HL silk route events

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Events for the Silk Road introduced in Horse Lords.

ID Name
HL.5000 Envoy demands tribute
HL.5001 Envoy offers his services
HL.5002 Determine random events
HL.5005 increase in trade
HL.5006 gemstones
HL.5007 stolen goods
HL.5008 character_event
HL.5009 character_event
HL.5010 character_event
HL.5011 character_event
HL.5012 Requesting partner
HL.5013 character_event
HL.5014 character_event
HL.5015 Games of chance
HL.5016 character_event
HL.5017 character_event
HL.5018 character_event
HL.5043 character_event
HL.5044 resignation
HL.5045 character_event
HL.5047 Something happened to the chinese envoy
HL.5048 Emperor upset
HL.5049 Flag-clearing
HL.5050 Raiders on the trade route
HL.5051 character_event
HL.5052 character_event
HL.5053 character_event
HL.5054 character_event
HL.5055 character_event
HL.5056 character_event
HL.5057 character_event
HL.5058 character_event
HL.5058 character_event
HL.5059 character_event
HL.5060 character_event
HL.5061 character_event