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Events chains unlocked by playing the Crusader Kings: Chronicles mobile game. As of version 3.0, these event chains are available to everyone, no longer requiring ownership of the mobile game, which is no longer sold.


ID Name
GBC.1 selecting target relative
GBC.2 Gazing at the stars
GBC.3 Contemplating
GBC.4 Selecting new friend - hidden event
GBC.41 New friend - ping event
GBC.5 Relative approaches you - they've seen you in mourning, but has been reluctant to talk to you
GBC.6 Relative hands you an owl - it used to belong to the dead character
GBC.7 Selecting advisor
GBC.71 Councillor - ping event
GBC.73 Councillor asks about new friend
GBC.81 New friend - ping event
GBC.8 Relative wants bird back
GBC.9 They admit they think they are sick
GBC.10 They start to cry, without explanation
GBC.99 New friend - ping event
GBC.11 They curse you and your ignorance
GBC.98 New friend - ping event
GBC.17 Hanging out, awkward
GBC.19 New_friend succumbs to disease - hidden event
GBC.12 They live
GBC.13 They die


ID Name
GBC.199 Sending it to the one who got married
GBC.100 Trying to find a lover
GBC.101 Lover ping event
GBC.102 You notice the person at a party
GBC.103 Lover ping event
GBC.104 You engage with them or not
GBC.105 Lover ping event
GBC.106 You dream about the person
GBC.107 Lover ping event
GBC.108 You find the person in the garden, she virtuously rejects
GBC.109 Write them poetry
GBC.110 Poem is done, good
GBC.111 Poem is done, bad
GBC.112 Lover ping event
GBC.113 Lover replies after gift
GBC.114 After having exchanged letters for a while, get invite
GBC.115 Lover ping event
GBC.116 You go there and see lover during dinner
GBC.117 Rival ping event
GBC.118 You don't get a chance to talk to lover, rival discovers
GBC.119 Hear a scream
GBC.141 She died
GBC.120 Lover ping event
GBC.121 Save lover, or not
GBC.122 Lover ping
GBC.123 Outcome after attempting to save (or doing nothing)
GBC.124 Few days later
GBC.125 Rival ping
GBC.126 Spouse discovers
GBC.140 Hunt is over
GBC.127 Lover ping
GBC.128 Lover requests for you to handle spouse
GBC.138 What do with the spouse?
GBC.129 Rival ping
GBC.142 Duel letter
GBC.130 Duel success
GBC.131 Duel fail
GBC.132 Talk success
GBC.133 Talk fail
GBC.134 Assassination success
GBC.135 Assassination failed
GBC.136 Lover ping
GBC.137 The end (good)
GBC.143 The end (bad)