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Patch 3.1.X are all patches beginning with 3.1.

Patch 3.1

Patch 3.1 was released on 2019-04-02[1].

Free Features

  • Added Great Works Feature allowing independent rulers to take on massive construction projects.


  • Added some secret stuff.
  • Disabled event 6080.
  • Reduced the strength of the vassalized mercenary companies.
  • Architect trait now has a Great Work cost modifier.
  • Construction technology now has a Great Work cost modifier.
  • Order Government can now hold temples.
  • Prosperity events now take Great Works into its calculation.


  • The societies view will now show the player's current society when opened, if they have one.
  • Added a description of what the colors indicate in the map mode for China.

User modding

  • Unlocked all DLC event pictures!
  • Added unit_graphical_culture, unit_graphical_cultures override for unit models in culture database.
  • The following values can now be exported to variables: num_of_subrealm_temples, num_of_subrealm_tribes, num_of_subrealm_empty_provinces, num_of_demesne_castles, num_of_demesne_cities, num_of_demesne_temples, num_of_demesne_tribes, num_of_demesne_empty_provinces, and total_years_played.
  • Added set_dynasty_name effect, sets the name of the scoped character's dynasty to the right hand side string/localisation key.
  • Added propagate_bloodline_from effect.
  • All scope types should now be saved as global event targets.
  • Added support for custom_modifier_text in modifier fields.
  • Improved debug tooltip (charinfo console command) for a number of objects that utilize scripted flags and variables. (Characters, Societies, Artifacts, Provinces, Dynasties, Great Works)
  • Modders should now get an error if they add history commands that marry characters that have not been born yet.


  • Renamed a title to Empire of Rus to strengthen the intended connection to the historical Kievan Rus.
  • Added decision to form the Russian Tsardom early.
  • Differentiated the Coat of Arms for Kingdom of Kiev and Empire of Rus.
  • Cleaned up Anatolian province culture/religion in some of the later start dates.
  • Fixed a broken dynasty in Bolzano.
  • Fixed a broken dynasty in Saarbrücken.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed children generated for historical rulers without scripted families having 0 in all attributes and getting no childhood traits. Also applies to all children generated through "create_character".
  • Blocked Holy orders from spontaneously building Tribal holdings.
  • Fixed missing effects and tooltips for receiving news of the Aztec Invasion * if you have certain Vision modifiers (from the Hermetic's Scrying Power) it will now properly update your Seer modifier, while also explaining what happens.
  • Fixed the crucible steel event chain sometimes breaking just before its final outcome.
  • Having a Non-aggression Pact with the target of a Crusade will now lead to it automatically breaking once the Crusade is launched, allowing you to join the war.
  • Made Songs of Byzantium work for Roman culture as well as the Byzantine group.
  • Fixed issue were the continue playthrough buttons would load the wrong save if your latest save is a cloud save and you have a local save with the same name.
  • Fixed the Saintly Pilgrimage chain sometimes breaking after the weird village encounter.
  • Fixed the Ritual Hunt chain for Warrior Lodge members sometimes leaving you stuck as "busy", if you chose to simply return home at the end of the chain.
  • In the events surrounding a loved one's death, you will no longer be expected to grief and bond together with characters who are in prison.
  • Made conditions to gain the Peaceful Child Forged Bloodline somewhat more lenient so that it can actually be achieved.
  • Fixed several Bloodline-related events and actions not properly checking that a Bloodline is active on the character in question.
  • Fixed holes in the reconquered Roman Imperial Provinces events.
  • Slaying an enemy ruler in a battle will no longer display them as your "acquaintance" in messages.
  • Ships will no longer cut straight through Kanin/c_kanin when coming into port from the North Atlantic.
  • Adjusted positions of some units and on map shields in Russia.
  • Blocking players from doing decisions to which switches over to a religion which requires an unowned or disabled DLC, leading to an instant game over.
  • England no longer end up as the tributary of Gwynedd in the 12th century.
  • Kievan Rus no longer loses it's name if it is held by someone with a North Germanic culture.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the Siberian Wastelands was brought into the camera's view for the first time.
  • Fixed game start feature window displaying incorrect religion and/or culture information if any of these were changed from the ruler designer.
  • Fixed crusade wars starting immediately instead of after the preparation phase, in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed not being able to rename tribal settlements.
  • Fixed it being possible to back out of baptism name change window, after first accepting the name change from an event.
  • Fixed the credits screen not closing when the credits were over.
  • Fixed a bug affecting duel results calculation for Pagan characters.
  • Fixed an issue where a child born with a dead father would wrongfully get the mothers dynasty.
  • Fixed a bug where in elective succession law it was not possible to nominate the own sons.
  • Fixed a bug where the designated regent would not always work if you were not independent.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused a crash when setting the liege upon character death.
  • Fixed a crash when setting the religion on a dead character from script.
  • Historical characters will no longer attempt to marry characters that have not yet been born.
  • The AI is now allowed to pass out vice royalties even when they're a vassal.
  • Saving rules on a shattered or random world should no longer result in game rules breaking and achievements being disabled.
  • Fixed incorrect achievement indicator when loading a save where achievements are possible.
  • Fixed a bug affecting religious conversion speed.
  • Fixed an inheritance problem of matrilineal bloodlines combined with male consorts.
  • Blocked some battle events describing gruesome death, but not running the actual death-effect, from firing.