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Game modification: Elder Kings
Elder Kings
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Elder Kings is a total conversion for Crusader Kings 2 set within the Elder Scrolls universe. In which a player may take on the role of a variety of different Elder Scrolls races and leaders in order to lead a people or a nation through the turbulent times of the 2nd era, or "interregnum" of the Elder Scrolls universe.


This mod has been in development since early July, 2012 and received its first release on April 1, 2013. Since then the mod has released several versions, currently on


Troubleshooting issues concerning the modification should be done through the modification's own Bugtracker, which is an easy to use utility that greatly aids the development of the mod.

Mod Requirements[edit]

Generally the latest releases of Elder Kings also require the latest CK2 patches. Elder Kings does not require DLC, though there are some DLCs that are recommended. They are as follows:

  • Celtic Portraits
  • Iberian Portraits
  • Mediterranean Portraits
  • Norse Portraits
  • Russian Portraits
  • Conclave
  • Jade Dragon
  • Legacy of Rome
  • The Old Gods
  • The Reaper's Due
  • The Republic
  • Sons of Abraham
  • Way of Life

Team, Testers & Contributors[edit]

Colossal_Elk Saffron Ev Ano Aunel
Amauri Korba Novacat Arakhor Percy
Rickinator9 SaintDaveUK Rallas Meneth DarkReborn
Darkgamma Sifaus teotl lokomoko NezzeOne
cybrxkhan ColdEvil Cainrae Orinsul Idunhael
AvikemArruters jjsfw/jumbi Azo Mansen EvilCatInTheHat


Elder Kings takes place throughout all of Nirn, the mortal world of the Elder Scrolls series. Beginning in the Interregnum in 2E450 and featuring numerous later bookmarks, Elder Kings allows players to take control of rulers from Tamriel, Yokuda, Atmora and Akavir.

This modification's current scenarios take place long before most of the games, and as such, many places and people will seem familiar while many are filled in through the lore of the Elder Scrolls Games and fiction. For example, the Ayleids, seemingly extinct as a culture during the events of Morrowind, survive in Second-Era Valenwood as scattered tribes. During the Interregnum, the Tribunal Temple has not yet faced the return of Dagoth Ur, and the Tribunes therefore retain their powers, protecting the lands of Morrowind from foreign invasions. The bloodlines of great heroes, such as Reman Cyrodiil, Bendu Olo and Rislav Larich, persist in the Colovian West. For players familiar with Elder Scrolls Online, major characters such as Abnur Tharn, Mannimarco, Jorunn the Skald-King, High Queen Ayrenn, High King Emeric, make appearances as playable characters.

exhaustive events and many inclusions bring the world of the Elder Scrolls to Crusader Kings, such as daedric artifacts, favours, and character development.


Playable Scenarios[edit]

2E 450: The Interregnum[edit]

Twenty years ago, the last Akaviri Potentate and all of his heirs were murdered, ending the Second Empire. Cyrodiil, High Rock and Skyrim are now split between dozens of rival successor-states, former subjects of the Empire who struggle with one another over even the smallest of resources. Most of Tamriel fares no better, with regional hostilities gripping nearly every region outside of Alinor. In all this chaos, is it possible for the Empire to be restored? Can any individual possibly hope to pacify the turbulence and stand above all others as the Emperor of not only Cyrodiil, but of all of Tamriel? Anything is possible amidst the chaos of the Interregnum.

Akavir (Outdated)

2E 541: The Black Drake[edit]

The lands of the Bretons stand in the shadow of the Black Drake. Bands of furious Reachmen, buoyed by monumental victories in Cyrodiil and thirsting for new pillage, have arrived at the gates of Evermore with the intention of conquering every last crag and meadow in High Rock. A coalition of Breton rulers has formed, desperate to halt the advances of the Black Drake's Empire. Meanwhile, the recently-subjugated Imperial vassals in Cyrodiil are keenly waiting for a moment to strike, in order to oust the Reachmen and restore the Empire back to Cyrodilic rule.

2E 570: The Kamal Invasion[edit]

Skyrim and Morrowind are in disarray as the barbarous Kamal under the command of Emperor Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal sweep across the northeast of Tamriel, destroying anything that dares to stand in their way. No one in Tamriel has discerned any reason why the Akaviri ruler would lead his troops on such an ambitious campaign, but the Nords and Dunmer do understand that they have no choice but to cooperate if they are to have any hope of repelling their attackers. In these unusual times, even the Argonians, long-standing enemies of the Dunmer, have shown a willingness to assist in the effort to drive the ferocious Kamal back to the sea and out of Tamriel.

2E 576: Varen's Rebellion[edit]

The legalization of Daedra worship by Emperor Leovic was the last straw to the discontent Colovian lords of Cyrodiil. Led by Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol, the Colovians are keen to retake the Empire for the Divines faithful. Unfortunately, while the construction of Varen's Wall between Chorrol and Kvatch just before the conflict started protected the city from the Emperor's legions, it also allowed Anvil, still under imperial authority, to invade Kvatch unopposed, with the exception of an ambitious pirate queen. Menwhile, the Blacksap Movement, which questions Bosmeri society reliance on oral tradition and pushes for a formalization of the fabled Green Pact, is at its full height in Valenwood.

