Old Gods Runestone Events

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These are event related to raising Runestones.

TOG.500 You commission a runestone
TOG.501 Based on one of your traits
TOG.510 Father (Death by Natural Causes)
TOG.511 Father (Death by Battle)
TOG.512 Father (Death by Execution)
TOG.513 Father (Death by Murder)
TOG.515 Father (Death by Accident)
TOG.516 Father (Death by Dungeon)
TOG.517 Father (Death by Sacrifice)
TOG.518 Father (Death by Duel)
TOG.519 Father (Death by Suicide)
TOG.520 Father (Death by Murder - YOU are the killer)
TOG.521 Father (Death by Other Reasons)
TOG.530 Mother (Death by Natural Causes)
TOG.531 Mother (Death by Execution)
TOG.532 Mother (Death by Murder)
TOG.534 Mother (Death by Accident)
TOG.535 Mother (Death by Dungeon)
TOG.536 Mother (Death by Sacrifice)
TOG.537 Mother (Death by Suicide)
TOG.538 Mother (Death by Murder - YOU are the killer)
TOG.539 Mother (Death by Other Reasons)
TOG.550 Generic
TOG.551 Lunatic
TOG.552 Drunkard
TOG.553 Fair
TOG.554 Dwarf
TOG.555 Genius
TOG.556 Imbecile
TOG.557 Strong
TOG.558 Scholar
TOG.559 Impaler
TOG.560 Poet
TOG.561 Lustful
TOG.562 Gluttonous
TOG.563 Charitable
TOG.564 Kind
TOG.565 Proud
TOG.566 Humble
TOG.567 Brave
TOG.568 Just
TOG.569 Zealous (Norse Pagan)
TOG.570 Zealous (Christian)
TOG.571 Cruel
TOG.572 Possessed
TOG.580 Runestones can no longer be commissioned