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Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Paradox to describe the game design in detail.

Crusader Kings III[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about Crusader Kings III (the base game).

No. Title and Link Description Date
40 A new journey begins ..... 2020-09-01
39 Achievements Showcase List of the CK3 achievements 2020-08-25
38 Legacy Showcase Dynasty legacies 2020-08-18
37 Making Mods Comparison of CK3 and CK2 modding systems 2020-08-11
36 Gotta Go Fast Optimizations to performance and AI 2020-08-04
35 User Testing Before Release User research 2020-07-28
34 It’s all about appearances Genetics system and character models 2020-07-21
33 An Offer You Can’t Refuse Feudal contracts and negotiations 2020-06-30
32 Going Medieval on Audio The soundtrack and background audio of Crusader Kings 3 2020-06-23
31 A Stressful Situation An in-depth description of the pivotal Stress mechanic 2020-06-16
30 Event Scripting An explanation of event scripting in Crusader Kings 3; the possibilities for modders 2020-06-09
29 Even the Smallest Decision... An example of a possible playthrough 2020-06-02
28 Art Focus The art of Crusader Kings 3 2020-05-26
27 Cultures & Cultural Innovations The new union of cultural and technological mechanics 2020-05-19
26 Map Scope In-depth looks at parts of the map; descriptions of special building bonuses 2020-05-12
25 Map Features and Map Modes Terrain, and a look at map modes 2020-05-05
24 Fervor, Religious Hostility, and Doctrine Showcase A description of the fervor/religious hostility mechanics 2020-04-28
23 Holy Orders Updated Holy Orders: founding, hiring and fighting them 2020-04-21
22 A Medieval Tapestry Gender and sexuality mechanics, and diversity in faiths 2020-04-14
21 Custom Faiths and Pagan Reformation On creating new faiths and reforming pagan religions 2020-04-07
20 Religion and Faith Tenets, Doctrines and religious hierarchies 2020-03-31
19 Factions and Civil Wars Factions, faction management and civil wars. 2020-03-24
18 Men-at-Arms, Mercenaries and CBs Casus belli, cost of war declaration, men-at-arms and mercenaries. 2020-03-17
17 Governments, Vassal Management, Laws, and Raiding Government types, feudal contracts, inheritance and raiding. 2020-03-10
16 Tutorials and Tooltips and Encyclopedias, Oh My! Showing the tutorial system and in game encyclopedia. 2020-03-03
15 The Martial Lifestyle The three martial focus traits and trees (strategy, authority and chivalry). 2020-02-25
14 The Diplomacy Lifestyle The three diplomacy focus traits and trees (foreign affairs, majesty and family). 2020-02-18
13 The Learning Lifestyle The three learning focus traits and trees (medicine, scholarship and theology). 2020-02-11
12 The Stewardship Lifestyle The three stewardship focus traits and trees (wealth, domain and duty). 2020-02-04
11 Seduction, Torture and the Intrigue Perk Trees The three intrigue focus traits and trees (skulduggery, temptation and intimidation). 2020-01-28
10 Lifestyle Events Expands on lifestyle events. 2020-01-21
9 Lifestyles The new lifestyle system and skill trees. 2020-01-14
8 Courts, Guests, and Wanderers The augmented courtier system and wanderers. 2019-12-17
7 Characters & Portraits The revamped trait system and portraits. 2019-12-10
6 Council, Powerful Vassals, & Spouse Councillor The councilor system and vassal mechanics. 2019-12-03
5 Schemes, Secrets and Hooks The revamped intrigue system. 2019-11-26
4 Development & Buildings Explaining baronies and buildings. 2019-11-19
3 War Updated war mechanics. 2019-11-12
2 The Medieval Map Map changes from CK2 to CK3. 2019-11-06
1 Dynasties & Houses The new dynasty system, houses, renown and legacies. 2019-10-31
0 The Vision The vision for Crusader Kings 3 2019-10-24
0 An Heir Is Born! The announcement diary for Crusader Kings 3 2019-10-19

Wrap-up patches[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about patch 3.1 (Great Works), patch 3.2 (Iron Century), and patch 3.3 (Monarch's Journey).