2E 582: The Alliance War[edit]

When Mannimarco, the King of Worms, corrupted the Amulet of Kings just before Emperor Varen's coronation ritual several years ago, he guaranteed that the covenant sealed by Alessia and Akatosh would be broken, and Nirn would no longer be protected from a Daedric invasion. Mannimarco's master, the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, seized the opportunity to initiate the Planemeld, using terrifying Dark Anchors to summon Daedric troops and drag Nirn into the realm of Coldharbour. But three political alliances - the Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenant and Aldmeri Dominion - stand against the Daedric Prince and his forces. The armies of the three alliances converge, ready to fight to the last to preserve their freedom. Never before have the disparate races cooperated so closely, but never before has the threat been so terrible.

2E 586: Post-Banner War[edit]

The Alliance War is over. With Mannimarco slain and Molag Bal defeated in Coldharbour, the Three Banners once again turned their sights on the Ruby Throne and the smoldering remains of the Cyrodilic Empire. The Ebonheart Pact claimed victory, and its mission fulfilled, dissolved peacefully. The Daggerfall Covenant wavers, no longer counting Orsinium as one of its own, while the Breton lords squabble amongst themselves. The Aldmeri Dominion has ceased to be, with all but a handful of rulers beyond Summerset rejecting Ayrenn's rulership. As Tamriel's great powers fragment, other realms seek opportunities to secure their frontiers, expand their borders, and potentially move towards reestablishing the Empire.

2E 605: War for Rimmen[edit]

Having subjugated the petty lords of Cyrodiil one by one, the warlord Attrebus - a fanatical follower of the Eight and sworn enemy of Daedra-worshipers - crowned himself Emperor and began his campaign to rid the Heartland of spiritual corruption. Suspected of vampiric connections and threatened by Attrebus with death, the fanged Tsaesci and their Akaviri kin fled to the independent Rimmen kingdom. Attrebus and his army followed. Badly outnumbered, Queen Lyra has surrendered her independence to the Mane of the Khajiit in hopes that his army will be enough to defeat the forces of the reformed Cyrodilic Empire and protect both her and her new subjects from the warlord's wrath.

2E 812: Winter's Return[edit]

The defeat of Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal centuries ago coincided with the complete dissolution of the Kamal invasion force that threatened Skyrim and Morrowind. Unbeknown to the people of Tamriel, a small pocket of this invasion force survived the war, hiding in the Valus Mountains. Their descendants, few in number but great in ferocity, launched a surprise invasion of the Heartland and took the Imperial City, reestablishing the Empire as a Kamal state. The Akaviri of Rimmen, alienated by their Khajiit overlords, have abandoned Elsweyr and thrown in with the Kamal. Although it is unlikely that the Kamal occupiers will maintain their power for long, it is equally unlikely that they will rest on their laurels, and will soon search for new targets to conquer.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Is this just an idea or is the mod in development?
It's in development. We have a fully functional map, a large part of the history for the initial bookmark completed, the traits have been partially overhauled, and we're adding events and other features each day.

How close to completion is the mod?
The current version is playable! EK won't be complete for a long time,

What kind of experience does your team have?
Our team has worked on a variety of mods including, but not limited to, Balansegang and North African Expansion.

What era is the mod set in?
Initially we'll be releasing a 2nd era Interregnum Bookmark, however other bookmarks will be released over time depending on team willpower. Currently bookmarks from 3370 to 3506 are all playable.

Can I play Tiber Septim!?!
Yes, there are events to ensure he appears as a courtier in games in progress toward the end of the second era, and he will be playable if you choose a later start date.

Why the Interregnum?
Prior to ESO's announcement, the Interregnum was known only through in-game lore and tidbits on wikis, and was thus an easy point for us to pick up and develop from. With the existing lore, we are able to not only include a large chunk of actual ES canon, but we also had a largely free hand when it came to setting up how the majority of the world appears, and what dynasties and characters exist.

Are all parts of Tamriel playable?
Yes, the entire continent of Tamriel is included, as are the surrounding islands (Solstheim, Vvardenfell, Summerset) and "expanded universe" lands such as Pyandonea and Roscrea. Other areas such as Akavir (and the islands between it and Tamriel), Atmora and Yokuda are included, too.

Why is Morrowind called Resdayn/Why is Summerset called Alinor?
To enhance the feel of those parts of the world, we have chosen to use names as close to their native names as possible. The Altmer for example refer to Summerset as Alinor, and Resdayn was the original name of the pre-Empire Dunmer realm within Morrowind. Non-natives are able to establish Kingdoms using the more well known names within those locations if they so wish, for example a Nord who successfully conquers a large enough part of Resdayn may establish a Kingdom of Morrowind in opposition to the native Kingdom.

Is it possible to play a Daedra worshipper?
The Orcs are playable, and they are followers of Malacath. Followers of the Reachmen Old Gods, Khajiiti religions and some of the Dunmer religions can take certain Daedra as patron deities. Every Daedric Prince has a unique religion.

Will there be magic, vampires, werewolves, etc?
Vampires exist, they are immortal, and hated by most non-vampires, the same with werewolves (who are not immortal). Currently they boost certain traits, while lowering others, and will have their own unique event chains. Players with a Mage education can cast magic.

How will you handle the different races intermarrying, having children?
We have our ways, but we aren't going to be discussing features in heavy detail in this post, look out for future DDs.

What about portraits?
Our talented portrait artists have created portraits for Argonians, Khajiit, Elves and Orcs, Undead, Sloads, Tsaesci, Tang Mo, Kamal and Po Tun. The Daedric Princes have their own unique portraits.

Can I join the team!?
Other than the aforementioned portrait artist, we aren't looking for any new members to join the team at this current moment in time, however we're always willing to listen to new ideas.