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Patch 1.05.X are all patches beginning with 1.05. There were 6 patches.

Patch 1.05

Main article: Patch 1.05

Patch 1.05b

Patch 1.05b was released on 2012-04-18.

  • Fixed a bug with all children getting exactly the same education trait
  • The mouse wheel now works for scrolling in all windows again
  • Autopause on events in full screen mode now works again
  • AI: Made smarter about when to join Crusades/Jihads. Reduced "dogpiling".
  • MP: Fixed issue where the client was able to change starting date in the lobby, causing all kinds of issues
  • MP: Fixed an issue with being able to select dead characters from previous bookmarks
  • Fixed a bug with de jure assimilation of duchies when the king himself held counties in it
  • Fixed an issue with some plots where plotters did not get what they plotted for
  • Fixed an issue with war contribution scores turning negative and strange in huge, drawn-out wars
  • AI: Less keen on picking the 'Revoke Vassal Title' plot
  • Fixed an issue with the Weaken other Vassal plot where vassals at another level than you could plot against you
  • Assimilating duchies are now shown clearly on the map in the De Jure Kingdoms map mode
  • Title creation was possible when at war for independence, resulting in an inconclusive ending and you as "victorious"
  • Added some missing French and German translations
  • Fixed a bug with the DLC banner not updating correctly in the main screen
  • Corrected text color codes in the French translation
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong text shown in Crusades/Jihads against heretics

Patch 1.05c

Patch 1.05c was released on 2012-04-19.

  • Fixed a bug with some randomly created characters getting 0 base skills
  • Fixed a bug with war contribution score not always being given from occupied Holdings
  • You no longer gain intrigue for succeeding with murder plots
  • AI: Revolters now a bit smarter about when to pick the Independence CB
  • AI: Adjusted down the Crusade joining a bit more
  • Increased the delay between Crusades
  • You can no longer start military type plots against someone you have a truce with
  • Fixed a bug where children born after the father had died would themselves immediately die
  • AI: Should not revoke titles off vassals while at war with someone big
  • Rebellious vassals who do NOT seek independence will tend to keep the peace while there are independence revolts going on
  • Fixed a bug with a duel event (100411), where a ruler could banish himself

Patch 1.05d

Patch 1.05d was released on 2012-04-25.

  • Fixed an MP issue where clients would go OOS if the host had clicked around on the bookmarks or time widget at all
  • De jure kingdoms can now assimilate into empires
  • Fixed a bug with the Crusade CB where the kingdom title was usurped even if the holder was not involved
  • Fixed a bug with the 'other_claim' CB where, on success, a title could be broken out of the top realm of the attacker
  • Fixed a bug with the 'other_claim' CB where it would make the claimants your vassals when it should not
  • Fixed some bugs in the new regency events
  • The hostility of attached armies is now determined by the army they are attached to
  • A very high opinion of the liege now has a greater effect on reducing the revolt risk
  • Can't pick intrigue plots against people with no possible backers (lacking courtiers)
  • No longer possible to revoke religious head titles, or plot to do so
  • Halved the Varangian Guard in strength
  • Removed some more initial Byzantine holdings
  • Reduced the initial Crown Authority of the Byzantine Empire a bit
  • Increased the initial Crown Authority of the Seljuk Turks and Mauretania
  • Fixed a bug with dynasty 715 having a historical CoA when it should not
  • Fixed another issue with de jure assimilation
  • Vassals in revolt who _attack_ an outside state will no longer make their pre-war liege hostile to the target
  • Fixed an issue with too many plots being evaluated for the quick plot button in the Character View
  • Fixed another issue with huge plot power values due to the wrong cached military power
  • Should no longer be possible to attach armies to navies in port
  • AI: Should never try to revoke titles off landless vassals (Varangian Guard, etc.)
  • AI: Even more likely join a plot with the same goal a character is already plotting for, if the plot power of the asker is higher
  • Added trigger 'yearly_income'
  • Asking the Pope for an Indulgence now costs a minimum of 25 gold
  • Fixed a rare crash when a plot target died while you were inviting a backer in the Diplo View

Patch 1.05e

Patch 1.05e was released on 2012-04-30.

  • When you press the claim of a vassal ruler, he should now remain your vassal
  • Kingdoms that are not previously de jure part of an empire can now also be assimilated
  • AI: Fixed an issue with calling allies into single wars
  • Fixed an issue with the regency events
  • Fixed numerous typos in the database and event files
  • AI: Fixed a bug with rulers being able to nominate dead children to titles, if not of their own dynasty

Patch 1.05f

Patch 1.05f was released on 2012-05-18 (Mac version compatibility patch).

  • The invasion cb can now be granted correctly again
  • The Pope now gets a significantly lower contribution score in Crusades
  • AI: The Pope/Caliph will now be more reluctant to accept a White Peace when Crusading/Jihading
  • The Metaserver should now work again
  • Fixed a rare crash with sieges
  • Changed the speed settings so they are all faster, except for max speed (level 2 is now level 1, etc.)
  • Added missing message text for calls of allies
  • Added missing message text for offers to join wars
  • No longer possible to usurp religious head titles, even if they have de jure vassals
  • Tied together a few more cultural names
  • Fixed more typos and database errors
  • Fixed a bug where you could have duplicate laws due to the history scripts
  • Fixed a bug with the event effects 'prestige' and 'health'
  • Fixed a rare crash bug with very long war names (could also cause corrupt saves)
  • Fixed a rare de jure assimilation issue when one character holds multiple kingdoms/empires
  • Fixed an issue with de jure assimilation status not always being saved
  • When events in multiplayer time out, the first VALID event option is now automatically chosen (rather than just the first option)
  • Added some missing characters in Novgorod
  • Fixed numerous relatively rare bugs causing unintentional independences at the end of wars
  • No longer possible to declare wars while in revolt against your liege
  • No longer possible to revoke titles off or imprison lower vassals in revolt against their liege
  • No longer possible to ask for invasion against a liege or above
  • Fixed some bugs with Crusade outcomes
  • No longer possible to attach units to those owned by someone of a lower rank
  • Fixed an asymmetrical hostility issue between revolting vassals of revolting vassals and the top liege
  • No longer allowed to ask to join wars while in revolt
  • Can no longer ask to join a war against a liege above your liege
  • Fixed a bunch of event bugs
  • Broken savegames no longer crash the game when you open the savegame browser, they are now marked as broken and cannot be loaded by clicking on them.

Patch 1.05g

Patch 1.05g was released on 2012-05-28.

  • Fixed a freeze issue with the copying of laws into usurped titles