Tournament events

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These are events for tournaments.

ID Name
70000 Invitation
70001 Start of tournament
70037 Tournament has been cancelled
70038 Message about death
70039 Message about maimed
70040 Message about wounded
70002 Tournament is over
70003 End of tournament event
70004 End of tournament event
70005 End of tournament event
70006 End of tournament event
70007 End of tournament event
70008 End of tournament event
70009 Character is killed
70010 Character is maimed
70011 Character is wounded
70012 Character becomes wounded
70013 Character becomes brave
70014 Character becomes tough soldier
70015 Character becomes skilled tactician
70016 Character becomes brilliant strategist
70017 Character becomes skilled tactician
70018 Character becomes tough soldier
70019 Character becomes misguided warrior
70020 Character gets top placement in the tournament
70034 Inform about winner
70035 Inform about second place
70036 Inform about third place
70023 Character becomes homosexual
70024 Character becomes syphilitic
70025 Character becomes drunkard
70026 Character becomes duelist
70027 Character gains intrigue
70028 Character loses intrigue
70029 Character gains stewardship
70030 Character loses stewardship
70031 Character gains diplomacy
70032 Character loses diplomacy
70033 Invitations have gone out
70041 Ruler has died, the tournament is over
70042 The tournament has been cancelled due to ruler's death
70050 Tournament attender event for random occurrences
70061 First place WINNER
70062 Second place
70063 Third place
70064 Notify winners
70999 Flag management