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Patch 2.1 was released on 2014-03-25[1] alongside the Rajas of India expansion.


  • Major map revisions and additions: East Africa, Armenia, Central Asia, Siberia and India
  • Added Steam matchmaking support
  • Added Steam Workshop support
  • Added diplomatic range, blocking diplomacy and councillor actions vs too distant characters
  • Factions will now revolt as a single unified realm under a temporary title
  • Added attrition for units that have been "out-of-supply" for too long (can't live off the land in neutral counties, etc)
  • Added support to change window mode setting: fullscreen, borderless or windowed
  • New unit type system allowing for more flexible unit types, including War Elephants, Camel Warriors and Horse Archers
  • Blocked "North Korea Mode"; you now lose huge parts of all income and levies if your demesne is too big
  • Save games are now compressed by default (can be toggled on and off)
  • Major memory and performance optimizations


  • Added opinion malus for holding a character in prison.
  • Added opinion malus for former lovers.
  • Characters can now have up to five lovers at the same time.
  • Tweaks and improvements to many events and decisions.
  • Scripted civil wars in history files should now work properly. When scripting civil wars, defender must always be added before attacker for them to work properly.
  • Now possible to revoke honorary titles. Revoking an honorary title with a positive opinion modifier will anger the previous holder.
  • Added support for multiple lovers.
  • Impregnation of lovers is now handled in the code.
  • Updated all events to use the new scripting logic for friends, rivals and lovers.
  • Characters will no longer get 'Marriage Ties' opinion bonus towards their spouse.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing vassals from being able to be called into war under certain CBs that were scripted to allow it.
  • CBs that call other vassals into a revolt will now automatically call all vassals when war is declared.
  • Sons asking for titles can now start an adventure for one of your titles if refused. Especially common among Muslims. (event 37000)
  • Timur and Seljuk now arrive in a more involved fashion and need to survive before they launch their great gambit
  • Children can no longer pick up the religion or culture of a guardian if the guardian does not share the religion or culture of his employer
  • The Nestorians are no longer a heresy, and have their own holy order (The Order of St Addai)
  • Added the Messalian heresy (Nestorian)
  • Made the Paulician heresy (Orthodox)
  • You can no longer usurp the sole primary title off of someone with a different religion if he has any holdings within it
  • You no longer get an opinion bonus from your vassals for defending against rebels, adventurers and the like
  • You can no longer call allies to help you defend against peasant, heretic and religious rebels
  • Added a decision to conscript merchant ships if playing a ruler with overseas holdings
  • Reduced piety gained from battles
  • Increased piety cost of Muslim Invasion CB
  • Whether a character is too insignificant for anyone to care if you execute them is now determined by whether they have any titles, claims, or titled close relatives
  • Children, incapable characters and prisoners can no longer join factions
  • The decision to acknowledge bastards as your own now works again
  • Becoming infirm will now abort self improval ambitions
  • Characters now lose the ambition to get married upon becoming eunuchs or homosexual
  • Cathar women can now have the same career ambitions as men
  • Can no longer reform the Orthodox religion, instead one has the Decision to restore the Ecumenical Patriarchate
  • Events can no longer make tech points negative
  • Fixed a rare crash related to loading savegames with events referring invalid characters
  • Cathar vassals no longer have negative opinions for liege or liege's heir being female
  • Expelling holy orders now blocks further Decisions towards them
