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Dead.png Game over occurs if:

  • You die with no heir of your dynasty
  • You die and your heir has an unplayable government. (If your heir merely has an unplayable religion, they will automatically convert to prevent game over.)
  • You change to an unplayable government or religion
  • You lose all titles without dying and the game is unable to transfer play to another ruler of your dynasty
  • You reach the start of the year 1453

The following characters are unplayable:

Type Reason
Courtiers Non-rulers cannot make decisions for themselves.
Baron-tier rulers (except patricians) Barons cannot have vassals, appoint a council, or declare war
Theocracies Succession not compatible with a dynasty based game.
County level or non-coastal capital republics Succession not compatible with a dynasty based game.
Merchant republic without Dlc icon the republic.pngThe Republic DLC
Nomads without Horse Lords.pngHorse Lords DLC (only relevant if you set ALWAYS_GENERATE_NOMADS Normally, the game makes these regions tribal if you do not have the DLC)
Non-Christians (except Nomads) without the appropriate religion DLC (Holy Fury.pngDlc icon the old gods.pngDlc icon sword of islam.pngDlc icon sons of abraham.pngRajas of India.pngJade Dragon.png) DLC