Patch 3.1
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Happy 2019! News of updates to come and the current line-up of the team 2019-01-25
2 Wonderful News Teaser about Wonders in next patch 2019-02-15
3 Wonderful Views Basic explanation on new Wonders 2019-02-22
4 Wonderful Upgrades Overview of upgrades for Wonders 2019-03-01
5 Great Works 3d province models, mausoleums, statues, and lighthouses 2019-03-08
6 Great Mods Overview of how to mod Great Works 2019-03-15
7 Historical Wonders Historical Works prebuilt ingame 2019-03-22
8 Great Works Patchnotes Patchnotes for 3.1 2019-03-29
9 Works Great! Great Works has been released 2019-04-05
10 Tech and Combat Changes Changes to how technology and combat work 2019-04-26
11 Court Improvements Overview of changes to courts 2019-05-03
12 A Great Patch Patchnotes for 3.1.1 2019-05-10
Patch 3.2
No. Title and Link Description Date
13 Iron Century News about the next update 2019-05-17
14 Recommended Characters in The Iron Century Overview of new historical characters 2019-05-20
15 Christian Rulers in The Iron Century A more in-depth look into Christian rulers 2019-05-21
16 Muslim Rulers in The Iron Century A more in-depth look into Muslim rulers 2019-05-22
17 Other Rulers in The Iron Century A more in-depth look into rulers of other religions 2019-05-23
18 The Iron Century Finale Overview of new decisions and bloodlines 2019-05-24
Patch 3.3
No. Title and Link Description Date
19 Introducing the Monarch's Journey Bi-weekly challenges to play CK2 and earn rewards for CK3 2019-10-20

Holy Fury[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Holy Fury expansion and patch 3.0.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Polishing up the Map Slowly working through some of the more neglected areas of the map and increasing the granularity of the playing field. 2018-01-29
2 Beautifying the Baltics Map and setup changes in the Baltic regions. 2018-02-19
3 Finishing Finland Improvements to the map and setup changes in the Finnish region. 2018-03-12
4 Cleaning up the Map New game rule about the succession of exclaves 2018-04-09
5 God Wills It! A rework of the Crusade mechanics. 2018-05-14
6 Renovating Russia Map changes to the Russian Region. 2018-05-21
7 Legacy of Legends Bloodlines features displayed. 2018-06-01
8 Character View Redux Rework of the Character View Interface 2018-06-08
9 Killing Spree Keeping a list of one's kills 2018-06-15
10 A Faith In My Own Image Dynamic pagan reformation -- tailor the new religion to suit your needs. 2018-06-21
11 Mass Conversion, or how I learned to stop my Pagan ways and love God An easy way to convert, but with varying results. 2018-06-29
12 Splendid Scandinavia Updated maps for the Scandinavian nations 2018-07-06
13 Altering the Alps and Idealizing Italy Reworked map of North & Central Italy, Bavaria, parts of Burgundy 2018-07-13
14 Orders of Magnitude Changes to Holy Orders, part of incoming free patch 2018-07-20
15 Venetian Guile Fixing an existing crusade event chain and adding new ones 2018-07-27
16 Conquest and Reconquest The crusades of the Baltics and the Iberian Peninsula 2018-08-03
17 Amending Africa Map changes in Africa 2018-08-10
18 Maybe I *should* diet… Fat and malnourished traits, reflected by character portrait 2018-08-17
19 Pagan Pals - Warrior Lodges Warrior lodge societies explained 2018-08-24
20 Catholicism what? Constantinople where? Charlemagne who? Shattered World and Random World systems 2018-08-31
21 Do you like me yet? Swaying and Antagonizing 2018-09-07
22 Come Fight Me New duel and battlefield events, and scarring and tattoos 2018-09-14
23 Saints and Ancestors Saints, their potential Pagan counterparts, and how they will work in Holy Fury 2018-09-21
24 About that one dead religion... Hellenism (Zeus Vult!) 2018-09-28
25 Long live the King! Catholic Coronation Ceremonies 2018-10-05
26 Forging a Bloodline Custom Bloodlines 2018-10-12
27 Clergy Interactions Revamp Improved interaction with the Papacy 2018-10-19
28 New Succession Laws Extravaganza Imperial government, new succession types and revamped nominee system 2018-10-26
29 Sprinkling Flavor New flavor events for baptism and pregnant women, and reformed pagan doctrine flavor 2018-11-02
30 Achievements & Appearances Summary of new achievements and character portraits 2018-11-09
31 We Released the Fury Continuing to work on small improvements for the game before the winter vacation. 2018-11-16
32 It's not a bug The team shares their encounters with amusing bugs during the development of Holy Fury 2018-11-23
33 Early Patch Notes for 3.0.1 Early peek at the bug-fix patch notes 2018-12-03
34 Until Next Year Closing this year with a teaser picture for the next year 2018-12-14

