 prizes will be raffled off:

  • 6 copies of the Crusader Kings II base game (raffled individually) - Won by Ghastrakun (516 tickets), Voy (444), AkatsukiEmpire (157), Gamengervi (40), Pyroclastic (32), LeSineAffame (8)
  • 6 copies of the Hearts of Iron 3 Collection (raffled individually) - Won by Ghastrakun (516 tickets), Mafyozya (69), Pinpinolo (45), Whizzer (32), Austrianemporer (11), Jpapple (2)
  • 6 copies of the Victoria 2 Complete (raffled individually) - Won by Ghastrakun (516 tickets), AkatsukiEmpire (157), IoannesBarbarus (121), Witcher538 (114), Yezhanquan (58), Josh Jupiter (40)
  • 6 copies of the Age of Wonders 3 (raffled individually) - Won by Voy (444 tickets), AkatsukiEmpire (157), Arablue99 (104), Xyloz (80), Gigau (59), Flomotlomotflo (1)

It is not possible to win more than one copy of each game, but it is possible to win one of each.

Rules and guidelines

  • Paradox Wikis half-operator KaTiON decides whether a raffle ticket has been earned based on the guidelines below.
  • All entrants must register an account on the wiki; anonymous edits are not counted unless they can be clearly connected to a registered user (E.G., in cases where the user was accidentally logged out)
  • The entrant must have access to the email address they've defined for their account, as prizes will be sent via email. Note that by default the Paradox Account email address is used
  • If you have changed the email address of your Paradox Account since registering on the Paradox Wikis, you should update your email address on the wikis. Otherwise, it may take longer than normal for you to receive your prize(s) if you were to win
  • Only edits after the start of the contest count
  • Any vandalism will cause all raffle tickets earned by the entrant to be forfeit
  • Entrants should read the style guidelines in order to ensure their edits are up to the wiki's standards. Edit summaries are encouraged, but not required except where otherwise specified
  • Administrators and Moderators cannot enter the contest
  • To prevent a conflict of interest, halfops are discouraged from editing the contest page
  • Any action on the list undertaken between the start and the end of the contest will earn tickets.

Earning tickets

All tickets are provisional until the contest starts and edits made in advance can change the values below

A large variety of tasks will earn you tickets; everything from updating pages, to writing strategies, to modding information, to creating pages on new features. All tasks are listed below.

Anything that involves the creation of a new page or section assumes that the resulting page has no resulting ambox requests ({{rewrite}}, {{cleanup}}, {{copy edit}}, {{expand}} and {{stub}}).

Any task that gives "at minimum" a number of tickets can give more than that number if the quality and/or thoroughness of the writing is higher than expected.

The first three tasks give more tickets the more outdated the page/section/infobox is. The base ticket amount is multiplied according to the following table:

Version Multiplier
2.7 1
2.6 2
2.5 3
2.4 4
2.3 5
2.2 6
2.1 7
2.0 8
1.10 10
1.9 11
  • Important: When updating an article/section/infobox do not remove versioning tags. Instead, set the version number to the updated version. This will make it stop displaying until a newer version is released.
  • Ensure that pages are up to date. See outdated pages for a list of potentially outdated articles. If no changes are necessary for the page to be considered up to date, a justification must be written in the edit summary or on its Talk page. This gives a base amount of 1 ticket per page updated
  • Write a page about an important modding concept. This gives at minimum 4 tickets
  • Other improvements to the wiki give tickets based on the judgement of the person assigning tickets. Content additions, structure improvements, and grammar improvements are prime examples of contributions that'd fall under this

Mechanics pages

Mechanics pages are worth more than other pages to update, the changes and rewards are shown below.

Page Version Required changes Tickets breakdown Total tickets
Characters 2.6 Update to 2.8 8 16
Attributes 2.0 Update to 2.8 16, Quadrupled 64
Traits 2.7 Update to 2.8 4 8
Marriage 2.0 Update to 2.8 16, Quadrupled 64
Breeding 2.0 Update to 2.8 22, Quadrupled 88
Education 2.5 Update to 2.8 8 16
Vassals 2.7 Update to 2.8 3 6
Holdings 2.7 Update to 2.8 3 6
Counties 2.7 Update to 2.8 2 4
Duchies 2.7 Update to 2.8 2 4
Kingdoms 2.6 Update to 2.8 5 10
Empires 2.6 Update to 2.8 3 6
Government 2.4 Update to 2.8 6 12
Council 2.6 Update to 2.8 7 14
Demesne laws 2.0 Update to 2.8 20, Quadrupled 80
Realm laws 2.5 Update to 2.8 7 14
Crown Laws 2.4 Update to 2.8 9 18
Succession 2.6 Update to 2.8 5 10
Council Laws 2.5 Update to 2.8 3 6
Economy 2.5 Update to 2.8 5 10
Technology 2.2 Update to 2.8 14 28
Religion 2.4 Update to 2.8 11 22
Culture 2.6 Update to 2.8 7 14
Cultural buildings 2.5 Update to 2.8 3 6
Diplomatic actions 2.2 Update to 2.8 21 42
Opinion 2.7 Update to 2.8 2 4
Alliances 2.5 Update to 2.8 6 12
Warfare 2.2 Update to 2.8 18 36
Casus Belli 2.5 Update to 2.8 14 28
Combat 2.0 Update to 2.8 22, Quadrupled 88
Combat tactics 2.4 Update to 2.8 8 16
Levies 2.0 Update to 2.8 16, Quadrupled 64
Retinues 2.1 Update to 2.8 14 Quadrupled 56
Mercenaries 2.5 Update to 2.8 7 14

High value tasks

These tasks are of high importance to the wiki and as such are worth more than their components would be.

