HF saintly bloodlines events

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These are events relating to saintly bloodlines in Holy Fury.

ID Name
HF.43000 Catholic Zealots joining a war
HF.43200 Great Theologian Event
HF.43250 [Untitled; Scholar attracted to court through GT bloodline]
HF.43300 Random event for Saintly Bloodline - Defender of the Faith, Random Zealots crashing your Capital
HF.43301 [Untitled; Notification events for the zealot responses]
HF.43302 [Untitled; Zealots removed forcefully]
HF.43303 [Untitled; Zealots unmoved by ruler support]
HF.43304 [Untitled; Zealots follow ruler commands]
HF.43305 [Untitled; Zealots join ruler court]
HF.43306 [Untitled; Zealots unconvinced by ruler arguments]
HF.43307 [Untitled; Zealots persuaded by ruler arguments]
HF.43400 [Untitled; Religious society inspired by saintly ancestor]