Jade Dragon[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Jade Dragon expansion and patch 2.8.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 A Reason for War New CB's being added 2017-05-08
2 The Roof of the World Expanding the eastern edge of the map with new provinces, cultures, religions and title history for the entire region. 2017-05-15
3 Rhythm is a Lancer Siege Assault game rule, and an "unjustified war" 2017-05-22
4 Time to pay Tribute Changes to the Tributary system 2017-05-29
5 Religious Tweaks Minor, but flavorful, changes and fixes to Manichean, Khurmazta, Nestorian and India's Holy Orders 2017-06-12
6 Nurture vs Nuisance A new "honorary title" called Teacher (for those pesky kids) and plans for an open beta over the summer vacation 2017-06-19
7 Meet the Team Magne "Meneth" Skjæran goes over the current team line-up and expands on their roles 2017-07-03
8 A Bug's Life Magne "Meneth" Skjæran talks about the process of bug fixing, from discovery to release 2017-07-10
9 Modding and a bit of optimization Magne Skjæran highlights some of the modding and optimization improvements to arrive in 2.8 2017-07-17
10 Publishing CK2 Gustav "Gruffa" Groth, CK2's product manager, on publisher's role in development of new game content. 2017-07-24
11 Rally up Incoming rally points in patch 2.8 2017-07-31
12 The Dragon Throne China is added as a political entity in patch 2.8 2017-08-07
13 News from China The various statuses of China and how its policies can affect its more western neighbors 2017-08-14
14 In the Emperor's Good Graces China's diplomatic range and ways to stay within the emperor's grace 2017-08-21
15 The Dragon's Claw China and their various interests on our side of the map 2017-08-28
16 Along the Silk Road Improvement and overhaul of the Silk Road incoming to owners of Jade Dragon / Horse Lords 2017-09-04
17 Quality of Life Quality of Life improvements in free update 2017-09-11
18 Revisiting the Middle East Emil "Servancour" Tisander revisits the Middle East and brings it a much needed overhaul in the 2.8 patch 2017-09-18
19 Taming the Dragon The different paths of forcing your will on China and even placing a pretender on the dragon throne 2017-09-25
20 Another Journey to Tibet Improving the improvement to Tibet even further than it already was 2017-10-02
21 The Art of the East The new art and music in the Jade Dragon expansion 2017-10-09
22 Pricing Jade Dragon Gustav "Gruffa" Groth, CK2's product manager, on the intricacies of pricing. 2017-10-10
23 AI and Optimization Some needed optimization to mechanics and AI to accommodate the new additions made in Jade Dragon 2017-10-16
24 Reflections of a Dynasty Milla "IsakMiller" Isaksson, CK2's content designer, decides to compose a book in Jade Dragon. 2017-10-23
25 Modding patch notes To modders with love: A sneak preview at the complete modding changelog for patch 2.8 2017-10-30
26 Patch Notes & Achievements The full 2.8 changelog and the 10 additional new achievements accompanying it 2017-11-06
27 Post Release The elves are busy working on a post-release patch with some goodies baked in. 2017-11-20
28 Patch 2.8.1 Patch 2.8.1 changelog and a bit of new artwork preview. 2017-12-04
29 Post about a future update Possible ways of notifying the players about additional content. 2018-03-28
30 The Spring Cleaning Patch Changelog for the upcoming patch 2.8.2 2018-05-07

