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Hello, Wiki editors. Regarding character and land titles (duchy, duke, king etc.) in this Wiki, I would like to propose a change in use to default style for capital letters. I believe it is reasonable to consider that character/land titles are one of the foundations of game design in CKII. Dynasties and their characters are the focus of narrative (as in quests and chain quests), expansion (through dozens of claim types) and accountability of prestige via accumulation of land titles by dynastic family members. So far, rising up the ladder of titles is the acknowledgement of power, translated into the final score in 1452. As a matter of fact, gameplay revolves having fun expanding your dynasty by conquering higher and higher titles and land. Considering what was said before, besides typing in caps letter a specific title, such as the Duke of Normandy or the King of Poland, I would like to propose as standard style for this Wiki that character and land titles - baron, barony, earl, chief, duchy, duke, emir, king, sultan, khan, so on - should always be typed in caps letters too, even when they are written generically. I really understand that too many capitalized words in a text become an eyesore - which I fully agree with -, but if we capitalize titles, readers will be clearly aware of their importance in the game. For your evaluation, thank you in advance. --Chrispim (talk) 00:23, 21 October 2017 (BRST)