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Plot kill character.png Assassination is a plot to murder a character.


Players can start murder plots by selecting "Plot to Kill" in the target's diplomacy menu, or by clicking the "Choose a Plot" button to the bottom left of the target's portrait.

Inviting conspirators[edit]

You can get a list showing who would accept, and who would accept with a bribe, among the target's courtiers and vassals. The "auto-invite" checkbox quietly invites everyone from this list.

If the target is a vassal, their fellow vassals and their liege are also valid conspirators. Not all eligible vassals are displayed on the plot window, so one may go to their liege's character view, select the vassal tab, and right-click each vassal (including barons).

Characters are more likely to accept an invitation to a plot if they like the plotter, dislike the target, and have traits such as deceitful that reduce ai_honor. When targeting a child who is not a ruler(?), the diplomacy skill of the primary parent(?) is checked instead of the child's.

Plot power[edit]

The plotter and conspirators contribute plot power. Each character's plot power contribution depends on their intrigue skill and position. When targeting a ruler, council members have double plot power. When targeting a child, the guardian and regent have additional plot power.

Your plot becomes more likely to fire:

  • When you reach certain plot power thresholds:
    • Minimum 50% for conspirators to attempt
    • 3x at 100%
    • 3x at 150%
    • 3x at 200%
  • Roughly linearly:
    • With the total contribution from conspirators (each has a chance to fire the plot)
    • Plus your personal contribution, if you are at the target's location
    • The exact speedup depends on the individual plot power contributions

For example, suppose you have 110% plot power, with 50% personal contribution and 60% from conspirators. Adding a second set of identical conspirators would show a total of 170% plot power. But the actual effect would be to double the number of event targets (2x) and get you to past one more 3x threshold, for a total of a 6x speedup.

Carrying out the plot yourself only requires being at the target's location. This event does not require 50% minimum total plot power, but otherwise benefits from total plot power in the same ways (3x boosts at each threshold).

Assassination plans[edit]

The conspirator who sets the attempt in motion must pay to do so, unless plot power is 100% or they have a specific skill of level 10.

The chance of success is dependent on the plan used and the target's traits. For example, attempting to assassinate someone with poisoned wine is half as likely to succeed if the target is Temperate . Paranoid characters are more likely to survive in most plans, while Trusting characters are significantly more likely to be killed in most plans. Every time an attempt is made, whether it succeeds or fails, there is a chance the conspirators will be identified.


  • Increase your state diplomacy and state intrigue
  • Focus on crossing total plot power thresholds (50%, 100%, 150%, or 200%)
  • Remove the target's spymaster, especially if the likely replacements are pliable or incompetent
  • Be at the target's location by leading troops (stay safe by checking the revolt risk map mode)
  • Seduce possible conspirators, if safe and nearby
  • Target new rulers, who have a short reign penalty and won't bother to fire a spymaster who hates them, before factions fire
  • Target parents first if you want to kill a child
  • Be a member of the Assassins secret society. Starting from the second rank you can invite other members into your plot to assassinate someone, even if they are in far-away courts. Well-placed bribes to landless characters created from the Assassin mission "Train Protege" can make even the most impossible assassination possible.

Court packing[edit]

Marry courtiers into the target's court who have high intrigue and are likely to join the plot. Characters are more willing to join assassination plots if they like you, dislike the target, and have low ai_honor. So try to send characters who are:

  • Different culture group (-10 opinion)
  • Envious (-15 opinion of liege, -10 honor)
  • Deceitful (-25 honor)
  • Greedy (increased bribe effect, -10 honor)
  • Opposite traits to target
  • Ambition is not obj_get_married (+10 opinion of new liege for 2 years)

Remember that you can't send highborn characters off to marry lowborns. Avoid sending spouses to close relatives of the target, as they will get +15 opinion (marriage ties).

You may be able to invite women for free if you have high diplomacy and seduction focus.

It is especially useful if you can place a new spymaster. AI rulers are reluctant to appoint spymasters with strongly negative opinion, so focus on low ai_honor rather than low opinion.