Monks and Mystics[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Monks and Mystics expansion and patch 2.7.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Man vs. Machine Work has begun on the next expansion. What interface improvements would you want to see? 2016-09-26
2 Easing Executions Mockup of new intrigue screen 2016-10-17
3 Illumination Darkness surrounds us 2016-11-07
4 Audio Mix Björn "Metal King" Iversen has done some mixing of the sound 2016-11-14
5 Back to work The next expansion will introduce a fourth possible task for your councillors 2016-11-21
6 Intriguing quality of life changes Quality of Life changes coming in the next free patch 2016-11-28
7 Let's talk about sects Societies are coming in Monks and Mystics 2016-12-05
8 Facts about Artifacts A new treasury system will be added in the upcoming 2.7 patch. 2016-12-12
9 Who ordered these Monks Monastic Orders in Monks and Mystics 2016-12-19
10 The Witching Hour Demon Worshippers and Assassins 2017-01-09
11 Three times greater Hermetic Societies 2017-01-16
12 My Kingdom for an Interface Meneth goes over the many QoL changes included in the 2.7 patch 2017-01-23
13 As you wish... Allied armies directions 2017-01-30
14 Visiting the Cartographer Map changes coming in patch 2.7 2017-02-06
15 Secret Religious Cults Practicing a secret faith while openly belonging to another, new feature part of the free 2.7 patch 2017-02-13
16 Five Years of Crusader Kings II Henrik Fåhraeus and Chris King look back and reminiscence of the roads taken - or not - since the CK2 launch 2017-02-14
17 The Ever Changing Changelog A look at parts of the 2.7 changelog 2017-02-20
18 An Expansion Should Not Travel Alone Portraits and Models in Monks and Mystics + 2.7 changelog 2017-02-27
19 Update 2.7 Patch notes for Monks and Mystics and the free 2.7 update 2017-03-06
20 The Adjustment Bureau 2.7.1 patch information 2017-03-13
21 Surveying the Survey What we found out from a survey about paid features 2017-03-20
22 For the Faith! Secret Religious Cults revamped 2017-03-27
23 2.7.1 Patch Notes Patch notes reveal and a (possible) open beta 2017-04-03
24 Mods and mod telemetry Mods and how they are used 2017-04-24

The Reaper's Due[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the The Reaper's Due expansion and patch 2.6.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 The team Introduction of new development team that will work on upcoming expansion. 2016-03-08
2 Get sick and die New system for personal diseases, based on symptoms and treatment scheduled by Court Physician. 2016-03-22
3 The Bonsai Tree Problems of game designer that need to balance between role playing and grand strategy aspects of game. 2016-03-29
4 Don't call me Shirley Reverting call to arms mechanism to be manual again, but with high penalty for rejection. 2016-04-05
5 The Rules of the Game Startup screen that allows you to configure the games settings (like Defensive Pacts or Sunset Invasion). 2016-04-26
6 We don't talk about the dead Björn "Metal King" Iversen, the Paradox Development Studio Audio Director speaks of sound design 2016-05-17
7 Get sicker and die harder New epidemics system and map mode. Changes of The Black Death, that is now more deadly and occurs earlier. 2016-05-24
8 Life goes on New methods to defend yourself from the Grim Reaper explained: Seclusion and Hospital building. 2016-05-31
9 The secret to success Presentation of new succession window and new trait and event images. 2016-06-07
10 Live long [yet futilely] and prosper Prosperity and depopulation province modifiers and crown focus system. 2016-06-14
11 The End of Days New narrative events 2016-06-21
12 Maimed Trait The maimed trait has undergone some changes. 2016-06-28
13 Pagans, advisors, and warrior women Some new stuff for pagans, advisors and women in the upcoming patch 2.6. 2016-07-05
14 The Road Ahead The future of Crusader Kings II. 2016-07-12
15 Assorted cool things Assortment of patch 2.6 tidbits. 2016-07-19
16 Man's inhumanity to man New ways to interact with captives, and more events regarding the death of characters. 2016-07-26
17 Crusader Cats Of cats and... Cats. 2016-08-02
18 Optimization and modding Optimization to game speed and additions to modding capabilities. 2016-08-09
19 The End is Nigh Some assorted minor features coming in the patch as well as a few from the expansion 2016-08-16
20 Don't Fear the Reaper A short, final development diary before The Reaper's Due 2016-08-23
21 A Glimmer of Hope Changelog for the upcoming 2016-08-30
22 Quarantining the bugs General bugfixing, new pet events, and new game rules 2016-09-06
23 More rules, less lunatics 2.6.2 information, new settings and a few tweaks 2016-09-13
24 The 2.6.2 patch Further work on patch 2.6.2 as it nears release 2016-09-20
25 Considerable Converter Capabilities With the upcoming EU4 patch, the converter will see an overhaul 2016-10-03
26 Continued Converter Capabilities Further information about EU4 converter 2016-10-10

