Horse Events

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These are events from the Horse Lords DLC, specifically the files hl_horse_events and hl_horse_events_2.

IDs Name
HL.6000 Select and name horse
HL.6010 Your ward is four years old and still can't ride a horse. Shocking.
HL.6020 Dangerous river crossing - save spouse or horse?
HL.6021 River crossing - saved spouse and spouse is grateful
HL.6022 River crossing - saved spouse but spouse is angry - why didn't you save the horse?
HL.6030 A loyal retinue warrior's family have lost their horses to sickness, will you help them?
HL.6500 Horse dies
HL.6510 Other horse bit my horse
HL.6511 [Untitled]
HL.6512 [Untitled]
HL.6520 Commission an expensive prestigious portrait
HL.6990 Sad my horse died
HL.6999 Flag and modifier clean-up