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These are events concerning casus belli introduced in Jade Dragon DLC.

Hostage CB Events[edit]

ID Name
JD.2000 The target receives an event
JD.2001 Captives released, end war?
JD.2002 Informed of acceptance
JD.2003 Informed of denial
JD.2004 Informed of execution
JD.2005 Informed of mass execution

Strengthen Religion Opportunity CB Events[edit]

ID Name
JD.2100 Religious Liberation

New Tributary CB Events[edit]

ID Name
JD.2200 character_event

Tributary CB Surrender Events[edit]

ID Name
JD.2500 character_event
JD.2501 The target of your tributary war surrenders
JD.2502 Your surrender was accepted
JD.2503 Your surrender was declined