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There are two parts to graphics modding:

  • Assets (images or models), stored inside /gfx folder
  • Logical names (starting with GFX_ prefix) mapping to these assets, defined inside /interface/*.gfx files.

Logical names are then either referenced from other script files, or are based on naming convention hardcoded in the engine.

Editors[edit | edit source]

Some recommended editors include:

Formats[edit | edit source]

Folders[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main article: Portrait modding

This folder contains bits of faces that are stuck together to form portraits.

Coats of arms[edit | edit source]

Main article: coats of arms.gfx

Contains flag frames and CoA pattern & frames.

Flags[edit | edit source]

Flags are used for titles above baronies, but only for religions where has_coa_on_barony_only = yes. The game typically crashes if the flag is any of the following: is not 128x128, is not 24-bit, or is uncompressed.

Warning: a missing flag for a title in flags\ folder will cause wrong flags to appear for most titles, due to a shift. a good way to work around this while working on other aspects of the mod, is to give the nations placeholder flags.

Fonts[edit | edit source]

See [Tutorial] Custom Map Fonts.

Interface[edit | edit source]

Main article: Interface modding

Main game loads from /interface/ for christian religion group, but some assets are overridden when playing religions from other groups:

  • from /indian_interface folder for indian_group religion group
  • from /muslim_interface folder for muslim religion group
  • from /zoroastrian_interface folder for zoroastrian_group religion group
  • from /jews_interface folder for jewish_group religion group
  • from /pagan_interface folder for pagan_group religion group

New religion groups load from /interface/ folder, and cannot have their own interface.

Mods cannot override assets in religion group folders, as the override is only processed for main game.

Loading screens[edit | edit source]

For optimal compression, loading screens should be saved with DTX1 compression / no mimaps.

The order loading screens appear is random, except:

  •, which is used as splash screen
  • the image with highest file name (ex: has a far more likely chance (50% as of patch 2.8.2) to appear first.

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