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A list of event IDs for guardians and their wards

ID Name
2000 Fosterling gains trait Gluttonous
2010 Fosterling is Temperate
2020 Fosterling is Greedy
2030 Fosterling is Charitable
2040 Fosterling is slothful
2050 Fosterling is Diligent
2060 Fosterling is Envious
2070 Fosterling is Kind
2080 Fosterling is Wroth
2090 Fosterling is Patient
2100 Fosterling is Proud
2110 Fosterling is Humble
2120 Fosterling is Deceitful
2130 Fosterling is Zealous
2132 Fosterling is Zealous - Muslim
2140 Fosterling is Honest
2150 Fosterling is Craven
2160 Fosterling is Brave
2170 Fosterling is Shy
2180 Fosterling is Gregarious
2190 Fosterling is Ambitious
2200 Fosterling is Content
2210 Fosterling is Arbitrary
2220 Fosterling is Just
2230 Fosterling is Cynical
2465 Fosterling gains trait Cruel
2480 Vassal wants to be guardian for liege's child
2481 The liege is asked by a vassal to let him/her raise the child
2482 The vassal becomes the guardian of the child
2483 The vassal's request is denied
2484 The child is informed of the guardianship
38100 Child asks guardian about religion
38101 Guardian chooses whether to convert the child
38102 Guardian chooses whether to convert the child
38110 Child is influenced by the culture of his or her guardian
38111 character_event
38200 Child is slow to learn to talk
38201 Daddy, where do children come from?
38202 Your child is afraid of the dark
38203 Your child is often involved in fights with other toddlers
38204 Your child always wants more toys
38205 Dad, Where is mom
38206 Your child has trouble making friends
38207 Your wants to play with friends instead of studying
38208 Where do heathens come from?
38209 Your child is often playing very daring games with other children
38210 Daddy, does God exist
38211 Why do people dies
38212 Will I rule one day
38213 Your child has developed a habit for wild parties
38214 If were Catholic and our enemies are Catholic, why are we fighting?
38215 Why is the church so rich when the peasants are starving and poor
38216 Why did you let off that peasant accused from poaching
38217 These peasants we have are all mine to command like little slaves, right?
38218 If a tree falls in the woods and there's nobody there to hear it, does it make a noise?
38219 Since we all die anyway, why to be so hassled about life?
38220 How can I best serve God?
38221 Female Ward is playing with swords instead of sewing
38222 Ward is ridiculed for cowardness
38223 Ward is sneaking through the dungeons, and comes up with a bloody knife it found
38224 Ward hides away to read books
38225 Ugly Ward
38226 Fair ward
38227 Ward shows a tendency to count money whenever possible...
38228 Ward shows interest in visitors to the court
38229 Ward constantly plays with swords and practices fighting with older men
38230 Ward's first kiss
38231 Boy is spending all his time in the kitchen
38232 Too curious a child
38233 Ward is Ill
38234 Homosexual Ward
38235 Ward is good at talking to people, and have no problem getting friends
2490 A child is missing a guardian