HL nomad events

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These are nomadic events from the Horse Lords DLC

ID Name
HL.4800 Pillaging Repeating Event
HL.4810 Clear the "Rampaging Nomads" -Modifier when province is empty, also prosperity mods
HL.4811 Clear the "Rampaging Nomad" - Modifier when conquered by a non-nomad
HL.4812 Clear nomadic pillage holding modifiers upon succession/conquest
HL.4813 Nomads may pillage holdings on siege
HL.4814 Notification event that a holding is destroyed
HL.4994 Nomad Cultural Preservation Events
HL.4995 character_event
HL.4996 character_event
HL.4997 character_event
HL.4998 character_event
HL.4999 character_event