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Patch 3.2 was released on 2019-05-28[1].

Free Features[edit | edit source]

  • New Bookmark 'The Iron Century', set in 936
  • New Cultures:Sardinian and Slovieni
  • New Shiite Heresy: Qarmatian
  • Map Reworks for Portugal and south-western Spain:
    • 2 New Navigable rivers
    • 1 New Duchy
    • 3 New Provinces
  • Map reworks for Egypt:
    • The Nile has been made navigable
    • 3 New Duchies
    • 7 New Provinces
  • Added 3D models for Hagia Sophia.

Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Changed the previous Great Work shortcut in the great Works view to B from P in order to be more consistent with other views.
  • Fixed the Great Works ledger page being present even if the Game Rules were set to not include Great Works.

User modding[edit | edit source]

  • Added destroy_wonder effect.
  • Added set_wonder_model effect.
  • Fixed the wonder view modifier text lacking a newline when used in single column mode.
  • Resuming wonder no longer checks is_active triggers.

Database[edit | edit source]

  • Corrected the position of the docks in Ceredigion so that it is now connected to a body of water.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Non bastard children now correctly uses their biological father's base attributes, instead of the default value, when calculating their yearly chance to increase their base attributes when growing up.
  • Corrected the positioning of the Notre Dame Great Work model.
  • Adjusted the brightness of the Cathedral Great Work texture.
  • Reduced the size of the Cathedral Great Work model by 20%.
  • Fixed clicking on the minimap to move the camera not working properly with GUI scaling.
  • Fixed assassination plot event description incorrectly using the word poisonous instead of venomous.
  • Fixed the highway robber band event not targeting Great Works in the character's demesne before Great Works in neighboring provinces.
  • Fixed a faulty trigger in the decision for converting tribal holdings to castles.
  • Fixed an issue with the event to convert Hagia Sophia, which would cause the Great Work to not be active for Muslim rulers.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped the Golden Crown Feature from showing up in the list of available Features for a stage 4 Statue Great Work.
  • Fixed building the Moat Pit Feature on a Great Fortress enabling the other moat Features to be built on any Great Fortress.
  • Fixed building the Bells Feature on a Great Cathedral enabling the Golden Bells Feature to be built on any Great Cathedral.
  • Fixed Great Works Features that require a stored relic to be active, being active just from any relic being stored in any Feature owned by the same owner.
  • Fixed moat Features for the Great Fortress not being visible in the available Features tab until the Pit Moat Feature was built.
  • Fixed a crash caused by corrupted Great Works in save games.
  • Fixed court size modifiers on buildings in the capital province not being applied.
  • Fixed tooltips on buildings outside of the capital province claiming they would provide a court size modifier.
  • Fixed the Hagia Sophia conversion event triggering even though its culture already matches your religion.
  • Rename messages should no longer be listed in the message settings.
  • Retinue size is now also calculated from character modifiers.
  • Moved retinue size modifier in Palace Great Work to owner scope.
  • Slightly reworked order of operations for calculating max retinue cap.
  • Homosexual female lovers are no longer referred to as male.
  • Made sure event about mystic dying has the right border decoration.
  • Newly built Great Work features no longer always get statue descriptions.

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