Conclave[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Conclave expansion and patch 2.5.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 A Farewell A farewell from Magnus. 2015-09-29
2 What we do! Detail about the size and organization of CK2 team. Teaser for new pacts system. 2015-10-06
3 Birken about CK2 Project lead express what he likes in CK2 and its future direction. Teaser for new shattered retreat system. 2015-10-13
4 The QA team on CK2 QA team size and day-to-day work. Teaser for new dynasty map mode. 2015-10-20
5 The Move Moving to the new office. New functionality that allows to interact with province owner by right-clicking with special keys pressed. 2015-10-27
6 A Captain's Duty Captain Gars (Usermod Coordinator) improvement for the modders, including among others moddable era screen, new scopes and triggers. 2015-11-03
7 Rules of Engagement New diplomacy system including alliances and non-aggression pacts. 2015-11-10
8 Trade-offs Project lead inquiring about society perspective on soft-limits, like vassal or demesne limit. 2015-11-17
9 It's just a flesh wound! Combat mechanic changes including: shattered retreat like in EU4, new damage calculation and improved AI. 2015-11-24
10 Looking at Laws Redo of succession law screen that now has multiple tabs. Screen-shot of inheritance tab. 2015-12-01
11 Stopping The Snowball New infamy mechanism based on ruler aggressive actions and correlated coalitions. 2015-12-08
12 Conclave is announced Information about the aim of the new expansion: making mid-to-late game harder. Changes to internal politics, including new council mechanism and reduced positive modifiers. 2016-01-12
13 Power to the Council New council system and related favors and realm peace mechanism. New regency system based on council decisions. 2016-01-19
14 Homeschooling New education system and presentation of the new laws mechanism. More details on the use of favors. Enhanced dynamic mercenaries. 2016-01-26
15 It's Coming! List of new achievements and change-log for patch 2.5. 2016-02-02
16 The Near Future Upcoming changes to coalitions and shattered retreats. 2016-02-04
17 Post Launch Further improvement for the Conclave mechanism and next song button. 2016-02-09
18 The 2.5.2 Patch Changing the defensive pacts (previously coalitions) and threat (previously infamy) mechanism to make them more plausible. Timed seduction block in case of rejection. 2016-02-16
19 No news is good news Current patch notes for patch 2.5.2. 2016-02-23

Horse Lords[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Horse Lords expansion and patch 2.4.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Government and Military Changes Changes in government type and army leadership system. New interface for minor titles. 2015-05-12
2 QoL improvements Extension of right-click interface to perform interaction with holdings and titles. New map mode that is combination of independent realms and vassals modes. 2015-05-19
3 Regions and Forts Split of the map into regions and new fort holding. 2015-05-26
4 Horse Lords! Announcement of new Horse Lords expansion. New holdings and manpower mechanism for nomadic hordes. 2015-06-02
5 Clan Management Details about clan management for nomads. New relation system between clans including: sentiments, blood feud and blood oath. 2015-06-09
6 Tributaries and More Tributaries that represent weaker form of subordination. Nomad succession and related dynamic mercenaries system. 2015-06-16
7 Silk Road and Raiding Adventurers Silk Road inland trade post system. Settle Adventurer interaction that allow to offer landed titles for raiding adventures and mercenaries. 2015-06-23
8 Map Changes and Modding Addition of new provinces covering: Orkhon valley, Karabalgasun and Karakorum. Improvement in the event system for the modders. 2015-06-30
9 Events New events regarding Silk Road, leading mercenary bands, horses and clans interactions. 2015-07-07
10 The 2.4.2 Patch Release of the 2.4.2 patch, which aims to fix problems with older DLCs. 2015-07-21

Way of Life[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Way of Life expansion and patch 2.3.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Life Focuses Character focus, changes in diplomatic interface and new scripting features. 2014-12-10

Charlemagne[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Charlemagne expansion and patch 2.2.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Let's get Early Medieval New cultures and religion changes introduced to properly represent new start date in year 769. 2014-09-17
2 Kings, Queens and Murderers Custom kingdoms and empires, chronicle and changes to the plot mechanism related to assassination. 2014-09-24
3 Ruling the Unruly Vassal limit, centralization law and viceroys. Changes in regency system. 2014-10-01
4 The Tribes Holding and government type created to properly represent tribal nations. 2014-10-08

Rajas of India[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Rajas of India expansion and patch 2.1.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Overview Motivation for India expansion and map extension. 2014-02-04
2 Indian Religion Dharmic religions and and their mechanics: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Caste system. 2014-02-11
3 Indian Events and Decisions Events and decisions specific to Indian cultures: Diwali feast, tiger hunt. 2014-02-18
4 Elephants of Mass Destruction Special Unit system that allows to add custom troop types like: Horse Archers, Camel Warriors and War Elephants. Attrition mechanic and "North Korea Mode" fix. 2014-02-25
5 Free Features #1 More counties in the east of the map outside India, changes to East Africa, AI handling of separated ocean regions and other AI improvements, red skull allowing viewing of a dead character's killer, "Relations" tab in character view 2014-03-04
6 Free Features #2 Discusses changes to decadence, steam workshop, and the EU4 converter. 2014-03-11
7 Patch notes and Ask us anything! Notes for the 2.1.1 patch accompanied by an AMA on the new expansion. 2014-03-18

