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Characters who choose the Family focusFamily focus.png gain +2 diplomacy, +1 health and +25% fertility.

Focus pulse random events[edit]

Random pulse events let you to improve relationship within your family:

Those events can only fire if the characters involved (you included anyway) are capable, not in prison, and won't fire if you are leading an army or ill. Having Kind trait will increase the chance of all events, and seduction focus level will increase the chance of spouse event.

Those events have a chance to fire the Family focus level up event, in which you may:

  • gain Proud (or lose Humble )
  • level up diplomacy education trait
  • progress toward Socializer (+3 Diplomacy, +10 Sex appeal opinion) or Game Master (+2 Diplomacy, +1 Martial, +30% battlefield Narrow Flank) lifestyle trait through Family Man/Woman(+10% fertility) and Family Patriarch/Matriarch(+1 diplomacy, +20% fertility, +5 church opinion) character modifiers. You can gain the character modifiers even after having gained Socializer or Game Master lifestyle trait.

Ambition events[edit]

If your diplomacy skill is below 8, the following events may occur to help improve it:

  • Feud between two peasants
  • Practise in front of mirror
  • A man wants to suicide (the above three events can only be done once per lifetime in total)
  • Town crier
  • Foreign cultures
  • Old diplomat (the above three events can occur multiple times until any once per lifetime event mentioned above is completed)

These events also exist without DLC icon Way of Life.pngWay of Life DLC. Without the DLC, they instead require the Improve Diplomacy ambition, which similarly requires having less than 8 diplomacy skill.