Lovers events

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These are events for lovers.

ID Name
64000 Confront cheating spouse/spouse's lover
64001 Spouse Confronted!
64002 Lover Confronted!
64003 Rival hurts lover's spouse: Martial wounded
64004 Rival hurts lover's spouse: Intrigue wounded/infirm
64005 Sick lover: Pneumonic or ill
64006 Sick lover: Wounded
64010 You have become infatuated with someone in the same court
64011 Object answers
64012 Object positive
64013 Object negative
64015 Old and ugly wife: take a mistress?
64016 Wife is angry
64017 Courtier accepts or scorn liege's advances
64018 Liege gets courtier's answer: Accepts
64019 Liege gets courtier's answer: Scorns
64020 Wife is angry: liege
64025 You have fallen in love with your spouse
64030 A week with my lover...
64035 Your lover complains to you that you two never do anything exciting
64040 Ruler confronts cheating spouse
64041 Spouse Confronted!
64045 You have lost that loving feeling
64046 Lover is notified
64050 Infatuation turned into love?
64051 Infatuation has turned into love
64052 Infatuation has into affection?
64055 Ruler: child has teenage_infatuation with courtier
64060 Loving a married woman is being quite a pain to your soul
64065 This kind of unsatisfying relationship to a married woman is really becoming irksome to you
64070 Seeing someone else behind your spouse's back is becoming quite troublesome for you
64075 You are having a special occasion with your lover in the near future, but your wife is insistent on alternate plans
64076 Spouse meets lover
64080 Your wife has retired to the convent for a short while
64085 Two adult characters are lovers and neither are married
64086 Liege is notified
64087 Imprisoned!
64088 Banished!
64090 Childless marriage
64100 Your lover is eager to comfort you after you have had a particularly fiery row with your wife
64101 I am going to be a father
64102 My husband is unfaithful!
64105 FALLOUT!
64110 Your spouse has grown suspicious of your behavior
64120 Your spouse has made your adulterous affair public!
64125 Your wife has humiliated you publicly by too open association with her lover
64126 Wife's lover is imprisoned
64127 Wife is imprisoned
64130 Being married to someone you love is a blissful state
64135 You want to gave a special surprise to your loved, what shall it be?
64140 Being separated from your love by the needs of war is heart-aching