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Friendship is a symmetric relationship between two characters. It has a significant opinion boost and several other effects.

Making friendsEdit

There are many random events that add friends, but the ones most under player control are:

  • With Way of Life and focuses:
    • Carousing focus: high chance to befriend one guest at each party
    • Business focus: can establish a friendship with your trading partner (an infidel ruler) if opinion is high at the end of the event chain
    • Family focus: can establish a friendship with a sibling, between two minor children, or between two dynastic close relatives (once mutual opinion reaches 50+)
  • With Horse Lords:
    • Hire HL dynamic mercenaries. Many of them are cheap to hire, and some are future khans or khagans!

Effects of friendshipEdit

  • You may have an opportunity to convert to a friend's religion, or ask them to convert to yours.
  • Friends can randomly offer to join each other's wars, even if not allied
  • Friends on your council are more likely to be Loyalist   in their voting

Skill boostsEdit

You occasionally get a chance to ask a friend to improve a skill, if:

  • Neither of you is at war or leading troops
  • Your skill level is between 5 and 9 (inclusive)
  • Friend's skill level is 11+
  • Friend is not a prisoner

There is a five-year cooldown for each attribute.

Attribute Additional requirements Rejection effect
  • Neither character is a chancellor.
15% Depressed  
  • Neither character is a marshal.
  • Friend is male.
  • Friend can have Duelist   instead of 11 martial skill.
  • Both characters are rulers or council members.
  • You are not abroad.
  • No special requirements
100% Paranoid  
  • Same religion
  • Religion is not a heresy
  • Friend is Zealous   or has 100 piety
100% Stressed