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Game rules are enumerated global values, that can only be modified at game start.

In their simplest form (on/off), they are similar to boolean global flags, but can get more complex (fewer/default/more).

The benefit of game rules is that they have a nice dedicated UI to manage the options at the start of a game, so there's less modding needed than using decisions.

Definition[edit | edit source]

Rules are defined in folder common/game_rules/. The format is:

<rule_name> = {
	option = {
		name = <option1_name>
	option = {
		name = <option2_name>
		achievements = no #Optional


  • The first option is the default one at game start.
  • If certain rule only makes sense to appear with a DLC, it can use dlc = "The Reaper's Due".
  • Each option can have achievements = yes/no. This doesn't make sense to be used for mods, as they already disable achievements by changing the checksum.
  • The same is true for alt_start_achievements = yes/no, which determines whether the option disables achievements when using alternate starts (shattered/randomised world). Defaults to yes even if achievements = no.
  • You can create custom rule group, for example group = "RULE_GROUP_MY_MOD".
  • Parameter "achievements = no" adds to LOCALIZATION_KEY_FOR_OPTION_DESC a red text " This option turns off achievements." (localisation key "RULE_ACHIEVEMENTS_WARNINGS" in ReapersDue.csv).
  • If you want a rule to have a different default value when using alternate starts, use alt_start_default = <option_name>.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Selected option of a rule can be compared from scripting via the condition has_game_rule = { name = <rule_name> value = <option_name> }.

Some vanilla rules are not used from scripting and modify hardcoded behavior, similar to defines, which is not possible for mods.