  • Holy Orders can no longer ask for the right to build castles in the lands of vassals of someone who has expelled them
  • If a Holy Order is your vassal when you expel it, it will be set free
  • Added missing decision to expel the Bektashi Order
  • No longer possible to hire holy orders that you've expelled
  • Reduced the number of standing troops of the Knights of Calatrava and Santiago
  • After a successful decadence revolt, the new ruler only gets weak unpressed claims on vassals who choose independence
  • Increased chances that vassals will choose independence after successful decadence revolts
  • Doubled the Prestige that newborn characters get from their dynasty at birth
  • Doubled the Prestige you get from the dynasty of your spouse when marrying
  • Added missing de jure capitals to the Kingdom of Anatolia and the Duchies of Spoleto and Latium
  • Added a prisoner age check to event 50010
  • Added updated flags for titles within the Arabian, Mali and Byzantine de jure empires
  • Fixed a couple of location triggers in Christian monastery events.
  • Fixed bug in bookmarks reading of files
  • Fixed duchies names not showing properly in de-jure duchy map mode
  • Added Camel Warriors retinue type to Arabic culture
  • Fixed crash bug when units die of attrition
  • Tweaked max attrition just so slightly
  • Improved the Sons of Abraham version of the heresy appearance event (SoA.4000)
  • Strengthened adventurers in general
  • The king of Jerusalem is no longer allowed to vassalize the Knights Templar or the Knights of St John if they are too powerful already
  • Tweaked the cultural conversion events a bit, mainly to improve the special Mongol conversion factor
  • Corrected the terrain in many provinces
  • Fixed a bug where saves where primary title was dynamic didn't have CoA
  • Fixed a bug that if the primary title was dynamic the character was not auto selected after loading
  • Fixed a bug where kicking someone out of the lobby would make that character unselectable
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a player in the outliner would sometimes navigate to an incorrect province
  • Fixed a bug where map borders were not correctly loaded when going into multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where map names were not correctly loaded when going into multiplayer
  • Cash, Prestige, and piety commands can now be used with values smaller than 1
  • Text field cursor position fixed in multiple cases
  • Fixed a bug where children would lose their guardian upon reload
  • Fixed a bug where only a single opposite trait would be removed
  • Famagusta is no longer an Abbasid vassal in 867
  • Loot bar regrows more slowly now
  • Fixed an issue where event flags would sometimes not clear properly after tournaments, feasts and similar events
  • Fixed the triggers for a number of minor events where people could get the event even if they didn't have the correct religion
  • Fixed broken trigger for the Decadent Warrior achievement
  • Cut "succession wars" and all (mostly obsolete) mechanics to do with vassal revolt risk
  • Jews can now also hire the Abyssinian and Nubian mercs
  • Fixed a nasty bug where whole Patrician families could be genocided on succession
  • Added events for the rise of the Ghaznavids
  • Added a negative opinion modifier for vassal kings vs their emperor liege
  • Improved or fixed religion triggers in many events
  • Improved localization for a number of older events
  • Minor tweaks to effects for many events
  • Added a special decision to form the HRE
  • Events are now saved and loaded from saves
  • Compressed saves are now saved with meta data to improve performance
  • Localisation of other languages now defaults to English
  • Flags now appear and disappear when you're the correct height above the ground
  • Saving the game with a dynamic title now saves the correct COA and automatically reselects the character you played upon loading
  • Some minor changes to the save games format to improve backward compatibility
  • Save games list now show if the save is unsupported
  • Added equal-opportunity tumbling of courtiers for women and homosexuals.


