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Game modification: Diadochi Kings
Diadochi Kings
Diadochi Kings Screenshot.jpg
Major Overhaul

Diadochi Kings Team

0.3.0 for CKII v2.4.2

Steam workshop

Diadochi Kings is a complete overhaul mod for CK2.

It takes place following the death of Alexander the Great (323 BC) and focuses on the following wars in the Mediterranean. Possible future scenarios include Cyrus the Great and Philip of Macedon.


  • A new map which includes the Mediterranean and Near East.
  • All new characters, titles, religions, and cultures appropriate to the new start date.
  • Many new events, decisions, and buildings that are appropriate for the ancient time period
  • A focus on historical accuracy


These are current or former members of the mod team as well as credits to modders who's resources were used in the development of the mod.

Team members[edit]

Former team members[edit]

  • Teutonic_Thrash
  • klime
  • JBeagle

Credits (general help, and mods that are partially/fully integrated)[edit]

  • EOOQE for New Borders
  • ancestral for custom fonts tutorial
  • Meneth for feedback and for allowing us to base our laws on PB's
  • Bloodmerchant for Punic and Tocharian cultures
  • Shaytana, richvh, Darkgamma, riknap, futuregary + others for Lux Invicta
  • Shaytana, richvh, DarkReborn for Better Looking Characters
  • Leviathan07 for help with the Culture Parser
  • Maestro Ugo for Mazdayasna Zarathushtrish - Zoroastrianism expanded
  • Ataulf and team for Mare Nostra: Rise of Rome
  • Cybrxkhan for Tocharian culture and for allowing us to use VIET's Buddhist mechanics
  • Korbah for minimap
  • AnaxXiphos for religious icons and allowing us to use APMC

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