Gain Gluttony

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This character event can potentially occur on the yearly childhood pulse.

Every day, the cook chases me out of the kitchen, but not before I've stuffed myself and my pockets full of biscuits.

  • Mmm, sweets!
Character becomes gluttonous Gluttonous.png
Character's guardian receives the event "Fosterling gains trait Gluttonous"

Pre-Trigger Requirements[edit]

  • Character is at least 6 years old
  • Character is less than 16 years old
  • Conclave is not active

Trigger Requirements[edit]

  • Character has less than 5 personality traits
  • Character is not temperate Temperate.png
  • Character is not gluttonous Gluttonous.png
  • Character has a guardian
  • Character is not a prisoner

Chance Modifiers[edit]

  • +200%: Character is slothful Slothful.png
  • +5%: Character is clubfooted Clubfooted.png
  • +10%: Character is harelipped Harelip.png
  • +50%: Character is hunchbacked Hunchback.png
  • +5%: Character has a lisp Lisp.png
  • +5%: Character has a stutter Stutter.png
  • -5%: Character is fair Attractive.png
  • +10%: Character is ugly Ugly.png
  • +20%: Character is a dwarf Dwarf.png
  • -5%: Character is a genius Genius.png
  • -5%: Character is quick Quick.png or shrewd Shrewd.png
  • +20%: Character is slow Slow.png or dull Dull.png
  • +50%: Character is an imbecile Imbecile.png
  • +50%: Character is inbred Inbred.png
  • -95%: Character is strong Strong.png
  • +500%: Character is weak Weak.png