New Age: Old World

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New Age: Old World, previosly named, and still refered to as After the end Old World is a total conversion mod setted in a neo-medieval age in Europe in the year 2555


The game is set in a distant future in a post-apocaliptic Europe, where a unespecified disaster known as the Event made society collapse. Centuries have passed and nations have rised and fallen, the whispers of a better old world are just legends, great nations have been forgotten, and new cultures and realigions have come to play.


Gameplay is just as in vanilla, where the catch are the new culturees, religions and lore added to the game. However, some minors tweaks have been added, like the pressence of more impassible mountains, more great rivers and the addition of the doggerland islands in the north sea, the reduction of the Aral and Caspian inland seas and the reorganization of provinces in most of the map.