  • Family view now uses a larger siblings box if character's religion does not allow secondary spouses or concubines.
  • The "Threats" tab in the Intrigue View is now filled with appropriate characters
  • Added an "Adventurer Threat" alert (replacing the old "Angry Vassal" one)
  • When choosing educate character for a child, a suitable guardian will now be pre-picked (for the cases where you don't want to bother to pick one yourself).
  • Added a new tab to dynastic view that shows friends, rivals, in-laws and lovers.
  • Religion/Culture filter in character finder now actually filters by religion/culture instead of religon/culture group.
  • Pressing the skull icon will now navigate to the killer (if he is known)
  • Court tab now shows councillors as well
  • Improved a lot of title and culture colors
  • Added opinion modifiers to the trait tooltip
  • Fixed tooltips for trigger 'has_guardian' and 'has_regent'
  • Corrected the tooltip for the trigger 'any_claim'
  • Pressing on red character skulls now navigates to the murderer
  • Character view now shows the correct piety icon for the selected character
  • Expel Jormsvikings was missing localisation


  • Much less likely to plot against characters they have a high opinion of.
  • Much less likely to form factions against characters they have a high opinion of.
  • Improved guardian selection logic.
  • More prio on converting demesne provinces over vassal provinces.
  • Less willing to marry young male characters to older women.
  • Will now detach and move away if their parent stack is suffering severe attrition.
  • Will now keep attrition-free event troops mostly consolidated instead of spreading them out.
  • Now takes terrain and unit quality into account when determining whether to run away from enemies.
  • Smarter about when to assault if there are enemy troops nearby.
  • Better at determining who to attach to in war.
  • Better at coordinating with allies in war.
  • Will no longer declare suicidal faction independence wars that only have a fraction of their liege's power.
  • Now smarter about when to hire mercenaries in a war.
  • Less willing to fold to independence, pretender and antiking factions.
  • Will now never fold to a very weak faction.
  • Will stop more plots.
  • The Hordes will now be more prone to head in the "right" direction.
  • Will now execute dynasty decisions.
  • Smarter about title revocation.
  • Will not start claimant factions for old women, or a parent of the current ruler.
  • Muslim characters are more likely to pick up the 'Gain a Title' ambition.
  • Foreign rulers are now generally quite willing to take on wards as hostages


  • Added support for multiple lovers.
  • Can now block minor titles from being revokable.
  • The faction power level at which you get a warning alert is now scriptable.
  • Now possible to script vassal_opinion, liege_opinion and sex_appeal_opinion into modifiers.
  • Now possible to mod whether character interactions require a character to have their cost in prestige/piety on hand to use the interaction.
  • Now possible to mod out character interactions entirely through defines.
  • Added new define NOT_SPOUSE_FERTILITY_MULT that governs impregnation chance between non-married lovers.
  • Added new define MARRIED_LOVERS_FERTILITY_MULT that governs impregnation chance between married lovers.
  • Added triggers num_of_lovers, num_of_spouses, num_of_consorts, is_lover.
  • Added scopes random_consort, random_lover, any_lover.
  • Friends and rivals can now be added and removed with add_friend, add_rival, remove_friend and remove_rival.
  • is_friend and is_rival now check correctly against rival/friend rather than high/low opinion.
  • pacifist in religion groups is now called ai_peaceful.
  • pacifist=yes in religions now denotes religions with decreased aggression and stable realms. Only works on Jain religion if player does not own Rajas of India.
  • pacifist=yes in script now checks if character belongs to a pacifist religion.
  • Can now script AI conversion behaviour for religions & religion groups.
  • Added MAX_JOINED_FACTIONS to defines, sets how factions a character can be a part of (including led ones).
  • Added scriptable static modifiers for characters of different ages(0-15, 16-19, 20-29, 30-49, 50-69 and 70+).
  • Added allow_join to factions, this restricts whether characters can join factions.
  • Added peace_piety_gain for religions
  • Added designated heir functionality
  • Added flag 'feminist = yes' to religion scripts (defines that a religion is not prejudiced against female rulers).
  • Added trigger 'is_lowborn'
  • Added trigger 'num_of_dynasty_members'
  • Added the ability to change the name of piety for religions.
  • Added real_tier, lower_real_tier_than, higher_real_tier_than triggers. These work like a regular tier check except that they ignore temporary titles.
  • Added peace_piety_gain for religions
  • Added designated heir functionality
  • Mercenaries have now been moved to their own script file
  • Implemented scriptable troop types.
  • Fixed portage crash bug.
  • Support for ocean to ocean rivers.
  • Added a 'character_modifier' to religions
  • Added a 'character_modifier' to cultures
  • Added character_modifier for religions
  • Can now define ranges of sea zones to make life easier.
  • Can now define seperate oceans to help the pathfinding.
  • Added trigger 'has_overseas_holdings'
  • Added 'Player' text promotion
  • Added trigger 'is_within_diplo_range'
  • Added 'de_jure_counties' console command (shows a map mode)
  • Added a 'manifest_destiny_invasion' CB for various special cases
  • Fixed some issues with marriage texts, the 'on_marriage' action and modding
  • Added effect 'copy_random_personality_trait'
  • Added 'reincarnated' trigger
  • Added effect 'set_reincarnation'
  • Added event target 'reincarnation'
  • History action 'add_matrilineal_spouse' now has been fixed
  • Added error logs for incorrectly scripted birth and death dates
  • Added handling and error logs of incorrectly scripted mothers and fathers (fixes certain crashes)
  • Added 'secondary_event_pictures' to religions and culture
  • Added trigger 'can_copy_personality_trait_from'


  • Color table for converter is now in 0-255 range instead of 0-1
  • Color table for converter can now script per CK2 title tag as well
  • Key provinces of Europe is now scriptable
  • Border provinces of Europe is now scriptable