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Game modification: Matter of Britain
Matter of Britain



The Matter of Britain is a total conversion mod set in the British Isles between 410AD and 1066AD. It features an entirely original set of history files drawn from medieval legends about King Arthur, his court, and adversaries; the scant historical and archaeological record for fifth- and sixth-century Britain and Ireland; and Celtic myth. Currently in progress is an new campaign map featuring the British Isles and Gaul.

The Roman Empire has left Britain to her fate, but who will rule: the Irish, the Britons, the Saxons, or the Picts?

Main features:

  • Readjusted tiers for titles means that the lowest playable character is now landed knights. Holdings are now imagined to be villages, abbeys, and cantonments under the knight's protection.
  • Period-specific buildings, troop composition, council positions, job actions, and economic decisions.
  • A revamped educational system that gives each character an occupation, with the possibility of further specialization.
  • Annual event cycles based on the months and seasons. Plant and foal in the spring, hunt your way through the summer, harvest in the fall, and feast through the winter.
  • Revamped crown laws: you'll have more of them and they'll be harder to change.
  • Develop your lands and keep them safe by inviting in federated barbarians, but make sure you keep them happy.
  • Greater focus on roleplaying an early medieval ruler, establishing who dominates over everyone else, and developing your counties.
  • Quests, character development, and lots more ambitions.
  • Wars will be even more limited in scope and quick and bloody in the execution. One big battle might decide everything. War goals can change from raiding to conquering, but most wars will be about forcing your neighbors into submission.

Expansion #1: Lord of the Manor

  • Focus on managing your demesne, local industry and production, regulate trade, meet with your vassals in your hall.
  • Seasonal events to simulate the annual rhythm of life in a Pictish, Teutonic, Brythonic, or Gaelic tribe. Celebrate Easter, Samhain, Midsummer.
  • Don't just covet your neighbor's cattle. Raid, loot, and starve your rivals. And hope they don't return the favor.
  • Organize the labor of your tribe for building projects, demand tribute in coin, or keep them always ready for a fight and put your captives to work. Turn your patrimony into a lush garden, an armed camp, or a model of God's Kingdom on Earth.