Sons of Abraham[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Sons of Abraham expansion and patch 2.0.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 The College of Cardinals Covers the introduction of the College of Cardinals. 2013-10-22
2 Holy Orders, Heresies and More Discusses new mechanics for holy orders and heresies, as well as new decisions for Muslim rulers. 2013-10-29
3 Jews, Pilgrims and Events Discusses the new Jewish religion and the pilgrim decision and events. 2013-11-05
4 Patch 2.0 Discusses the free changes in the 2.0 patch. 2013-11-12
5 One Feature a Week Mini-feature teasers in the days leading to the Sons of Abraham release. 2013-11-18
6 Post Mortem Dev Diary Discusses the Son of Abraham DLC post-release. 2013-12-11

The Old Gods[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the The Old Gods expansion, patch 1.10 and patch 1.11.

Patch 1.10
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 A Different Europe Covers the new 867 A.D start date. 2013-03-20
2 The Wrath of Odin Covers the the raiding mechanic. 2013-04-03
3 The Heathens Are Coming! Covers the special casus-bellis for pagans. 2013-04-17
4 The Pagan Reformation Covers reforming the pagan faiths. 2013-05-02
5 Events, Decisions and Zoroastrians Discusses new events and decisions for pagans, as well as the introduction of Zoroastrians. 2013-05-08
6 A Rebel and a Traitor Discusses changes to rebels and the introduction of adventurers. 2013-05-15
7 Technology in the Dark Ages Covers the new technology system. 2013-05-22
Patch 1.11
No. Title and Link Description Date
8 Post Mortem Ramblings Discusses The Old Gods post-release. 2013-06-19
9 Patch changes and EU4 Tie-in News on upcoming patch 1.11 as well as the Customization Pack and CK2-to-EU4 Save Converter DLCs. 2013-08-07

The Republic[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the The Republic expansion and patch 1.09.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 The Five Families Announces The Republic DLC and the mechanics of the new merchant republics 2012-12-19
2 War and Trade Discusses the new trade mechanics and embargoes. 2012-12-26
3 Government Covers the republic mechanics and how the Doge is elected. 2013-01-03
4 Events and Decisions Discusses new events and patch 1.09 changes. 2013-01-09
5 "Post Mortem" Thoughts Discusses The Republic post-release. 2013-01-30

Sunset Invasion[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Sunset Invasion expansion and patch 1.08.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Invasion from the West Covers the Sunset Invasion DLC features. 2012-11-07

Legacy of Rome[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Legacy of Rome expansion and patch 1.07.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Clearing the Fog of War Upcoming changes in Legacy of Rome DLC and patch 1.07. 2012-09-05
2 Factions Covers the new faction mechanics. 2012-09-12
3 Liege Levies and Retinues Discusses the changes to levies and the introduction of retinues. 2012-09-19
4 Combat Rebalance Discusses changes to combat and the introduction of leadership traits. 2012-09-26
5 Patriarchs & Pentarchs Discusses the Orthodox mechanics including autocephaly and the pentarchy. 2012-10-03
6 Events and Decisions Covers the new events introduced for the the Byzantine Empire. 2012-10-10

Sword of Islam[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Sword of Islam expansion and patch 1.06.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 GUI Changes Covers the major mechanics of Sword of Islam, as well as the 1.06 patch. 2012-06-01
2 Polygamy, Succession and Decadence Covers decadence, open succession law, and polygamy. Also changes to claims, plots, and event windows. 2012-06-08
3 Muslim Mechanics and Patch content Covers Muslim mechanics and 1.06 changes. 2012-06-15
4 Midsummer's Eve A short Sword of Islam AAR by one of the Paradox devs (Doomdark himself). 2012-06-22

Post-release patches[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about post-release patches, patch 1.04 and patch 1.05.

Patch 1.04
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Post Mortem Discusses Crusader Kings II post-release, as well as cut content and plans for future changes. 2012-03-02
Patch 1.05
No. Title and Link Description Date
2 War (does) Changes Covers changes to the crusade and war mechanics. 2012-03-30
3 Dynamic Kingdoms Covers the addition the of dynamic kingdoms, titular titles, de-jure drift. 2012-04-06
4 Even More Events (and Some Plots) Announces the addition of 300 events added to the free update, as well as changes to the plot system. 2012-04-13

Base game[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about Crusader Kings II (the base game).

