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Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts available in the game.

Screens[edit | edit source]

Key Icon Screen
F1 Primary title
F2 Character
F3 Screen council.png Council
F4 Screen laws.png Laws
F5 Screen technology.png Technology
F6 Screen military.png Military
F7 Screen intrigue.png Intrigue
F8 Screen factions.png Factions
F9 Screen religion.png Religion

Newer screens like Screen republics.png Merchant republics, Screen nomads.png Nomads or Screen societies.png Societies don't have shortcuts, as they would interfere with screenshots.

Dialogs[edit | edit source]

Key Icon Dialog
, Dialog ledger.png Ledger
? Dialog find title.png Find Title or Region
. Dialog find character.png Character finder

Demesne navigation[edit | edit source]

Map modes[edit | edit source]

The minimap and map modes
Key Icon Map mode Notes
q Map mode terrain.png Terrain Terrain affects troop movement speed, attrition, and combat defensive bonuses.
w Map mode realms.png Realms ^Ctrl+Left-click a realm to see its subrealms. (Undo with ^Ctrl+Right-click or by pressing W again.)
e Map mode diplomacy.png Diplomatic relations Colors indicate your allies, enemies, demesne, and vassals. Hover over a yellow province to see your pending Casus Belli (CBs) against it. Click on a province to see their relations.
r Map mode religion.png Religions Click a religion to see its holy sites. To see autocephalous patriarchs, use the Religion screen (F9) instead.
t Map mode culture.png Cultures Hover for culture groups.
u Map mode economy.png Economy Green is ripe for raiding.
i Map mode duchies.png De jure duchies Hover to confirm the duchy's de jure capital.
o Map mode kingdoms.png De jure kingdoms Also shows duchies drifting into kingdoms. Hover to see crown laws effective in each province.
p Map mode empires.png De jure empires Also shows kingdoms drifting into empires.
a Map mode revolt risk.png Revolt risk Don't park (small retinues) on red.
s Map mode dynasties.png Dynasties Colored according to largest realm, so flipping with "realms" view lets you see which dynasties control multiple realms. ^Ctrl+click a realm to see the dynasties controlling its subrealms.
d Map mode opinions.png Opinions Click a province to see opinions of its ruler. Hover for reasoning.
f Map mode direct vassals.png Direct vassals Find the largest vassals in another realm, and get them to inherit into your realm!
g Map mode trade republics.png Trade zones Republics and silk road. ^Ctrl+click any republic to see the trade zones of each patrician family.
h Map mode governments.png Governments Government types
j Map mode coalitions.png Coalitions Hover to see any realm's infamy. Click ocean to see which realms have defensive pacts against them. Click a realm to see the defensive pacts against it, colored by religion group.
k Map mode epidemics.png Epidemics Hover the banner to see when and where epidemics began. Hover a province to see its hospital level, disease resistance, and "infection weight" from any adjacent epidemic.
l Map mode players.png Players Other human players in multiplayer.
China screen button.png Chinese relations Shows China's "Western Protectorate" territory (red), peace deals (green), imperial tributaries (purple), and diplomatic range (blue).

Opened by right-clicking the "China screen" button

Armies[edit | edit source]

Key Function
Alt+Drag Select only naval units
⇧Shift+Drag Select only units of the same type as the currently selected unit
⇧Shift+Left-Click Add or remove a unit to the selection
⇧Shift+Right-click Add waypoint (repeat to specify a precise route to a destination)
x Disband unit
⇧Shift+x Disband all selected units
g Merge the selected units
b Create new unit (with one unit selected) OR reorganize the selected units (with two units selected)
n Split unit in half (with one unit selected)
v Embark unit (load onto ships)
⇧Shift+v Embark all selected units (load onto ships)
z Raise your troops from this county, or all of a vassal's troops (including from other counties) into the selected county
c Raise your ships from this county, or all of a vassal's fleets (including from other counties) into the selected county

Province owners[edit | edit source]

Right-click province with... Function
Right-click Holder: character sheet
Alt + Right-click Holder: diplomatic actions
⇧Shift + Right-click Top liege: character sheet
⇧Shift + Alt + Right-click Top liege: diplomatic actions

Camera control[edit | edit source]

Key Icon Function Notes
PageUp Zoom in.png Zoom in
PageDown Zoom out.png Zoom out
or 🏠 Home
Go to home.png Focus camera on capital province.

Game control[edit | edit source]

Key Icon Function Notes
+ Speed 5.png Increase game speed Speed 5 is "unlimited speed" (i.e. as fast as the computer can process).
- Speed 1.png Decrease game speed
␣ Space Pause.png Pause/Unpause Some notifications can be configured to auto-pause the game.
or backtick (`)
⎋Esc Open main menu.png Main menu Closes any open GUI windows sequentially (beginning with last opened) before displaying Main Menu panel.

Take screenshot[edit | edit source]

Key Function Notes
F10 Map screenshot

Entire map, rendered in 2D and colored according to the current map mode
Stored in ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/Screenshots
Example map for Religion, more examples in Category:Maps

F11 Screenshot

Stored in ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/Screenshots
Stored in ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod-name/Screenshots (if playing with an overhaul mod)
Examples in Category:Interface screenshots.

F12 Steam overlay screenshot Steam > Library > Crusader Kings II > Screenshots (shown on the right)

Your operating system may also have shortcuts for capturing a portion of your screen. See Screenshots on Windows or Screenshots on Mac.