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Divine marriage

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Divine marriage is a feature of some religions that allows and encourages characters to marry close relatives Dynasty close relative.png.

Initially, two religions feature divine marriage: Zoroastrianism and Messalianism (a heresy of Nestorian Christianity). It is also available as a Holy Fury.png doctrine choice when reforming a Pagan religion.


Benefits of divine marriageEdit

At the moment of a divine marriage, the ruler gains Piety: 50 for Counts, 100 for Dukes, 200 for Kings and 300 for Emperors. A similar amount of either Prestige or Gold is earned.

Some permanent opinion modifiers apply:

Opinion modifier Source Source religion Target Value
Divine Marriage Vassal (divine marriage religion) Liege +5
Divine Marriage Vassal priest (divine marriage religion) Liege +15
Profane Marriage Vassal (NOT divine marriage religion) Liege -10


Positive genetic traitsEdit

If using Ruler Designer, consider giving your starting ruler the positive genetic traits Genius   or Quick  , Strong   and Attractive  . This does not reduce the risk of Inbred  , but does improve the pool of potential spouses for your heir.

Mitigating the risk of inbreedingEdit

Zoroastrians who choose to partake in divine marriages are at high risk of inbreeding. The risk of your dynasty dying out due to bad congenital traits (characters being inapt to rule, having fewer children and dying younger) is quite serious after a few generations. To prevent this you may:

  • Prefer half-siblings (0.25) to full siblings (0.5) or offspring (0.5)
  • Take concubines to produce heirs with more genetic diversity
  • Marry dynasts past child-bearing age
  • Land dynasts frequently to increase the pool of characters you can marry in the long term (unlanded characters are limited on number of children)
  • Skip inept heirs, e.g. using feudal elective succession