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Character portraits Covers the new portrait system. 2010-10-11
2 Barons and Settlements Discusses barony-tier characters and the three types of settlements (castles, cities, and churches). 2010-11-04
3 Laws Covers the various Kingdom and Demesne laws, and the differences between the two categories. 2010-12-02
4 Regnal Numbers Covers how regnal numbers are generated. 2011-01-13
5 The map Covers the new map and the graphics used for it. 2011-02-03
6 Events Covers normal events and special letter and narrative events. 2011-03-10
7 Character Portraits and Modding Describes the portrait system in more detail, as well answers questions concerning the modding of portraits. 2011-04-07
8 Religion Discusses the mechanics of the three major religion groups (Christian, Muslim, Pagan). 2011-05-05
9 Mercenaries and Holy Orders Covers the mechanics of mercenaries and holy orders. 2011-06-03
10 Combat Covers the mechanics of the combat system. 2011-07-12
11 War Covers the mechanics of war including casus-bellis and warscore. 2011-08-25
12 Beta Feedback Bonus diary that discusses the beta and includes quotes from several new beta testers. 2011-09-19
13 Don't Mess with the Pope! Short diary about changes to vassal mechanics and the papacy. 2011-09-29
14 Plots Covers how the plot mechanic works. 2011-10-06
15 Buildings Discusses holdings and buildings. 2011-10-13
16 Technology Covers how technology spreads. 2011-10-20
17 The Message System Covers the message system. 2011-10-27
18 The Council Covers the council and the positions within. 2011-11-10
19 Crusades Covers the crusade mechanics. 2011-11-17
20 The Mongols Discusses the arrival of the Mongols. 2011-11-24
21 Usermodding Covers the file-system for mods and event scripting. 2011-12-01
22 Combat Tactics Covers the mechanics of the combat tactics system. 2011-12-15
23 Christmas Q&A Developer question-and-answer thread. 2011-12-22

Videos[edit | edit source]

Developer video diaries and developer's let's play sessions on the various expansions.

