Married life events

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These are events for married life.

ID Name
30000 Unhappy marriage, separate bedchambers
30001 Try to divorce spouse
30002 Protests against divorce
30003 The head of religion interferes
30004 Poisoning stepchildren: Marie of Brabant, Sikelgaita
30005 Spouse accuses woman of poisoning primary_heir
30006 Courtier accuses woman of poisoning primary_heir
30007 Husband accuses spouse of poisoning and murdering primary_heir
30008 Courtier accuses woman of poisoning and murdering primary_heir
30009 Poisonous woman is imprisoned
30010 Poisonous woman is pardoned
30011 Spouse accuses woman of poisoning primary_heir and courtier
30020 Accuses spouse of poisoning primary heir (unrelated to previous events)
30021 Spouse accuses spouse of poisoning her/him
30025 Homosexual spouse
30026 Spouse spreads evil rumors
30027 Spouse asks husband/wife to spend more time
30028 Spouse gets answer
30029 Spouse chastises spouse about rumors
30030 Spouse in prison: spouse is trying to free her/him
30031 Spouse in prison: host is contacted
30032 Spouse to spouse prisoner: Save me!
30033 Spouse is dead!
30034 Spouse is free!
30035 Spouse is thrown into dungeon!
30036 Spouse is warned about consequences of freeing prisoner spouse
30037 Host: is asked to release prisoner spouse
30040 Annoying courtier
30041 Spouse might fire chancellor, etc
30042 Spouse hears about punishment
30045 Push courtier into river?
30046 Courtier drowns
30047 Courtier survives
30050 Give spouse a gift: jewellery
30051 Give spouse a gift: horse
30052 Give spouse a gift: falcon
30055 Wife offers advice: Diplomacy
30056 Wife offers advice: Martial
30057 Wife offers advice: Stewardship
30058 Wife offers advice: Intrigue
30059 Wife offers advice: Learning
30060 Wife suggests new Chancellor: Start
30061 Wife suggests new Chancellor: Husband decides
30062 Wife suggests new Chancellor: The End
30063 Wife suggests new Marshal: Start
30064 Wife suggests new Marshal: Husband decides
30065 Wife suggests new Marshal: The End
30066 Wife suggests new Steward: Start
30067 Wife suggests new Steward: Husband decides
30068 Wife suggests new Steward: The End
30069 Wife suggests new Spymaster: Start
30070 Wife suggests new Spymaster: Husband decides
30071 Wife suggests new Spymaster: The End
30072 Wife suggests new Lord Spiritual: Start
30073 Wife suggests new Lord Spiritual: Husband decides
30074 Wife suggests new Lord Spiritual: The End
30075 Pregnant with courtier: Start
30076 Pregnant with courtier: What to do?
30077 Pregnant with courtier: Deny
30078 Pregnant with courtier: Tell
30079 Pregnant with courtier: Blame
30080 Pregnant with courtier: Husband punish courtier
30081 Pregnant with courtier: Husband punish both
30085 Bored wife
30086 Spouse befriends courtier
30087 Courtier - New Friend
30088 Bored wife: Choose an activity
30089 Bored wife: Lake
30090 Bored wife: Picnic
30091 Bored wife: Hunt
30092 Bored wife: Dinner
30093 Courtier: Perfect activity
30094 Courtier: Failed Activity
30095 Bored Wife: Courtier Dislike
30096 Bored Wife: Friend
30100 Active ***life
30101 Active ***live: Wild ride and Boss in Bed
30102 Active ***live: Gentle and Sweet Love
30103 Active ***life: Killed Spouse by loving him too fiercely
30104 Active ***life: Killed Spouse by loving him too much
30105 Wife, suspecting husband is infertile, tries to produce heir with someone else
30110 Wife offers advice - Muslim: Learning