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These are events related to the spymaster council position.

ID Name
929 Plot Uncovered
20290 The plotter is informed
20291 Assassination attempt on the spymaster fails
20292 Spymaster informs liege about assassination attempt and plot
20293 Liege writes to plotter
931 The Spymaster is attacked by a Noble's thugs (Gets away, Is wounded, Is maimed, Is killed)
20310 Spymaster gets away
20311 Spymaster gets wounded
20312 Inform the Liege about the wounding
20313 Inform the Liege about death
9000 Faction Prevention - Spymaster finds Faction Member
9001 Liege is informed
9002 Faction Member Confronted: Blackmail
9003 Faction Member: Ask Nicely
9004 Liege Informed: Successful Blackmail
9005 Faction Member Confronted: Legalism
9006 Liege Informed: Failed Request
9007 Liege Informed: Successful Legalism
9008 Faction Member Confronted: Threaten
9010 Liege Informed: Successful Threat
9020 Faction Recruitment - Spymaster finds Faction Member
9021 Liege is informed
9022 Faction Member Confronted: Blackmail
9023 Faction Member Confronted: Ask Nicely (AI Only)
9027 Liege Informed: Successful Request
9024 Liege Informed: Successful Blackmail
9026 Liege Informed: Failed Request
9028 Faction Member Confronted: Threaten
932 The Spymaster studies foreign technology
20320 The Spymaster informs his liege of the success
933 The Spymaster is discovered by the local count - chance of imprisonment
20330 Local noble reacts
20331 Liege gets the news - Chancellor Imprisoned
20332 Spymaster get the news: is free to go
935 Vicious Rumors Spread
20350 Liege is informed
20351 Blackmail him
20352 Spread rumors
20353 Do nothing
20354 The noble responds to blackmail
20355 The noble responds to rumor
20364 Spymaster gets away
20365 Spymaster is killed
20356 Spymaster is attacked
20357 Inform the Liege about attack
20358 Inform the Liege about death
20359 Blackmail succeeds
20360 Liege is informed that blackmail succeeded
20361 The noble does not care about the rumor
20362 Inform the liege that the noble does not care about the rumor
20363 The noble is informed that the rumor has been spread
936 Corruption Uncovered
20370 Liege is informed
20371 Accuse him
20372 Do nothing
20373 The noble responds to accusation
20374 Spymaster gets away
20375 Spymaster is killed
20376 Spymaster is attacked
20377 Inform the Liege about attack
20378 Inform the Liege about death
20379 Noble confess to spymaster
20369 Spymaster report to liege about confession