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Cultures and culture groups are defined (as of 1.06) in the files contained in the /common/cultures/ folder.

Definition[edit | edit source]

The culture files have within them one or more culture group definitions, within which a graphical culture is set, and one or more cultures are defined.

Culture group[edit | edit source]

The culture group is defined as a group tag with an alphanumerical ID. A culture group must have a graphical_cultures defined, and one or more cultures. An example of a culture group definition (with cultures) would be:

north_germanic = {
    graphical_cultures = { westerngfx }
    #cultures go here

Culture[edit | edit source]

The culture definition is a group tag with the following tags:

Attribute Type Description Example
graphical_cultures List<culturegfx> Ordered list of graphical cultures used when drawing things such as portraits and map items. The first culturegfx is the preferred one, others are fallback types in case of no matching gfx entry. graphical_cultures = { italiangfx southerngfx }
unit_graphical_cultures List<culturegfx> Used to set which set of graphics are used to draw units on the map unit_graphical_cultures = { saxongfx englishgfx }
secondary_event_pictures culture
color color The color used when drawing the culture map mode
RGB format with a range of 0-1
color = { 0.25 0.5 0.75 }
horde bool Whether characters of this culture are treated as a Horde. Optional. horde = yes
used_for_random bool Prevents the culture to be randomly selected when using the command create_character = { culture = random}. used_for_random = no
allow_in_ruler_designer bool Prevent selecting the culture in the Ruler designer. Often used with used_for_random = no. allow_in_ruler_designer = no
dukes_called_kings bool Independent dukes are called petty kings dukes_called_kings = yes
baron_titles_hidden bool baron_titles_hidden = yes
count_titles_hidden bool count_titles_hidden = yes
parent culture Makes parent and child cultures not suffer foreigner opinion. swedish = { parent = norse }
modifier static modifiers Modifiers for [provinces ?] of that culture modifier = default_culture_modifier
character_modifier modifiers Character modifiers, similar to religions.
character_modifier = {
	learning = 4
founder_named_dynasties bool Makes dynasties with this culture be named after the founder. Optional. founder_named_dynasties = yes
dynasty_title_names bool Makes the primary title of rulers with this culture display a name based on the dynasty. Optional dynasty_title_names = yes
disinherit_from_blinding bool Blinded characters cannot inherit disinherit_from_blinding = yes
allow_looting bool Enables looting. allow_looting = yes
seafarer bool Will prefer looting coastal provinces, cheaper fleet levies seafarer = yes
dynasty_name_first bool Puts dynasty name before personal name. Optional. dynasty_name_first = yes
feminist bool Nullifies the negative opinion modifier that vassals normally get if the ruler is female or has female heir. Optional. feminist = yes

All optional tags default to no.

Names[edit | edit source]

In addition to the above tags, there are a lot of options for the game to use when naming the characters. All apart from male_names/female_names are optional.

male_names/female_names[edit | edit source]

These tags are a list of forenames the game can use when creating a new character. They are given as a list of space separated names, inside a male_name or female_name group.

Variations of the same name can be defined by joining them with an underscore: Johan_John. This allows regnal numbering to be consistent if culture changes, so Juan III won't be succeeded by Ivan I. Double names can also be defined by enclosing them in double quotes. E.g. "Sarah Ann". These will be treated as a single name.

male_names = {
    Albrikt_Albert Alf_Alf Algot Anders_Andrew Anund Arnbjörn Arne Arnfast
    Asbjörn Astrad Azur Bagge Bengt Bertil Birger Björn_Beorn Bo Borkvard
    Botulf Bror Brynjolf Dag Dan Dyre

Names can also be weighted using the syntax Name:Weight, default weight being 100 if omitted[1] Zero means the name will never get picked when new characters are generated.

male_names = {

Note that this feature has been broken since 2.5 and remains broken in 2.6, as the game completely ignores weight values.

Patronyms[edit | edit source]

A patronym prefix or suffix can combined with the father's name, and added to the character's name. E.g. If the male patronym is "son", David's son Mike will have the full name of Mike Davidson.

Attribute Type Description Example
male_patronym string The male prefix/suffix added to the father's name. male_patronym = "sson"
female_patronym string The female prefix/suffix added to the father's name. female_patronym = "sdotter"
prefix bool Whether the patronym is a suffix or prefix. Optional, defaults to no. prefix = no
grammar_transform string Apply certain transformation to the father's name to generate a patronymic (for example, Spanish "Rodrigo" + "ez" => "Rodriguez"). Possible values are: french or spanish. grammar_transform = spanish

Dynasty prefix[edit | edit source]

These tags are used for setting the prefix used when adding the dynasty to a character's name. E.g. If the prefix is set to "of ", then David, who is part of the Crawford dynasty, will have the name "David of Crawford".

Attribute Type Description Example
from_dynasty_prefix string Sets the prefix used when adding the dynasty to the name from_dynasty_prefix = "of "
from_dynasty_suffix string
bastard_dynasty_prefix string Used instead of from_dynasty_prefix if the character is a bastard bastard_dynasty_prefix = "Fitz"

Naming chances[edit | edit source]

This sets the chance of a character being named after a parent or grandparent. The sum of the values cannot exceed 100 for each gender.

Attribute Type Description Example
pat_grf_name_chance int The chance of a boy being named after his paternal grandfather pat_grf_name_chance = 55
mat_grf_name_chance int The chance of a boy being named after his maternal grandfather mat_grf_name_chance = 5
father_name_chance int The chance of a boy being named after his father father_name_chance = 30
pat_grm_name_chance int The chance of a girl being named after her paternal grandmother pat_grm_name_chance = 60
mat_grm_name_chance int The chance of a girl being named after her maternal grandmother mat_grm_name_chance = 15
mother_name_chance int The chance of a girl being named after her mother mother_name_chance = 15

Example[edit | edit source]

west_germanic = {
    graphical_culture = westerngfx

    english = {
        graphical_culture = englishgfx
        color = { 0.8 0.2 0.2 }
        # Does not exist in 1066 - is the result of cultural amalgamation between Saxon and Norman through events
        male_names = {
            Adam_Adam Alan_Alan Albert_Albert Alexander_Alexander Alfred Andrew_Andrew Anselm Arnold_Arnold Arthur_Arthur Aubrey Christopher_Christopher
        female_names = {
            Adela_Adela Adelaide_Adelaide Alice_Alice Amice Anne_Anna Aveline_Avelina Beatrice_Beatrice Blanche_Blanche Catherine_Catherine Cecilia_Cecilia
        from_dynasty_prefix = "of "
        bastard_dynasty_prefix = "Fitz"

        modifier = default_culture_modifier
        # Chance of male children being named after their paternal or maternal grandfather, or their father. Sum must not exceed 100.
        pat_grf_name_chance = 30
        mat_grf_name_chance = 10
        father_name_chance = 25
        # Chance of female children being named after their paternal or maternal grandmother, or their mother. Sum must not exceed 100.
        pat_grm_name_chance = 20
        mat_grm_name_chance = 40
        mother_name_chance = 5

Modding tools[edit | edit source]

For people who wish to work on cross-linking name lists, there exists a modding tool called CK2-Cultures-Parser. This tool can convert the male and female name lists from cultures.txt file into spreadsheet tables (which can be edited via OpenOffice or Excel) and write modified name lists from the spreadsheet tables back into a cultures.txt file.

A link to this modding tool's detailed description and download page can be found via the "List of Mods/Guides/Utilities" in the "Crusader Kings II - User Modifications" subforum on the Paradox Interactive forums.

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