Discovery of the plot[edit]

The chance of a plot being discovered is dependent on the target's intrigue, or state intrigue if the target is a ruler. As with other plots, there is a chance of it being leaked by its backers. It is also possible for a character to become suspicious of an assassination plot without knowing who its backers are. Characters who are Paranoid are ten times more likely to get a whiff of plots against them, their spouses and their children. Any plot backer having an Intrigue lower than 3 or being an Imbecile , Slow , a Drunkard , or a Lunatic makes this happen more quickly.

As with any plot, when an assassination plot is discovered, anyone involved can be asked to stop backing it as a diplomatic action. The head of the plot can be imprisoned without incurring tyranny. Imprisoning the head of the plot will end it. Plot backers can be righteously imprisoned if they are asked to end the plot and refuse.

Discovery of assassination attempts[edit]

You are implicated if you are the plot leader or the plotter who set the plot in motion. The target of the plot will get a stacking "Attempted Murder" opinion modifier towards your character (-200). Similarly, the target's parents and children will have a -50 opinion penalty while siblings will have a -25 penalty.

Discovery of successful assassination[edit]

You will receive the Known Murderer modifier, -10 opinion penalty with everyone (50 years, non-stacking). If the character was your relative or of your dynasty, you will additionally gain a Kinslayer trait, further reducing opinions of you.

The murdered character's close kin will be especially angry (-30). Their parents and children will additionally consider you a rival (-100 opinion and may try to murder you).

You also get the "Dishonorable" opinion modifier with relatives of your target, all rulers in the realm of your target, and the target's religious head. "Dishonorable" is -10 opinion, allows righteous imprisonment, stacks, and lasts for five years.

Going into hiding[edit]

Characters may go into hiding if they are aware of a plot on their life, even if they do not know who the plotter is. Rulers can also send unlanded spouses or children into hiding if they are targeted.

Going into hiding cancels an in-motion murder attempt if there is one. Plans possible against a target in hiding require 100% plot power, trigger less frequently, and are far less likely to succeed (base 18% chance of killing the target, 27% with extra investment). If they fail, there is a high chance of discovery.

However, a character who is in hiding is subjected to reduced Diplomacy, lowered vassal opinion, monthly Prestige loss, and events that inflict negative traits. A character who spends time in hiding can gain Lunatic , Celibate , Depressed , Ill , Pneumonic , Gluttonous , Slothful , Shy , Craven , Content , Possessed , or Drunkard . It is also possible to gain Paranoid , Zealous , Hedonist , Scholar , Mystic , and Poet .

AI murder plots[edit]

General targets[edit]

AI characters will only murder characters (other than spouses) for the following reasons:

Reason Target Conditions
County.png Inherit Holder of title {Plotter, child, or spouse} is heir
Dynasty heir.png Become heir Heir to title {Plotter, child, or spouse} is pretender
Lunatic.png Insanity Any character with same liege Plotter is Lunatic or Possessed
Bloodlines button.png Bloodline Any character with same liege Plotter has a murderous bloodline (any pure murder bloodline or immortality quest bloodline)
Plot kill character.png Rivalry Rival
Arrange a divorce.png Jealousy Lover of spouse
The Assassins.png The Assassins Quest target Members of The Assassins may accept a quest to murder a specific character

The plot must be allowed:

  • Target is not plotter's child
  • No blood oath
  • Within diplomatic range

AI characters will only use this plot if:

  • Not Honest , Kind , or Just
  • Target is not lover or child of lover
  • Target is not friend
  • Target does not have a pilgrim trait

Furthermore, except when killing a murder quest target, opinion must be low:

  • Opinion must always be below +25
  • Opinion must be below 0 unless Deceitful , Envious , or Ambitious

Spouse slaying[edit]

AI characters will only murder a spouse for the following reasons:

Reason Target Conditions
Loves heir Husband Plotter loves child (opinion 75+) who is heir to husband's title
Obj have a son.png Barren Wife Plotter is ruler (or primary heir) and has no living sons. Wife over 40.
Arrange a divorce.png Infidelity Spouse Spouse has a lover

AI characters will only use this plot if:

  • Not Honest or Kind
  • Low opinion
  • Target does not have a pilgrim trait


  1. Includes that the target is not incapable , not imprisoned and not in hiding unless stated otherwise.
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