Denmark walkthrough

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Denmark walkthrough
Kingdom of Denmark
Start Date
Sep 15 1066

At the Stamford Bridge bookmark, King Svend II is the 47-year-old ruler of Denmark. He begins with a claim on the Kingdom of England, which is initially contested by both Normandy and Norway.

If he personally becomes King of England, he wins the "Outside Bet" achievement. If this is his goal, he must remain healthy while quickly gaining the power needed to press his claim.

Initial expansion

The independent county of Liubice is de jure part of your territory. In theory, they would accept diplomatic vassalization with a small gift or chancellor visit, but the Slavic duke of Obotritia will probably declare a county conquest war on Liubice too quickly for your vassalization offer to go through.

After vassalizing Liubice, you can press his claim on the Obotrites. By pressing his claim instead of declaring a holy war, you can beat the Obotrites without Pomerania joining the war. Then, you can declare a holy war on Pomerania, who no longer has any friends.

The Slavic realms have pagan homeland attrition. However, the defending garrisons are smaller than your supply limit (1.7k), at least when it isn't winter.

Gaining alliances

Your large family allows you to create a large number of alliances. In your court are 1 brother, 13 sons, and 3 daughters.

Have a marriage alliance with Norway, wait for them to lose against England, and replenish their troops.

Theoretically, an alliance with France or the Holy Roman Empire would also work. They just tend to have a considerable number of wars in this time period, making them unable to support Denmark's efforts. If you immediately get allied to France, you can press your claim right away and get warscore for the provinces William has occupied.

Becoming the Holy Roman Emperor

If you swear fealty to the HRE, you can:

  • Declare a de jure war against the Duke of Saxony for the County of Bremen or the County of Hamburg. Both are held by a prince-bishop, so you will usurp a county whose capital settlement is a church. You can then grant the county to a local baron (making it feudal), grant the county to a courtier (making a new theocracy vassal), or revoke a local barony.
  • Try to be elected emperor
  • Declare a faction war to install yourself as emperor, and call your allies into this war.
  • Get a favor from the emperor (through the "give 200 gold donation to liege" decision or buying one), then use it to have him press your claim on England.

War with England

If possible, try to upgrade your claim to a sanctioned invasion, so you can usurp all occupied counties when you win the war. To increase Papal opinion, you can switch to Papal Investiture, win holy wars (for piety), and send your chancellor and spiritual to Rome to improve relations.

Use mercenaries, alliance troops, and Svend's levies to win the war.

Choose a target, either Normandy or Norway to defeat. It may be useful to go in the war later when levies of both parties are depleted. Scout with your spymaster to see the weaker party and attack, take proviences that have been sieges down for easy pickings.

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