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Game modification: Magnate Lords
Magnate Lords
Total Conversion




Magnate Lords is an economy-focused total conversion mod that creates a resources and goods county-based system as well as building things to use those resources with mechanisms which are also introduced in this mod via a new building chain system. This resource system also incorporates cultural and religious concerns as far as what you can build vs. what you cannot and attempts to be mostly historical in where resources are located.

As the economy of the vanilla game is very simplistic, this has quite a lot of impact on gameplay. For example, the only "economical" considerations in a province in a vanilla game is simply the number of holdings it has and whether it is coastal or not. In this mod a province has many different permutations.

List of Features (from thread)[edit]

  • Completely overhauled building chains.
  • Many, many new buildings related to individual resources/goods.
  • 49 initial resources, 56 possible 'manufactured/produced' goods.
  • Provinces develop 'individuality' due to the resources & goods within the province, as well as the differing infrastructures available.
  • Many of the basic resources can be 'worked' into more advanced goods, i.e. Leather can be made in provinces with cattle, but only if the relevant infrastructure is in place.
  • Historically accurate placement of resources, but balance of the game has been kept in mind. * i.e. we cant let a province start with 9 resources, it would be overly wealthy.
  • Individual graphics for each resource/good.
  • New & re-tweaked vanilla icon graphics.
  • New mod related event graphics.
  • A system where all relevant buildings and resources/goods are tied together.
  • Inter-holding trade with vassals can take place. e.g. you as the province lord could build an open pit silver mine, your mayor vassal could then build a silversmiths & the province as a whole would benefit from income made from silverwares.
  • Castles, cities & temples have different military & economical potential.
  • Different religious buildings dependent on province religion, Christians have churches & priories, Muslims have masjids & majilis'. And yes we did implement this before SOI was released lol.
  • Cultural buildings are now available in set provinces (irrespective of your characters culture), Longbowmen will always be recruitable from England & Wales etc.
  • English, Scottish, French & German provinces have been balanced. I.e. Northern England is fairly poor compared to the south.
  • New holdings are more expensive to create & the base levels of tax for castles, cities & temples has been reduced.
  • Vanilla's over inflation is being combated, gold is more precious & should be spent wisely.
  • Vassal's are more likely to improve their holdings rather than hunting, feasting & wasting their money on indulgences.
  • Overhauled technology and greatly expanded its relations to buildings and warfare.
  • Church holdings are now of more benefit to technological research than city holdings. Cities still have universities but priories, monasteries & Abbeys are of more benefit to tech growth.
  • Events related to resources adding flavour.