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Events for the Wolf's blood event chain introduced in Horse Lords.

ID Name
HL.1000 Child is born with Wolf's blood
HL.1001 Baby shows wolf-like behavior
HL.1010 Childless ruler finds child nursed by wolves, may adopt..
HL.1020 Child (ruler or child to ruler) gets lost in woods. Is taken in and rescued by wolves...
HL.1021 Child tells parent of experience with wolves
HL.1030 Child getting older, court rumors of real mother being wolf
HL.1031 Parents hear wolf rumors
HL.1040 Reaches maturity - change Wolf-Child modifier to Wolf's Blood
HL.1041 Reach maturity - notify parents
HL.1100 Great Hunt random event - wolves appear and run beside you
HL.1200 Wolves howl outside several nights in a row
HL.1201 Wolves keep howling, night after night
HL.1202 Wolves howl - go out with guards, wolves retreat
HL.1203 Didn't follow wolves, they disappear, you become unhappy as you miss their nightly howls
HL.1210 Follow wolves alone, they run deep into the wild
HL.1230 Run and hunt with wolves, kill prey, eat raw meat
HL.1240 Had a good time with wolves
HL.1250 Return home, wife/lover/everyone is worried. Say something about it...
HL.1400 First occurrence...
HL.1401 It's full moon!
HL.1410 Howling for hours on moutaintop
HL.1420 Swims river, sleeps outside, becomes ill or catches pneumonia
HL.1430 Kill cow
HL.1440 Kills pig
HL.1450 Kills dog
HL.1460 Kills peasant
HL.1470 Kills courtier
HL.1480 Kills courtier in neighboring province
HL.1490 Returns after full moon rage, strange memories of wolves, probably just a dream...
HL.1500 If Impaler/lunatic: cannibalism...
HL.1510 Howling at the moon (not if possessed or lunatic)
HL.1520 Hunter instinct strikes unexpectedly (and awkwardly) at court
HL.1530 Hunter instincts in martial training (upgrade martial education)
HL.1540 Become strong
HL.1550 Cunning as a wolf (quick)
HL.1560 Animal instincts take over... (lustful)
HL.1570 Pack instinct (gregarious)
HL.1580 Wolf is brave (brave)
HL.1590 Animal cruelty (cruel)
HL.1610 Rabid wolf (wroth)
HL.1620 Wolf-face (ugly)
HL.1630 Animal mind (lower learning trait level)
HL.1640 Really howl at the moon! (lunatic)
HL.1700 Inheriting the Wolf's Blood
HL.1701 Check for Wolf's Blood inheritance
HL.1702 Notify of inheritance