No. Title and Link Description Date
0 Crusader Kings II - Seven Deadly Sins The seven deadly sins as experienced in the world of CKII (promotional content). 2012-01-31
1 CKII Video Diary #1 - Relations Project Lead Henrik "Doomdark" Fåhraeus covers the relationship mechanics in Crusader Kings II. 2011-05-11
2 CKII Video Diary #2 - Character Database Game Designer Chris "King" King covers the database used to keep track of characters, regnal numbers, family trees, and the creation of custom start dates. 2011-06-29
3 CKII Video Diary #3 - Portrait System Game Designer Chris "King" King covers the mechanics the behind the character portraits, as well as the clothing and backgrounds used. 2011-08-01
4 CKII Video Diary #4 - Combat Project Lead Henrik "Doomdark" Fåhraeus covers combat mechanics including combat phases, troop types, and the impact of characters on combat. 2011-12-08
5 CKII Video Diary #5 - Units Project Lead Henrik "Doomdark" Fåhraeus covers raising armies and hiring mercenaries. 2011-12-24
6 Sunset Invasion Stream Highlights Highlights from the Sunset Invasion developer stream. The developers also answer questions about future DLC plans. 2012-11-19
7 The Republic Video Diary Project Lead Henrik "Doomdark" Fåhraeus covers the new features of The Republic DLC. 2012-12-19
8 The Republic Stream Highlights Highlights from The Republic developer stream. The developers showoff the the new Republic mechanics, as well as discuss changes to map modes. 2013-01-18
9 Old Gods Highlights (Part 1) PDS showcasing the next big expansion for Crusader Kings II, Old Gods. 2013-04-02
10 Old Gods Highlights (Part 2) Second part of The Old Gods expansion showcase. 2013-04-02
11 Old Gods & Republics Highlights Chris and Matt set out to conquer the world with money, at a time when plundering and pillaging was a far more preferred way of doing so. 2013-04-24
12 The Old Gods Video Diary #1 - Pagans In the first of three developer diaries delving in to one of Europe's darkest and most brutal periods, project lead Henrik Fåhraeus explains the prominence that the pagans will have in the game. 2013-05-02
13 The Old Gods Video Diary #2 - Rebels Second dev diary for the upcoming Crusader Kings II expansion The Old Gods. This time, it's all about rebels. Adding an additional 200 years to the gameplay timeline by pulling the start date back to 867 AD with the great heathen army rampaging across England. 2013-05-14
14 The Old Gods Video Diary #3 - Technology This Development Diary, the last one before the release of The Old Gods (May 28th), will elaborate a bit on the new technology system we are introducing to the game. 2013-05-22
15 CK2-to-EU4 Converter Tool Highlights Johan and Henrik sit down to discuss the final pre-order bonus for Europa Universalis IV; The Crusader Kings II converter tool. 2013-07-31
16 Sons of Abraham Highlights We're adding new religious elements to the game, the three sons of Abraham are finally coming home. 2013-10-23
17 Sons of Abraham Video Diary #1 First Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham video developer diary with Project lead Henrik Fåhraeus. Sons of Abraham is the fifth expansion for the critically praised strategy/RPG, focusing on the Abrahamic religions; Christianity, Islam and Judaism, which we talk about in this video. 2013-11-06
18 Sons of Abraham Video Diary #2 Project Lead Henrik Fåhraeus talk about Jewish Mechanics and the new Muslim mechanics in the upcoming expansion Sons of Abraham. 2013-11-15
19 Rajas of India Highlights This highlight video is an overview of some of the new features in the expansion. 2014-03-10
20 Rajas of India Highlights 2 Let's wrap it up and go play Rajas 2014-03-31
21 Paradox Live #3 - Future of Crusader Kings 2 The Crusader Kings team is going through a few changes now that Rajas of India is out of the door. We talk with the new team leader Johan and designer Henrik about their roles when it comes to the game in the future. Also, we talk about things they'd like to add to the game. 2014-05-26
22 Charlemagne Gameplay World Premiere Highlights Charlemagne is coming, we sat down with Johan and Matt to discuss part of its features and what the updated world will look like. 2014-08-29
23 Paradox Live #12 - Charlemagne Story Elements Lets delve into the story of Charlemange. What did the world look like after the death of Pepin I. 2014-09-19
24 Charlemagne Developer Overview Charlemagne adds new story events, the ability to create new kingdoms, and an additional century to play. The expansion also features game options to allow players to follow their progress in history with the inclusion of a new in-game "Chronicle" that highlights a dynasty's conquests, marriages, and labors for the faith. 2014-10-03
25 Charlemagne Feature 2 Highlights Charlemagne is coming, so we decided to sit down with the project lead and the lead history scripter to discuss the project and answer your questions. 2014-10-14
26 Way of Life Presentation Highlights Way of Life, the next expansion for Crusader Kings 2 is coming. With new features focused on role playing allowing you to steer your character in a direction of your choosing. The new focus system allows you to tailor your experience in 10 new directions. From Military to Love, it's all there for you to explore. 2014-12-10
27 Horse Lords - Feature Spotlight Game director Henrik Fåhraeus talks about unique nomad mechanics, silk road, tributaries and more coming in Horse Lords. 2015-07-07
28 Conclave - Feature Spotlight Game director Henrik Fåhraeus runs us through the improvements made to your council, diplomacy, education systems, AI improvements, and more. 2016-01-28
29 The Reaper's Due - Feature Spotlight The Reaper's Due expansion for Crusader Kings II highlights the historic importance of epidemics and disease in the Middle Ages, especially the Black Death – an outbreak of the bubonic plague that may have killed a third of the population of Europe. 2016-08-22
30 Monks and Mystics - Feature Spotlight Henrik Fåhraeus gives a feature breakdown of Crusader Kings II next expansion - Monks and Mystics. 2017-02-23
31 Gamescom 2017 - Jade Dragon Henrik Fåhraeus and Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson present the expansion of Crusader Kings II - Jade Dragon. 2017-08-24
32 Jade Dragon - Feature Spotlight Henrik Fåhraeus gives a feature breakdown of Crusader Kings II next expansion - Jade Dragon. 2017-10-10
33 PDXCon 2018 - Holy Fury Gameplay "Blondie" with Daniel and Alexander "rageair" Oltner (CK2's QA and game designer respectively) showcasing Holy Fury gameplay for the first time. 2018-05-20
Let's Plays
No. Title and Link Description Start date End date
1 Merry Mods Emil and BjornB take a look at the mods "Your Personal Castle" and "Advanced Trade Systems" 2017-08-07