Jade Dragon/2.8

A number of features are introduced or changed in Patch 2.8. Having info on this is highly important to the wiki, and is thus highly rewarded compared to the effort involved:

Content added Reward
Interactions with China 20
New Casus belli 5
Rally points 5
Silk road changes 5
Middle East changes 10
Bön and Taoism (new religions) 5
Compose a Book 5
Add new Artifacts 5
Tributary 5
Tributary modding 5
Adventurers#Chinese 5
New Game rules 5
New Governments 5
Off map power modding 5

Old page updates

There are a number of very outdated pages on the wiki. The prizes for updating them are listed below. Note that mechanics pages which are outdated are instead listed above.

Page Reward Page Reward
Temples 14 Polygamy 11
Religious conversion 16 Save-game editing 16
Tyranny 16 Cities 10
Defines 15 Fosterling gains trait Gluttonous 10
Ambition 8 Capital 13
Castles 8 Claims 13
Dejure 13 Excommunication 8
Family palace 8 Gain Gluttony 13
Hordes 13 Merchant republic 8
Piety 13 Plot 8
Revolt 13 Trade zone 13
Ultimogeniture 13 Courtiers 7
Expanding your realm 7 Playing as a vassal 7
Raiding 7 Ward events 7
Antipope 6 Mourning events 6
Regency 6 Religious head 6
Tribes 6 Dublin walkthrough 16

Merge requests

  • Merge Ruler Designer tips and tricks into Ruler Designer while maintaining style and coherence 5
  • Merge Immortality into traits 3 (or expand the article if that makes more sense)

Stub expansion

Stubs are articles or sections of articles that are considered short and uninformative. Expanding a section with new content is worth 5 tickets per section expanded.

Page Sections needing expansion Reward
Death modding Execution methods 5
Event modding Recursive events 5
Localisation Languages 5
Merging guide Launching the merge 5
Optimization Save compression and Script optimizations 10
Province modding A worked example 5
Technology modding Ahead of time penalty 5
Trade zone Trade zone bonus 5
Unit modding Tactics 5

Content verification

Verifying that content on the wiki is correct is also important. Each page checked and verified is worth 5 tickets. The unverified content is tagged with the {{Sup}} template

Reporting completion

For most of the above, no report of the action is necessary. A descriptive edit summary is enough. Please only contact the overseeing moderator about tickets if you've got any complaints about the # of tickets given, if 72 or more hours after your actions you've yet to receive any tickets, or for the circumstances described below. Questions about anything else are welcome at any time and will be answered as soon as possible.

All earned tickets are be listed below on a per-user basis. There is no need to notify overseeing moderator that one is entering the contest (except for the specific contributions mentioned above); it is assumed everyone wants a chance at winning a prize.

If you believe you have made a significant contribution ("Other significant improvements to the wiki"), or that your ticket-earning contributions have been missed, this can be reported at User talk:KaTiON.

Earned tickets

Fractional tickets are only used for accounting progress towards an entrant's next ticket. In the raffle, ticket numbers are always rounded down.

  • When updating content remember to also update the accompanying version tag (do not delete them).
  • When updating old articles refer to changes from past patches as well (not just the last one).

User Tickets earned
Voy 444.25
Witcher538 114.625
Yezhanquan‎ 58.5
Whizzer 32.5
Kaeyawolf2 26.125
IoannesBarbarus‎ 23
DanLynch 21.5
Chrispim 16.75
Austrianemporer‎ 11
DC123456789 10
StarSword 10
Volphied‎ 10
MrLow‎‎ 5
Rydelfox 5
Zakzak‎‎ 4.125
LeSingeAffame 4
Pseudonym48 4
Leopard248 3
RandomBrony99 3
Loup99‎ 2.75
Larkas 2
Gcvsnlr 1.75
Zaras 1.25
BRrAk‎ 1
Nyvre‎‎ 1
RedsimonDE 1
Alphathon 0.75
El-Daddy 0.75
Enriador 0.75
Maxstel 0.75
St.Ancora‎ 0.75
Banjo Bemme 0.5
Barratry‎‎ 0.5
Poclee 0.5
Barón Rojo 0.375
Kevbo‎ 0.375
LucasG21‎ 0.25
PastaCrusade 0.25
Andykoo1990 0.125
Matihood1‎ 0.125